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Motorcycle Honda Transalp: description, technical specifications and reviews

If you are tired of pokatushki around the city from traffic lightsup to a traffic light, and the soul asks for space and travel, perhaps the motorcycle "Honda Transalp" - this is what you are looking for. This hardy horse will surely pass hundreds and thousands of kilometers, providing you comfort in a long journey and not demanding special treatment.

honda transalp

This bike belongs to the class of touristenduro, intended equally for both motodalnoboya on the road, and for driving on the cross. Of course, it can not be compared to 4x4 jeeps, but forest trails, swampy glades and hilly terrain are very much on the shoulder. That is, on the wheel. Well, or on the suspension.

The target audience

"Honda Transalp", like most tour-enduros,most often becomes the choice of those who have already rolled more than one thousand kilometers. It is acquired by those who are tired of high-speed, but demanding sports, or those who are tired by the imposing sluggishness of the chopper. Sometimes the fans "mature" the fans of the usual enduro - maneuverable and sharp, but not hardy for the farthest.

And the responses of those who moved to the Transalp, having experience of driving, usually concern the following qualities of the tour-enduro:

  • maneuverability in urban conditions;
  • excellent handling in the forest, steppe, hilly terrain;
  • endurance in the long journey;
  • comfort of the pilot and the passenger;
  • average "appetites" for fuel and consumables;
  • nice design;
  • great opportunities for tuning;
  • availability of spare parts, a network of service centers.

But the first bike "Transalp" is quite rare. Old bearded bikers claim that it is necessary to ripen before it.

This does not mean that the management of the motorcycle Honda Transalp is fraught with problems. Just this category of bikes is very specific.


The very first thing that excites everyone who decidedto begin acquaintance with a motorcycle "Honda Transalp" - technical characteristics. They are similar in many respects to all models. The heart of the bike is a powerful and reliable V-shaped motor, the resource of which is designed for 300 thousand and more km. Experienced pilot will be able to disperse the "Transalp" to hundreds in just 5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 170-180 km / h. Comfortable cruising speed should not exceed 140 km / h.

A powerful suspension allowsTo brake before obstacles in the form of hummocks or "lying policemen". The motorcyclist on the Honda Transalp will even be able to jump on full speed to the curb or jump over the impressive branch (but, of course, not cut down the tree). Our roads are an ideal place, where the quick character and huge potential of "Transalpa" can appear in all its glory.

The pilot's landing is comfortable, he does not have toto stoop, his legs will not become numb in an uncomfortable position. In addition, the rider is relatively high, which allows him to see the road over the roofs of cars. This is an indisputable plus in the prevention of emergencies. The second number is also unlikely to complain about life, even on a long trip.

"Transalp" I, the sample of 1987

The very first motorcycle Honda Transalp appeared infar from 1987 and is still produced. Almost for 30 years, this "parketnik" evolved several times in design and technical terms, but the philosophy of a calm bike for long-distance roads remained unchanged. Ideologically correct Transalp is a motorcycle covered with road dust with volumetric trunks and high turing glass. And his pilot is a hardened tourist, accustomed to road hardships, and easily overcoming about a thousand kilometers a day. Reviews about the new bike quickly spread around the world, contributing to the growth of its popularity.

motorcycle Honda transalp

The above photo shows a model of 87 years old. Looking at it, you can make sure that the concept of the bike remains unchanged in our days.

Transalp XL600

From 1987 to 2000, "Honda" produced a 600-cubic "Transalp". If you look with passion, the engine's volume was 583 cm3. For 13 years XL 600 has undergone some changes and even the country-producer has been replaced. Initially, it looked like this:

honda transalp reviews

After 1991, the Honda Transalp was already equippednot with a drum brake, but with a rear disc, 240 mm in size, working with a single-piston caliper. In 1994, there was some restyling, the shape of the plastic body kit changed, the instrument panel. After 1996, there was an electric ignition and a throttle sensor. The rear wheel changed its size to 120 / 90-17. 1997 was marked by the move of the production of "Transalpa" from Japan to Italy. On the bike of the Italian assembly appeared a second front brake disc, and the radius of the brake disc has decreased. Since then, a pair of discs of 256 mm in diameter are installed on this motorcycle.


"Transalpies" with engines of 650 cubes were assembled inItaly in the period 2000-2008. They have more streamlined plastic. Their capacity is 52 liters. with., that 2 liters. from. more than the previous version of the "Honda Transalp". Reviews indicate that the model XL600 is more suitable for the highway, and not for off-road, and for fans of "ponendurit" is better suited "six-hundred."

moto Honda transalp

There is an opinion that 650 is more whimsical inservice. In order to make a simple repair, you need to remove the plastic. However, the market is overflowing with the XL650, in our days it's problematic to find a 600-ku.

In 2005, the new model underwent some changes. They touched exclusively on the design: the saddle, the steering wheel, some details of the body kit were modernized.

Honda Transalp XL700

In 2008, the first Transalp 700 was launched, whichis still produced. It is very different from 650-cc. The XL700 is injector, equipped with ABS, and the front wheel radius is 19, not 21 inches, as in the predecessor.

honda transalp technical specifications

The appearance of the novelty is more rally, although the model XL700 is more oriented not on impassability, but on the highway. Suspension is quite stiff, the pilot feels too large potholes and bumps.

Kid XL400

This subcompact was produced from 1987 to 1999. The compact bike capacity of 37 horses weighs only 180 kg. At the same time it is equipped with a five-step gearbox, a telescopic fork and a monopod suspension.

chonda transalp spare parts

At the same time, the design of the striker is quite interesting, it clearly shows the spirit of the enduro tourist.

Price list

Genuine spare parts for Honda Transalp todaycan be purchased in service centers almost everywhere. This is one of the advantages of the brand. Honda always cares about the expansion of dealer networks and service centers. The purchase of a new original motorcycle is also not a problem. The price level rather relates this model to the middle category, and on the motorcycle in general, and among other products of the Honda itself.

First of all, the price depends on the year of issuemotorcycle and its degree of wear. For example, 400-ka can manage in 90 thousand. And look for Transalp XL600 is worth, if there is at least 140 thousand rubles. XL650 will cost an average of 180-190 thousand, and XL700 is unlikely to be cheaper than 260 thousand rubles.


Thinking about tuning, start from the goals andtasks that you put before your iron horse. In the long road, such elements as the grid for the headlamp, the protection of the hands, comfortable roomy trunks can be very useful. Think about the arc of security, because "Honda Transalp" is still too plastic. In the case of an accident, their role can not be overestimated.

chonda transalp spare parts

Some put volumetric windshields - thisalso greatly facilitates the long journey. Lovers of comfort, especially those whose motor-season is not limited to three summer months, often acquire such a useful option as heating pens. Wide opportunities for tuning in the field of design. All of the above can be reduced to one: each owner can "fit" his beloved "Honda Transalp" for himself, given his own ideas about beauty, reliability and comfort.