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Winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3: reviews of the owners

Winter is the time of colds that lead tothe formation of snow deposits on the road surface, as well as a thick layer of ice. And if you decide to drive on the winter road on summer tires, then very quickly notice that the grip is almost absent. That is why with the approach of winter months, drivers begin to search for new winter tires - the time comes for studded tires.

However, very few people like it - firstly, thornsare constantly lost, often you have to buy a new set of rubber even before it was torn down, because the thorns fall out, and with them the grip on the road deteriorates. Secondly, very few people like the fact that because of thorns in the winter, the car makes noise several times more than usual. And this is only if you are lucky. If you get not the best winter tires, then the noise in the cabin can be simply unbearable. That's why in recent years, the popularity is gained by studless winter tires. To produce it, use a special rubber mixture, in which there are microscopic crystals - due to them and the adhesion to the road.

One of the most striking examples of such rubber -winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3, reviews about which are mostly positive. It is this model that should be considered in this article. After all, the new technology and the absence of spikes are not the only distinguishing features of this model. Now you can see what other advantages are the winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. Reviews about them will also be carefully considered, as they, and not the manufacturer's information, are able to give you the most realistic idea about the product.

general information

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About tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews on the Internetcan be found everywhere, since many drivers have already had the opportunity to test this model, and these reviews are mostly positive. However, everything needs to be discussed in order, so first we need to consider all the features of this model, and then move on to a careful study of the opinions of users.

So, what are the data of the tire? The rubber of this model is one of the best examples of studless winter tires in the modern market - it will offer you a perfect grip even in the harshest frosty conditions, while you can forget all the problems that studded rubber studded with forever. The special composition of the rubber compound provides increased traction and control of driving even at the lowest temperatures and under particularly extreme conditions.

Separately it is necessary to note the performance of tires,which in winter time is provided by the latest technology developed by Dunlop especially for use in such tires. All together allows the driver to enjoy a trip in the winter as if he were driving on a smooth and level road in the summer. But you still need to learn more about each of the outstanding features of this model.

Top class protector

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The most important thing that can interest an amateurcars in winter tires, not equipped with spikes, is a protector. What is the result of grip on the road? What is the difference between non-studded winter tires from ordinary summer tires? The difference lies in the fact that a special mixture is used to create the protector, to which glass fiber crystals are added - they provide traction, and in the case of Dunlop Graspic DS3 tires, reviews say that the grip is much better than with studded rubber .

Naturally, everyone can solve this problem formyself, having tried both types of tires, but the studless version is a step forward, a technology of the future that will allow drivers to get much more pleasure from driving. However, naturally, it is necessary to understand that in studded rubber, the protector often freezes and becomes hard, so in case of loss of spikes, it starts to slide even more actively over the icy surface. That's why the basis of the rubber compound for the tread of these tires is silicon dioxide, which allows the tires to remain soft and elastic even in the strongest frosts. What does it give? This provides a significant increase in traction even on the most unpleasant to ride surface, and also increases control over the car where, in the presence of other tires, you would already have lost it.

Digital rolling technology

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Particular attention should be paid to the uniquetechnology, which is used exclusively in tires manufactured by Dunlop. It is called Digital Rolling Simulation, and specifically in this model, the tire uses an updated second version of the technology. What is it like and what do you need in general? Many drivers are asked these questions, because they are not particularly interested in manufacturing processes and various trivialities. They need the tire to be of high quality, give excellent grip, demonstrate high performance, guarantee safety, and do not require frequent replacement.

This technology significantly improves sensationsfrom driving, as it is responsible for the optimized tire pressure distribution. The result is not only improved grip, but also increased tire life. This is achieved due to the fact that with an optimized tire pressure the tread is in contact with the road surface evenly - accordingly, and the tire wear is uniform. You no longer have to change the rubber solely due to the fact that at one point the protector was badly worn, while at other points it could still travel a whole year.

So Digital Rolling Simulation istechnology that not only improves driving impressions and the level of safety of this process, but also allows you to save money through a much rarer change of rubber. In the part of the article where you will be presented with reviews of tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews, you can be sure that this is actually so.

Optimized stiffness of the tread pattern

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The tread pattern of this model is veryan important element, as it allows the tires to further increase productivity. Thanks to him, the driver feels the steering wheel much better, this is due to the improved grip and smoothness of the tire rolling along the road surface. You will no longer feel that the car reacts only a second after you turn the steering wheel. This, in turn, also increases the safety of driving. As to what level of security Dunlop Graspic DS3 tires guarantee you, the reviews also will not let you lie.

