/ Tires Dunlop Ice Touch: reviews. Dunlop Ice Touch: expert reviews and tests

Tires Dunlop Ice Touch: reviews. Dunlop Ice Touch: expert reviews and tests

The British company Dunlop, founded in 1888year, is engaged in the production and sale of automobile tires. This company was one of the first to use pneumatic tires. At the present time, almost every motorist has heard something about this brand. In this article we will consider expert reviews. Dunlop Ice Touch has long been discussed in the network. Performance characteristics of the tire, its advantages and disadvantages - all this is extremely important when choosing rubber.

dunlop ice touch reviews

Triangular form of spines

Since 75% of the shares belong to Goodyear,then practically all technologies and innovations are taken from this company. The obvious advantages of multi-faceted spikes, which have been used by many Japanese and European brands for a long time, were noticed by a British company. That's why here for the first time we used not traditionally round, but triangular spikes. Since there is a law regulating the weight of the spike (not more than 1.1 grams), the excess metal from it was removed. It is installed in the tread protector in such a way that its long face takes a direct part during braking.

Here everything is quite logical, because the primarythe number of accidents happens precisely because of the long braking distance. The developers have tried to fix it. The number of spines was also increased. If before there were 12 lines, now everything is 22. This significantly reduced the braking distance on the ice, which is confirmed by reviews. Dunlop Ice Touch is an excellent choice for winter.

Innovative lamellae and protector

Patterned tread pattern severalchanged its appearance and rigidity. The lamellas already have internal engagement (waffle). Rubber mixture is two-layered. And the content of silicas, as well as polymers in the surface layer was significantly increased. This ensures elasticity of rubber even at critically low temperatures.

 dunlop ice touch reviews

Christian Liz - the creator of the new rubber compoundfor tires "Dunlop" - conducted an experiment, during which he dropped the strip of rubber into liquid nitrogen. As a result, it did not lose its elasticity, at the same time, ordinary rubber almost did not resist the force to break. Accordingly, all this is directly reflected during driving in the winter, when the temperature can drop to -30 and below.

Sports in everything

Even visually it is visible, that tires allowquickly ride in the winter. This is evidenced by expert reviews. Dunlop Ice Touch is equipped with low-mobility blocks of the tread. Since the mobility of the rubber bands is limited, the handling becomes more sensitive and a good reaction is needed. Although you quickly get used to this manner of driving, especially if you do everything right.

If the timely correction of skidding,then the car does not lose its trajectory of motion. A little late, and I have to "catch" the car. But at the same time there is some comfort and confidence, which is what motorists say.

With such rubber it is possible to go very quickly. The maximum safe threshold is about 190 km / h. Of course, it's still not worth it to accelerate on ice to this speed. But in emergency situations it is possible to "heat up" without any consequences.

 tires dunlop ice touch reviews

Tires Dunlop Ice Touch: reviews, tests.

Testing of these tires was carried out atthe participation of competitors such as Gislaved, Goodyear, as well as Bridgestone. It should be noted immediately that almost identical are "Dunlop" and Goodyear. This applies to both the composition of the rubber mixture and the shape of the studs, which in both cases is triangular. Moreover, the applicants were made at the same plant, which is located in Poland.

Nevertheless, the test results were notsuch unambiguous. The fact is that Goodyear is positioned as calm and reliable, and "Dunlop" is intended for active sports driving. That's why such a tire is more prone to sudden breakdowns in the corners. However, this is not an issue for an experienced driver, but a beginner can immediately repel. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of experts.

Stable behavior on asphalt

Very differently behave on the dry road tiresDunlop Ice Touch. The feedback from owners is that for urban operating conditions this is almost an ideal option. High stability on the road, low noise and, most importantly, adequate behavior when driving on dry asphalt. In this race, the company Goodyear significantly loses.

Of course, for driving on snow and ice, the tire toofits good. But according to the test results it was clear that there are certain problems. For example, with acceleration and braking on the ice surface. On the snow, the indicators are more stable and close to the leaders of the rating. Even better they are on dry pavement. Customer feedback is reduced to the fact that these tires are for urban use.

 dunlop ice touch test reviews

Increased tread stiffness

As noted above, engineersmade the protector more rigid by reducing the mobility of rubber blocks. The use of so-called "dynamic bridges" has made it possible to avoid deformation of the lateral part of the tread with increased lateral loads. The grooves for self-cleaning tires are made wide and deep. This significantly improved the behavior of the tire on loose snow.

