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Why do we need high-quality grease for bearings

The most important elements of many nodes andcar assemblies are bearings. They are intended for the necessary fixation of certain parts in space, they provide rolling, horizontal and vertical movement, and also reduce the load by transferring it to other parts.

bearing grease

In order for bearings to work the mosteffectively and reliably, they must be periodically lubricated. In this case, it is worth remembering that the quality of lubrication is a guarantee of a long and reliable operation of the entire mechanism, so you can not save on lubrication!

Bearing grease helps: increase the efficiency of the entire mechanism and individual parts under high loads, high speeds, humidity or extreme temperatures. Choose the right lubricant is based on the type of bearing. So, depending on the type of friction can distinguish between the bearings of sliding or rolling. Grease for bearings of different types also differs from each other.

A support for the rotation of partsVarious mechanisms are used for rolling bearings. The basis of their work is rolling friction. They consist of rolling bodies separating their separator, inner and outer rings. These parts can be ball, thrust, spherical, roller, etc.

 grease for hub bearings

Lubrication of rolling bearings can be as in the formliquid oil, and as a grease. The qualities of liquid oils include: low resistance to rotation and good heat dissipation. They protect the bearings from wear and stabilize their performance. Plastic greases can provide good protection against corrosion, and can also be easily held without the use of a special seal. A special grease for the bearings of the hub is also available.

The support for the guiding assemblies is a bearingslip. In such nodes friction occurs when the conjugate surfaces slide. Depending on the direction of the load, radial or axial slide bearings can be installed here. Also, depending on the type and mode of lubrication, these bearings are divided into hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, gas-static, gas-dynamic. According to another classification, they are divided into segmented, self-installing, self-lubricating, etc.

lubrication of rolling bearings

Since the rolling bearings have certainadvantages over sliding bearings, they are more common. The lubricant for rolling bearings can be consistent, preventing close contact between working elements.

It is also important when considering the choice of lubricant to take into account the operating conditions: temperature, speed, aggressiveness of the environment, load.

The correct bearing grease will allowyou still have a very long time to exploit your car. At the same time, you can avoid significant time and financial costs, which should also be an additional bonus for choosing a quality material.