/ Best budget cars. How to buy an economical and comfortable car for a minimum price?

The best budget cars. How to buy an economical and comfortable car for a minimum price?

"A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation." This classic phrase, uttered in the first half of the 20th century by the authors of the Golden Calf, is still relevant today.

Buying a new car, the buyer first of alllooks at the price. The cost of a car is the criterion, which in most cases is of decisive importance. Therefore, in the field of automobile production, and then sales, a certain balance of price and quality was formed. In other words, future owners of the "iron horse", try to find a car inexpensive, but with good technical characteristics. In the search process there is a paradox - finding a suitable car is difficult precisely because the choice is extensive, the models are tens and hundreds. Each manufacturer has its own model range, which includes the best copies of automotive equipment. These machines are tested for years, they have good characteristics, and it would seem that such a car should be bought. However, the market has already received new models at a similar price, in which the parameters are not worse. The buyer in the confusion - "as if not to lose." As a result, he gets a car, chosen on subjective grounds.

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Cheap cars

Manufacturers of cars, in turn,try to follow customers' requests. Thus, in the market there are more and more relatively inexpensive, but high-quality models. As a result of many years of practice of "natural selection", when cheap cars crowd out expensive heaped cars, a segment was formed, which can be conditionally called "budget cars". This system structure is spread all over the world. The formulation of "budget cars" involves the purchase of a new car, without going beyond the monthly or annual family budget. At the same time, you do not need to take a bank loan, lend money from acquaintances, and sell your own property. Budget cars are bought in installments or with a lump sum, but in any case from the funds that your family really has at the moment.

The machine as an assistant in the house

The dynamics of modern life does not leave a personchoice - a car in the family should be, it is necessary. A new budget car is an affordable acquisition that will not put a heavy burden on the life of a couple with two or three children. On the contrary, the car will be a source of pleasure, you will have the opportunity to travel, go on weekends to nature, and on normal days the car will become an indispensable assistant in business, will take you to the market or to a supermarket. A new budget car is the solution to many everyday problems. And when the problems are solved, you can also relax on the soft seats, after a short walk with members of his family.

Today, when the choice of models has become practicallylimitless, I want to buy the best budget car. To do this, there are many Internet portals, special booklets, information sheets. And most importantly, you can consult in the showroom, where you will be provided with exhaustive information about the latest innovations in the automotive market. Thus, the best budget car can be located in your garage in the near future.

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Asia or Europe?

It is generally accepted that the more expensive a car is, the moremore reliable. This is not always the case, and although cars worth more than 500,000 rubles are reliable enough, they are bought mainly for prestige reasons, while budget new cars are a means of transportation. Recently, South Korean companies have significantly improved the quality of their products, while the positive changes are related only to the exterior, but the popularity of Hyundai, Daewoo and Kia has grown, and prices have remained at the same level. Thus, budget new cars of Asian origin are confidently coming forward. However, the South Korean brands are not lagging behind the Japanese models.

Cars of the Land of the Rising Sun

On the Russian market in the segment of "budgetaryJapanese car "will soon appear brand" Datsun ", the assembly of which is expected in our country According to the preliminary forecast, the cost of the car will not be more than 400 thousand rubles.

New budget Japanese car planTo produce on the basis of AvtoVAZ's factory facilities in Togliatti. The documentation, obtained from Japanese engineers, will allow the production of two Datsun models simultaneously, using the platform 2190 on which Lada Kalina is based. The design center "Nissan" in Japan is developing the exterior of Datsun cars in the Russian version. The tool for the production of bodywork is entrusted to engineers from Togliatti.

The novelty will correspond according to external characteristics to such cars as "Suzuki Swift", "Honda Brio", "Ford Figo". Budget cars Japanese production will share the market with an inexpensive French "Renault Logan". Experts already talk about healthy competition.

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Budget cars in Russia

"Lada Granta", a body liftback, a class of a supermini. The engine is petrol, the volume is 1596 liters, the power is 87 liters. from. The fuel consumption is about 7 liters per 100 km. The speed is 165 km / h. Dimensions: length - 4246 mm, height - 1500 mm, width - 1700 mm, base - 2476 mm. The price is from 315 thousand rubles. A "luxury" package worth 420,000 rubles includes: a 106-liter engine. s., ABS, two airbags, a climate system, an immobilizer, a multi-system audio, alloy wheels.

"Lada Kalina", hatchback, supermini class. The engine is petrol, the volume is 1596 liters, the power is 87 liters. from. The fuel consumption is 7 liters per 100 km. The speed is 165 km / h. Dimensions: length - 3893 mm, height - 1500 mm, width - 1700 mm, base - 2476 mm. The price is from 328 thousand rubles. The basic equipment is obviously insufficient, it requires an additional payment of 50,000 rubles. The buyer receives for this money: ABS, climate system, two airbags, heated front seats.