In such conditions, the first place duringtesting took the Dunlop Ice Touch tire. The owners' comments are that the wear of the tread slightly decreased due to increased rigidity. Also provides a high rate of stability and controllability when driving on dry roads. "Dynamic Bridge" proved to be the best and will be used in the company's latest developments.

Key features of the tire

At visual inspection in eyes rushes V-shaped drawing of a protector of the directed type. It provides a high level of controllability both on the snow-covered road and on dry asphalt.

As already mentioned above, the triangular shape of the studs is an excellent solution that has made it possible to increase the engagement on the ice, and consequently, the stability of the car on such a cover.

Of course, we can not distinguish the configurationdrainage grooves. They are deep and wide. As the test results show, water is removed from the contact patch at the highest level, so this tire effectively resists aquaplaning, and the probability of catching a "water wedge" is minimized.

About tires of the 15th radius are very positive reviews. Dunlop Ice Touch (185/65 / r15) 88t, according to motorists, even with a tire width of 185 mm has the optimum contact spot. This is due to the wide central rib of the tread. Consequently, acceleration and braking on ice and over snow is not a problem. The engineers managed to reduce the rolling resistance somewhat, in particular due to the increased tread stiffness. This directly influenced the fuel consumption in the direction of its reduction.

dunlop ice touch owner reviews

About the sizes of tires "Dunlop Ice Touch"

These products are more suitable for carscars of middle class. Currently, the developers have released tires from 14 to 17 inches. In principle, installation is acceptable and not some off-road vehicles, as 17 inches are enough for many.

As for the width, the minimum is 175 mm, and the maximum is 225. Wider tires provide good cross-country ability on loose snow, while narrower ones behave better on ice.

The height of the tire is between 45 and 65 mm. The recommended maximum speed is 190 km / h, which is quite good, but since the tires are positioned as sports, this is quite an expected result.

A little about the price

The price tag of this manufacturer is more than moderate, although many consider it too high, which you can learn by reading consumer reviews.

Dunlop Ice Touch (spike.) For 14 inches will cost about 3,000 rubles, and 17-inch rubber costs about 6,000 rubles.

Much here depends on the index of speed andload, width and height of the tire, so this is the average figure. For example, 185/65 / R15 94T will cost about 4,500 thousand rubles. A 175/65 / R14 82T is already much cheaper, approximately 2,800.

reviews dunlop ice touch 185 65 r15 88t

If we talk about the most popular models inRussia, it's R16, which are suitable for Chevrolet Niva and other small SUVs. The cost of such a tire with a width of 215 is approximately 4,200 rubles. More than a humane price tag for an item of this quality.

The same "Hakapelita" from the Finns with similarthe size will cost an order of magnitude more. At the same time, the performance characteristics of such tires are approximately at the same level. But to solve, of course, to you, although it hardly makes sense to overpay.

More reviews

Since the tires were designed specifically forsevere climate of the northern part of Europe, then they can not be better for exploitation in Russia. It is logical that all tire manufacturers praise their tires, but their effectiveness should always be proved only in practice. That is, until you check it yourself, you will not understand anything, especially if you have something to compare with.

This is very well helped by consumer andexpert reviews. Dunlop Ice Touch (225/50 / r17), for example, the most expensive option in the lineup, is even praised. Many people note the durability of rubber without losing its operational properties. That is, even after several seasons of operation it remains as soft and elastic as it was in the first winter.

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of moderntechnologies and engineering solutions. For example, tires "Dunlop" are manufactured using the same technology as Goodyear. The last brand has proved itself only from the best side and is famous for its quality. This applies to the British company, which currently successfully trades on the world market, showing excellent quality products and a high level of reliability.

A rigid, slightly moving protector in combination with a V-shaped directional pattern and spikes of a special shape gives an indescribable certainty on any road, regardless of its condition.

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Let's sum up the results

We examined all the positive aspects of the tire, butthere are also negative reviews. Dunlop Ice Touch (205/55 / ​​r16) 94t XL, for example, has a weak cord that deforms even with small impacts. There are complaints and noise when driving. But this is more likely a minus of all studs, rather than this particular model. In the rest, these tires are praised. Excellent behavior on the rolled and ice surface and provide comfortable handling on dry roads.

Many motorists recommend these tiresto installation on the rear-wheel drive cars. The fact is that the increased number of spikes will make it possible to get into the hill without problems, even on ice. With the resource of work, too, everything is very good. On average, there are 4 seasons, but there are more, depending on how much and how you drive. Of course, the insufficient strength of the cord is a minus. Therefore sharp stones and holes are better to pass smoothly, especially in this case side cuts, which are often impossible to repair.