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Tires Dunlop SP Sport LM704: reviews, specs, models and features

When there is a question of choosing a summerautomotive rubber, many drivers give him much less attention than in the case of the winter version. However, in the summer time, there are no fewer dangers on the road, and if there are not so good tires, they are even more than may seem at first glance. What is only aquaplaning during a heavy rain, which can not be avoided without tires with a well thought out drainage system! In order to avoid such problems, the choice of summer tires should be treated as responsibly, because it depends not only on your safety, but also on the lives of passengers who are with you in the car. Today's review is devoted to the model Dunlop SP Sport LM704. Reviews about it, whiche we will consider at the end of the article, allow to compile the most complete picture of the quality of this model. And start with the analysis of the characteristics provided by the manufacturer, as well as the results of official tests.

Brief Description of the Model

Looking at the name and deciphering the incoming to itabbreviations, we can conclude that this rubber was developed primarily for high-speed traffic, and it has sporting habits. However, along with this, it received a fairly solid structure, which allows it to be used for several seasons in a row, and a high level of comfort with no unnecessary noise effects. This combination allowed the model to gain recognition among users with different driving styles and tire preferences, as evidenced by the many reviews on Dunlop JP SP Sport LM704.

Those who value safety first of all,will appreciate the manageability and responsiveness. These parameters, according to the manufacturers, also keep at a high level and allow you to relax on long trips, because thinking about driving a vehicle in straight-line traffic is not so often due to good exchange rate stability.

dunlop sp sport lm704 review

Features of the tread pattern

Immediately in the eye when you first get acquainted with the tirerushes its relatively quiet design. Most manufacturers of modern high-speed tires in development resort to asymmetric form, but the British decided to do otherwise. In addition, that the tread pattern turned out to be symmetrical, they made it non-directional, which, as the reviews show Dunlop SP Sport LM704 88H, was the basis of victory in the struggle for quality grip with the road surface.

At the same time, it was possible to reduce development costsdesign, after all, standard approaches were used, the experience of using which was accumulated over the years. The result was a decrease in the final cost of the product, which was clearly perceived positively by consumers and increased the popularity of the model.

tires dunlop sp sport lm704 reviews

Increase of the contact area with the road

The main indicator of quality for the summer tireis the large area of ​​the contact surface of the working surface with the road surface. If it is possible to achieve acceptable results in this question, then the rubber will definitely behave confidently, and the driver will not have to exert extra effort to drive the car.

In this model, five longitudinal ribswith different structure. Between them, they are connected by a small number of separate blocks designed to increase the rigidity of the structure. All this in the aggregate, as the reviews on Dunlop J SP Sport LM704 91V, gave a positive result in the form of a practical area of ​​the working surface in a ratio of more than 80% of the total space.

Do not forget that the working areais an almost completely flat surface. Due to this, the load is distributed evenly across the tire, which leads to a slow and uniform wear. At the same time, the question of additional protection against cuts was taken into account, which appeared due to the profile stiffness and distribution of the load over its entire surface.

dunlop sp sport lm704 91v reviews

Central rib - guarantee of stability and speed

Since the model is a representative of the familywith the application for a sporting character, exchange rate stability is one of the most important parameters. It is she who provides confidence in straight-line traffic on the highway or autobahn. To achieve this, work has been done to improve the structure of the central rib.

First of all, the task was to achievemaximum rigidity. This gave, among other things, an increase in the strength of the tire and control over its shape, regardless of the load angle. Thus, the central rib also ensures uniform wear and safety during maneuvering. According to reviews on Dunlop SP Sport LM704 91V, Pthey are it has similar elements on both sides of it, but their role is much smaller, and basically they are created only to increase the area of ​​contact with the track.

summer tires dunlop sp sport lm704 reviews

Opposition to aquaplaning

As already noted at the beginning of the article, one of theThe main dangers for a motorist, especially those who love high-speed traffic, are water, and specifically the effect of aquaplaning, which can occur when moving on its surface. To avoid this, the tire must have a good drainage system, and also effectively cut through the protective elements of the surface tension film.

