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Repair of the headlights without the SRT - is it possible?

Every driver knows that repairing a car with their own hands is quite a complicated task. Not always the most popular elements of optics can be found in

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shop or on disassembly, and therefore it's not at all superfluous to know how to repair the headlights yourself.

The lantern and headlight housings are usually repaired atthe help of a soldering iron, which is fed by air from the compressor. This allows you to attach the missing pieces of parts to their original place. If such pieces are not enough, then they are looking for a spotlight that will act as a donor.

It should be noted that in this case the seam shouldpadded from the inside of the headlamp, and also duplicated from the outside. This should ensure the maximum level of the fortress. There are headlights made of polypropylene, and also from ABC plastic. Thus, if it is a question of the first variant, the repair of the headlights by one's own hands can be carried out exclusively with the help of the welding mentioned above. If, on the operating table, a body of ABC plastic has got, then without fear, you can
use cold welding.

In the event that the glass was broken, and it is not possible to carry out its repair

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possible, then the part is made from scratch.To do this, use plexiglass. Before you start to work, you need to reproduce the shape of broken glass. The role of lost parts can successfully play plasticine. This will allow you to get the finished product shape. After the corresponding piece of plexiglas is cut out, on which the existing drawing is reconstructed with the help of milling machines. These manipulations allow the headlights to be repaired in such a way that the direction of the light flux will remain at the same level.

Thus, by making headlight repairhands, it is rather advantageous to use plexiglass, because it does not crumble in the event of mechanical damage, but only crack. True, this material is more prone to clouding and scratches than conventional glass.

Fogging is a very annoying problem, and not only for fogging
most optics, but also for the driver.As a result of accumulation inside the headlamp moisture on the glass can form a coating, which will subsequently interfere with lighting. In addition, misting leads to the loss of the specular reflector layer.

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The only way out of this situation will be the repair of the headlights, which involves sealing.

Before disassembling the headlight, it is worthwhileanalysis of points of depressurization. After the lantern is disassembled, its insides are inspected and dried. Then, headlight repair involves assembling the element using a sealant that will not allow moisture to accumulate inside. After assembly, the headlamp can be installed in its place without problems and used in the same mode.

All of the above suggests that repairscar by their own hands - the procedure is simple, and in some cases even very interesting and entertaining. In addition, it allows the driver to accumulate an important experience, which is useful on the road, and also saves the money of the owner of the car.