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Soundproofing "Priora"

Such a thing as excessive noise in the cabincar, not by hearsay familiar to many owners of domestic cars. Based on the results of various studies, strong sound and vibration in the car significantly affect the health of the driver and his passengers, including the mental state.

noise isolation priori
Constant noise in the car can make eventhe most healthy driver with strong nerves. He is often exposed to stress, the consequences of which are sometimes unpredictable. A long trip to the "Priora", accompanied by constant vibrations and sounds, can greatly tire the driver, thereby increasing the risk of creating emergency situations on the road.

And in order to once and for all get rid ofannoying and loud noise in the cabin, there is only one way out - noise insulation "Priora". Despite the fact that all VAZ cars are still equipped with anti-vibration coating on the conveyor belt, the rumble in the cabin still does not disappear. Sound insulation is both partial and complete (it all depends on the noise level). In the process of complete sound insulation from the vehicle, the paneling and many details are completely removed. Most often on the "Priora" "upgrade" exposed hood, roof and doors.

noise isolation

Sound insulation of the doors "Priora" can significantly improve the comfort in the cabin. At the same time, the driver will not be very tired and nervous even on long trips.

At the moment, cars with a low level of noise are not a luxury, but rather a demand of the modern market.

To get rid of the constant sounds in the cabin, you canany SRT of Russia. No new nanotechnology is used there - just the skin is removed and a special coating is applied to the metal surface. Also drivers of domestic cars sometimes noisely isolate their iron friend with their own hands. It is worth saying that this process is not so fast and simple as it seems at first glance. For example, noise insulation "Priora" with their own hands will take you more than 4 days of free time. At the maintenance stations, it lasts about two days. But if you follow all the rules and instructions, you can do "noise" yourself (if, of course, you have a lot of free time for this).

noise insulation of doors

If the partial noise insulation "Priora" is madewith their own hands, then it is better to make a full one on SRT. After all, not everyone will be able to fully assemble all the details in the car. In addition, this process consists of several stages, so it is better to trust the professionals. The cost of works varies between 20-25 thousand rubles. For this money you will get an unsurpassed result - the noise level will drop to zero and there will not be any more annoying, fatigue will decrease, and trips will become much more pleasant and safe.

Soundproofing "Priora" (however, like everyone elseother domestic cars) - the process is inevitable. Sooner or later, noise and vibration in the cabin will "get" the driver. When buying a new car, you should pay attention to whether the soundproofing was put on it or not. Otherwise, the new owner will have to shell out.

Of course, any operation to refine the car - it's a lot of trouble and expenses. But the result is definitely worth it.