For this purpose, both technologyown development, and created over time by partner companies. The first of these is the use of an increased amount of silicic acid in the upper, working part of the protector. It softens the rubber, making it elastic and, as a result, more tenacious. Due to this, it operates on the principle of a sucker and can be fixed for the time of rolling. This approach, according to the drivers' statements in reviews of summer tires Dunlop SP Sport LM704, allowed to get rid of the problem of lateral drift and improve the course stability.

The second aspect that has made it possible to improvewater from the contact spot, was a drainage system consisting of four wide longitudinal grooves. They are of sufficient width to serve as a kind of temporary reservoir. Also, by means of longitudinal slats, excess water or dirt from them is removed from the working surface.

On the central rib, you can seeadditional straight slats of small size. Their task is to give water a kind of a starting impulse, directing it towards the main drainage system. They are just the breakdown of the surface tension, ensuring a sure rolling of the tire over a hard surface without risk of falling into aquaplaning. Together, this entire set, as repeatedly stressed by the reviews about Dunlop SP Sport LM704, allows even at high speed "to fly" into deep puddles, not worrying about their own safety.

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Possibility to choose the appropriate size

From all the characteristics of tires, no matter how good they arenor were, it would be of little use in the absence of the required size for your car. In order to avoid such a situation, the manufacturer has produced a huge selection of different options that allow to equip almost all machines in accordance with the requirements of their technical documentation.

Thus, for drivers, models withan internal diameter of 13 to 19 inches. In total there are more than 50 units. Each of the diameters has a set of high-speed indices, as well as different heights of the profile and width of the working surface. This approach allows the manufacturer to equip both simple budget cars and luxury sedans / coupe with rather powerful engines. It is possible to install this rubber and crossovers or SUVs. To put SUVs on this model is not recommended, since its main purpose is to move along the tracks with a coating, and even on the ground, according to reviews on Dunlop SP Sport LM704, she already feels not quite confident.

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Positive feedback on tires from drivers

It's time to evaluate the quality of the model for the most honest parameter - reviews about rubber Dunlop SP Sport LM704 from drivers, written after its testing in real conditions. Among the positive moments are the following:

  • High strength sidewalls. Many users note that even after a strong physical impact in the form of strokes or rubbing against the curb, there were no problems with the tires.

  • Acceptable wear resistance. Even with active use of rubber can serve more than one season, subject to careful handling.

  • Good exchange rate stability. With high-speed traffic along the trails with a coating, the machine does not "float", you feel confident in control.

  • Relatively low cost. For its price, this rubber offers a higher quality than its competitors.

  • Reduced fuel consumption. Due to the almost complete absence of transverse lamellas rolling resistance is minimal, which leads to a tangible saving in the fuel mixture.

As you can see, rubber has a rather impressive list of positive sides. However, she also has her own minuses.

 dunlop j sp sport lm704 91v reviews

Negative sides

Among the minuses, many drivers in their reviews of tires Dunlop SP Sport LM704 called the manifestation of aquaplaning on the lungscars having a weight of less than 1 ton and a powerful engine. Therefore, it is worth considering before installing such tires, if your car falls into this category.

Sometimes on tires with a high speed indexExtra noise is possible due to their increased rigidity. This can only be reconciled, because due to the rigidity of rubber becomes more resistant to mechanical damage.


These tires are designed for those who like to drive fast and only on good roads. In the form of a tread pattern and reviews about Dunlop SP Sport LM704 immediately understand that they are not intended forprimers and can easily get stuck on them. Therefore, if you are a resident of the suburbs and are forced to travel every day to work on the track with a coating, then they will be an excellent choice for you. Suitable for these tires and for long trips, which can attract those who are often on business trips.