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Engine oil: shelf life, choice, storage

Any motorist, and even more beginner,The question is, what is the engine oil, expiration date, composition and other indicators for your car? It is said that after the service life, oil, like any other product, loses those useful substances that it contains. This can cause direct damage to the engine of the car, and therefore you must strictly monitor that, on the one hand, do not use the expired product, and on the other, comply with all the rules for its storage. From the article you will find out how long the engine oil is, how to store it and whether it can be used after the time indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer.

Right choice

The first thing that you pay attention to,to purchase a product, this is its compliance with international quality standards. In view of the fact that the engines on vehicles are installed differently, the requirements for them are also different. Therefore, manufacturers in the instruction always indicate which is better to use motor oil.

The shelf life of different species may also be different. Oils for engines come in 3 types.

  1. Mineral is the cheapest. However, in the winter, it will not be used, since only at twenty-five degrees of frost the motor will not be able to start.
  2. Semisynthesis is obtained by mixingmineral and synthetic species. This is a more expensive option, but the quality compared with its previous form is incomparably higher. Optimal is its use for cars with a range from one hundred to five hundred thousand kilometers.
  3. Synthetics are synthesized chemically. This oil does not change its properties either at high temperature or low, so it can be used in any weather. But the cost of oil will be more expensive than others. The shelf life of synthetic motor oil, semisynthetic and mineral is usually not more than three years with opened packaging and proper storage.

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Car enthusiasts choose the right variant of the oil independing on the weather conditions in which it will be stored, and on the budget. Mix one oil with another is not allowed. The fact is that each manufacturer has at least fifteen percent of its unique chemical composition. Therefore, if another oil is added to the engine, it can react, and how the mixture will behave is unknown.

How to store engine oil

Shelf life the manufacturer indicates on the packaging. However, no matter how many years there was not prescribed, improper storage can lead to damage to the product. So, the container, which contains oil for the engine, should always be tightly closed. On the canister, direct sunlight is not advisable. The temperature in the room should not change much, as sharp changes will contribute to a change in the properties of the oil. It is also desirable that the room is ventilated and there is no high humidity in it. Usually the place where the engine oil is stored is the garage. But if the storage conditions do not meet the requirements, then it is better to transfer it to the house.

what is the expiration date of the engine oil

How much oil should I add?

Usually manufacturers point to the packagingshelf life of up to five years in a closed form. Before you top up the oil, you need to double-check, paying attention to the compliance of technical requirements that are prescribed by the manufacturer and those characteristics that are indicated on the label.

In most cases, motorists to replaceoils buy canister, sufficient for one time with a small margin for topping if necessary. Only a few make themselves large reserves to store in the canister engine oil.

Shelf life: how to determine

The simpler the composition of the oil, the longer it will beto be stored. Most of them after autopsy remain usable for three years with proper storage. A more complex composition can be used two years after opening.

The main signs of an expired productare opacities in color and the presence of precipitation, which are similar in appearance to sawdust. This can happen if somehow water gets into the oil, or in case of moldiness. In addition, when buying, be sure to pay attention to the date of manufacture and its clear form. If customers are often deceived on food stalls, then when selling such a product, it becomes more than possible.

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Shelf life and manufacturer

The oil service time may depend onmanufacturer. For example, the shelf life of Shell motor oil is 4 years, Castrol - 5 years and so on. However, if the time indicated on the package has already passed and the product is considered to be overdue, this does not mean that it has lost its properties. With proper storage, the oil can remain usable even for ten years. Simply the manufacturer over the specified term does not guarantee that all properties will remain the same.

Shelf life of engine oil shell

Old oil and new car

If you bought a new car and you have leftoil, which is stored by all the rules for more than a year, it is best to buy a new one. The fact is that new cars can make high demands on oil. Better in this case, be safe and pour a fresh, only opened product.

Storage in a canister and in a car - different things

If you do not use the car more thanhalf a year, the oil in it, although you did not drive, could react with the deposits and dirt that had been in the engine before, and become oxidized. To avoid problems, it is recommended to change it before you start to operate again.