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Is it worth to repair the VAZ-2110 with your own hands?

Probably, everyone when buying a carthought about the cost of repairs and spare parts, as well as about the place where it will be possible to make repairs. It so happened that the domestic automobile industry produces very simple machines. And this has its advantages. Such a car can easily be repaired by yourself, save money on the services of service centers and simply in practice gain experience in replacing the units.

VAZ 2110 repair by own hands
However, it is not always possible for us to makeon the VAZ-2110 repair yourself. In some cases, specialists can not do without the help of specialists. So, let's look at the moments when it's worth repairing the VAZ-2110 with your own hands, and which ones do not.

First, let's look at the area of ​​vehicle maintenance. To date, the following categories of TOs are distinguished:

  • Diagnosis of aggregates.
  • Repairs.
  • Adjustment.

Depending on the design and purpose of theor other parts, this process can be done independently or with the help of specialists. In some cases, when you manufacture repairs on your VAZ-2110 yourself, you need to use special equipment. Typically, these tools are involved in complex restoration work (for example, when repairing the body or ICE).

VAZ-2110: repair by own hands without the help of specialists

So what works can be attributed to those that do not require the help of professionals? There are actually a lot of them. The main ones are:

  • Replacement of engine and transmission oils.
  • Headlights for main and fog lights.
  • Repair of the VAZ-2110 generator with own hands (replacement of brushes, bearings, windings, etc.).
  • Minor body repair. This includes the removal of scratches and minor dents. It is puttying, priming and painting.
  • Replacement of air and fuel filters.
  • Dismantling and installation of brake pads.
  • Charging the battery.
  • Replacement of mass flow sensors and coolant.
  • Replacement of gaskets and bearings.
  • Adding brake and cooling liquids.

repair of 2110 own hands

However, despite the fact that all these works can bedo it yourself, each requires special tools (at least a minimum set of spanners) and knowledge (the operating manual will help).

And now let's look at the difficult repair of the 2110

It can hardly be done with your own hands, for example,replacement of suspension elements or engine overhaul. In both cases, we would need experience and expensive tools. Also, without special skills and knowledge, it is not possible to replace the bushings, steering rods or timing belt. Although some craftsmen still perform similar repairs in garage conditions. And if you are confident in your abilities, you can easily change all of the above elements.

repair of the VAZ 2110 generator by one's own hands


Proceeding from this, we see that the "top ten" inmany cases can be repaired by yourself. But in certain situations we will need to apply a special set of tools. In general, you can repair everything, except for boring the unit and restoring the body and spars. These works require a mastery of experience and no less professional equipment.