This model - it's winter tires, and everyone knows,that usually winter tires are not very good on a dry road. Fortunately, the protector of this model is made in such a way that driving on a dry road surface will not yield almost in comfort and safety to driving on an icy road. But pay attention also to the fact that this feature of the tread pattern of this model does not affect the performance on the same icy and snowy surfaces. In the end, it turns out that these tires are extremely versatile, and if necessary, you can safely use them on a dry road - but still do not get carried away, because on such a road surface wear of winter tires is accelerated.


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Naturally, you can not talk about tires and notmention the tubules on the tread, because they play one of the most important roles in the winter. It is they who take away moisture from the road, thereby ensuring maximum grip. The same goes for snow. This model has an excellent system for returning liquids and snow, which allows these substances not to stagnate in the tubules, but to be constantly in motion, ensuring maximum productivity.

Separately it is worth mentioning that the wallstubules, which are simultaneously the sides of the tread blocks, have also been improved in comparison with previous models and other similar winter tire variants. As a result, they became more stringent, which affected the two indicators. First of all, due to this, the steering feel is even more improved, thanks to which the impressions of driving under extreme conditions remain only positive. Secondly, the wear rate of the tread decreases, which makes it possible to ride the same set of tires for considerably longer than other similar models. Well, these are all the main characteristics and features of the model of winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. Reviews of car enthusiasts who have already tried this tire - this is the topic, which will be devoted to the second part of the article.

Most useful tip

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On each site where you can find reviews onthis or that product, users always note whether a particular review was useful or not. From this, the rating of reviews is formed, in this article only those that seemed useful and meaningful to people will be considered. What about tires Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews?

When driving a car, always check the tiresit is more convenient, however, not every person has such an opportunity, so many people are guided by the experience of others when choosing. To the positive moments, which are noted by users, first of all is the affordable price - on average, it does not exceed ten thousand rubles. This model attracts the lack of spikes and the fact that even in the most severe frosts it retains sufficient softness. Also motorists note that on dry asphalt, which has already been discussed above, the tires really show excellent performance. The last thing that is noted from the positive features is the functionality of these tires even in the deepest snow.

However, there are also negative sides - for example,many people say that it's not very pleasant to ride this rubber with warming, because it becomes too soft. This is often indicated by the rubber Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews. Of course, the best way to drive a car is to check the quality of tires. But the opinion of consumers, too, can be trusted.

Not the best tires

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What else is there about the Dunlop Graspic DS3 tire model?reviews? 175/65 R14 is a size that is very popular. But if we talk about the quality of tires in general, their size does not have a fundamental difference. Car enthusiasts note many advantages of using this product, namely: low noise, good handling and excellent efficiency on snowy roads. But at the same time, the fact that efficiency at braking is often extremely low is not the most valuable for consumers. But this is the key indicator when choosing good winter tires. Your car may be approached by a different tire size, for example Dunlop Graspic DS3 205/55 R16, reviews and this manufacturer's product say that it has not the best braking ability compared to studded tires. Unfortunately, so far the manufacturers have not been able to bring the Velcro to a new level.

Excellent winter tires

But do not think that consumers put these tiresonly a low score - statistics show that about 35 percent of reviews evaluate tires on the top five. It is also worth noting that in most cases people use Dunlop Graspic DS3 R15 tires. Reviews that rate the quality of rubber are excellent, many of the owners of cars report that the main advantages of this model are the silence and comfort when riding. In particular, consumers note that this model is perfectly suited for driving in the winter in the city, but at the same time not on the best side shows itself on heavily frozen carpets, as well as with fast driving. But the most important thing is that in the price category to which these tires belong, you are unlikely to find a better model, so you should pay attention to the Dunlop Graspic DS3 91Q. Reviews about these tires, as you can see, although they are diverse, but they give a lot of positive points.

Often the recommended model

It is worth noting that very often motoristsrecommend buying for the winter is the tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. The owners' feedback is that the performance of these tires on winter roads is always very high. If you drive with the mind, then you can start well and quickly and safely brake, and also move at normal speed, and not slowly creep, as most cars do in bad weather. That's why you still need to pay attention to how good the winter tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. Reviews about it are very flattering leave even the sales managers, and it is unlikely that the effect of cooperation with the manufacturer, because it can not be said that the company Dunlop is so popular in Russia.

Recent Comments

Well, now you know almost everything about winterstudless tires Dunlop Graspic DS3. Reviews about them there are various, but most of them evaluate the model for a solid five. Only you should not forget that studless tires are still quite a fresh product on the market, so you do not need to demand the same tires that you require from the good old studded rubber.

Please note that the design of thismodel is aimed at minimizing the noise produced by the tires - and with this the rubber is coping just fine, which is confirmed by the consumers left on the model Dunlop Graspic DS3 reviews. 225/50 17 is one of the most popular sizes, which is in demand everywhere, so you will find it almost anywhere, but if necessary, you can pick up rubber specifically for your car.