/ Tires Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6: reviews. Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6: tests

Tires Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6: reviews. Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6: tests

Recently friction tires of steelto get really wide circulation. They are most suitable for use in wet or snowy conditions. With these tires, the car will get better handling. The noise level is small. In addition, the studded tire destroys the road surface, and also does not provide much comfort when traveling. What can not be said about friction-type models. The article will deal with tires Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6. Reviews buyers - this is what we pay more attention to.

dunlop grandtrek sj6 reviews


In the distant 1888, Dunlop, drawing attention tothat riding a bicycle with all-rubber tires is quite inconvenient. That's why he decided to wrap them with rubber and pump into the resulting air shell. Even though the design is not removable, it still gained immense popularity. The company of the manufacturer, which in the future will occupy a leading position in the sales market, was named in honor of the developer - "Dunlop". After the industry began to develop at a tremendous pace, the situation has changed markedly. The manufacturer was able to open branches in many countries of Europe. Tires are created for different types of transport. This company was the first company that offered to use special rain tires in the Royal races. She became a monopolist.

At the moment in the world the company takes the fifth place on creation of copies a year. Among the competitors should be noted such concerns as "BMW", "Opel" and so on.

The purpose of this article is to reveal whether the tires of Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 225 65 R17 are so good. Product reviews from buyers will help in this.

tires dunlop grandtrek sj6 reviews

Advantages of tires

Such rubber is often used for driving onoff-road vehicles. Considering that it is friction type, many people think about its advantages, which would explain the expediency of installation. Therefore, consider the merits of "stickies".

The protector is soft, spines absent, thereforenoise level is small. The controllability of the tires is excellent even on loose snow and wet road surfaces. Wear of low degree, so many people like to exploit. Used even at low temperatures.

Tires Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6, reviews and tests of whichdiscuss in the article, have a competent tread pattern. Thanks to the unique mixture of rubber tires allow you to easily travel to various obstacles. Often in the reviews, buyers write that aquaplaning at the highest level.

 dunlop grandtrek sj6

Price policy

If we talk about prices, then this parameter -The first time you look at the available options. Many can not afford expensive options, but the tires Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 in this regard like many. The model can be purchased on average for 6 thousand rubles. You can also pay attention to the load, which is equal to 1120 kg. This indicator is high, so the tires are suitable for working with heavy equipment: jeeps and so on.

The range of tires is quite large, sosome imagine. The most expensive is the model with a radius of 20 and a profile width of 285 mm. Its average cost is 35 thousand for one wheel. Cheaper tires will be the modification of the R19. For a pair of wheels, the buyer will have to pay 40 thousand.

Cost should not be feared. The main production is established in the UK, as there is no doubt.

dunlop grandtrek sj6 test reviews


Those who use the rubber Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6,reviews of which are excellent, notice that the noise level is small, if compared with studded analogs. The tread has received a special structure and modern additives in a rubber mix. These are also separate advantages. It is suitable for working with urban roads.

It should be noted that because of the ice crust in theircharacteristics of the bus a little lose. Manageability and stability is much less. Off-road model shows itself perfectly. As a rule, it is in such conditions that snow covers and slush are most often encountered. These obstacles are passed on hurray. The side cord is too soft, so you need to be careful. Because of the blows and cuts can be a serious consequence. Given that the technology "Ranflet" is not used, it will not go far with a broken wheel.

customer reviews dunlop grandtrek sj6

Digityre-II technology

At first it may seem that the protector hasquite familiar drawing. Nothing throws himself in the eye. However, you need to notice the use of technology Digityre-II. Protector according to the standard was V-shaped. This characteristic is inherent in all friction tires. The developers note that with the help of innovation in the form of technology they were able to create a tire that easily passes through multiple obstacles. Implementation was only possible with the help of special computer modeling. Special software allowed to create a special tread pattern, due to which the contact spot is also enlarged. Due to the test results, it can be assumed that the Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 tires, the reviews of which we consider in the article, are really capable of much during the movement. Even because of changing operating conditions, the clutch area does not change. That's why there are about 10 blocks in the hook. Thanks to this, any driver can feel completely safe.

Features of blocks of a protector

At the first inspection of the tread,that all blocks are large in size. Thanks to the checkers, which are in the center, a shroud ring is formed. This configuration has a great effect on stability. Also due to such a solution it is possible to easily enter the turn. The blocks of the protector have the form of a quadrilateral. The axial surface is also necessary in order to distribute loads to the tire. This allows to increase the service life. Therefore, negative feedback about the small longevity on the Internet is not met. You can notice large blocks of tread from afar. If you look at them carefully, you can see that the edges are integrated. They share checkers of small dimensions. The more edges there are, the greater the level of adhesion to the road surface. Also, the wheel will not be brought in, and gliding is strictly excluded.

reviews of the product dunlop grandtrek sj6 225 65 r17

Design features of lamellas

Of course, every driver understands thatThe clutch is not provided with only one protector. If you take into account only its blocks, then the rubber will lose controllability while driving. That's why the manufacturer pays enough attention in order to create a sufficient number of grooves. They are located between each checker. Why do we need grooves? They provide drainage of snow, water, dirt from the contact spot. In the case of this tire, the V-shaped tread pattern is just perfect. This is due to the fact that you can create a dense lamination. The grooves are longitudinal and transverse, rather wide. Due to this they will be able to cope with the removal of unnecessary liquid. Small and shallow lamellae have a different name. They are better known as capillaries. Accordingly, it must be concluded that all the bus elements work as one unit. Thanks to such tires, the car will be perfectly paddling in the snow. This is all confirmed by the feedback of buyers and specialists.

Additional Information

It should be noted that the tires are almost impossiblebring to the state of drift, if you do not do it intentionally. Some may sound noisy, but no metal elements, so do not worry about the acoustic comfort in the cabin. Discomfort can bring and the edge of the tread. With this in mind, the manufacturer will reduce the coefficient of friction. Accordingly, the noise effect is quite small. During testing, the tires received 4 balls on a five-point system in terms of acoustics. This is not a chic result, but it is quite worthy for the price segment in which the product is presented.

dunlop grandtrek sj6 tires

Durability of tires

This factor is also important. The life of a tire depends on the quality of the rubber and its parts. For example, most of the models of this company include silicic acid. Thanks to it the strength of the tread and the tire itself increases many times. Unfortunately, this innovation ends. According to buyers, special results were not achieved in the issue of durability to the manufacturer.

However, in the same service life asthis model, you can find its advantages. For example, the tire will not have time to lose its elasticity, and also during the use of the characteristics will not have time to deteriorate. That's why 4 seasons, which a buyer can have, is enough to get used to this rubber and to understand if it is suitable.

Predictable behavior on the road

It has already been said above, this rubber most oftenis installed on off-road cars and other "heavyweights". This is evidenced by many reviews. Rubber can withstand heavy loads, so it is popular. Behaves on the road is predictable. The only exception is the ice crust. But, you need to notice that it was not originally designed for driving in such conditions. The remaining indicators are excellent.

Let's sum up the results

The article reviewed reviews and general featurestires. Most of the comments are positive, but they can not get rid of negative stories. Some note that the tire can make noise at high speeds. This is due to the characteristics of the tread. In the rest, this option for its value is quite suitable and will please many drivers.