"Lada Priora", sedan, supermini class. The engine is petrol, power - 98 liters. with., volume - 1596 liters. The fuel consumption is about 6.8 liters per 100 km. The speed is 183 km / h. Dimensions: length - 4350 mm, height - 1420 mm, width - 1680 mm, base - 2492 mm. Initial equipment: ABS, driver's airbag, adjustable steering column, front electric windows, immobilizer, heated exterior mirrors. A preheating heater is installed for a fee. In the luxury package: engine capacity of 106 liters. from. a cylinder capacity of 1.6 liters and air conditioning.

"Lada Sport Kalina", hatchback, supermini class. Engine: cylinder capacity - 1596 liters, power - 118 liters. from. The fuel consumption is about 7.8 liters per 100 km. The speed is 197 km / h. Dimensions: length - 3943 mm, height - 1450 mm, width - 1700 mm, base - 2478 mm. Basic equipment (no other): front airbags, adjustable steering column, heated front seats, climate control, all power windows, exterior mirrors with heating, fog lights.

best budget car

The most budget car in Russia attoday is "Daewoo Matiz". The car is small-sized, the length of the body is less than 3.5 meters, the width is about one and a half meters, but the saloon of the five-door hatchback is quite spacious, the rear seat can comfortably accommodate two adult passengers, and if you have a little space, then one child. The model is characterized by good sound insulation, technical characteristics are at a decent level. The engine is quick and economical. The cost of the car is 199 thousand rubles.

Inexpensive but reliable

The most budgetary cars, the cost of which does not exceed 500 thousand rubles, are produced in South Korea, the USA, Japan, the Czech Republic and Russia. Relatively inexpensive vans are produced in France.

Rating of budget cars:

  • Chevrolet Lanos.
  • Chevrolet Aveo.
  • "Daewoo Nexia".
  • "Ford Focus".
  • "Hyundai Gets".
  • "Hyundai Accent".
  • "Nissan Almera."
  • "Renault Logan".
  • "Skoda Fabia."
  • "Lada Priora".

Chinese cars are presented in a separate list:

  • "Lifan 520 Breeze".
  • "Cherry Kimo."
  • "Cherry Amulet".
  • "Flyer".
  • "Brillance M2".

The quality of cheap Chinese models leave much to be desired, although the defects are of an accidental nature and concern mostly unreliable contacts in electrical equipment.

a car in a budget organization

Machines with improved characteristics

For cars that are more expensive, but still budget, the following models can be attributed:

  • "Citroen C3" - a subcompact carB-segment, front-wheel drive, with in-line 4-cylinder engine capacity of 1124 liters, capacity - 60 liters. from. Dimensions: length - 3860 mm, height - 1515 mm, width - 1677 mm, base - 2460 mm.
  • "Citroen C4" - a compact car, front-wheel drive, with a 4-cylinder engine 1.4 liters, power - 90 liters. from. Dimensions: length - 4260 mm, width - 1773 mm, height - 1459 mm, base - 2608 mm.
  • "Honda Jazz" - four-door micro-car, engine 1.2 liters, power - 78 liters. from. Dimensions: length - 3820 mm, width - 1670 mm, height - 1145 mm, base - 2440 mm.
  • "Mazda 2" - a subcompact five-door hatchback,front-wheel drive, engine 1.3 liters, power - 91 liters. with., speed - 160 km / hour. Dimensions: length - 3920 mm, height - 1475 mm, width - 1695 mm, height - 1475 mm.
  • "Nissan Mikra" - a subcompact front-wheel drive,B-segment. Engine petrol, three-cylinder volume of 0.987 liters, power - 52 liters. from. Dimensions: length - 3735 mm, width - 1560 mm, height - 1390 mm, base - 2300 mm.
  • "Opel Corsa" is a B-segment car,front-wheel drive. Engine 1.0-liter, gasoline, power - 62 liters. with a speed of 146 km / h. Dimensions: length - 3652 mm, height - 1365 mm, width - 1535 mm, base - 2343 mm.

How to choose a budget car?

Models offered in Russia to the buyer bymoderate prices, account for about 60% of the total market. Manufacturers deliberately go to reduce the cost of their products in order to increase sales. At the same time, the quality of the car should remain impeccable. Marketing is conducted carefully, with a daily analysis of the situation on the market.

Budget car must matchseveral criteria. First of all, these are technical characteristics. The cost of the car goes back to the background, as the buyer knows - a budget car can not cost more than the price accepted in its class, if not to order a luxury kit.

most budget cars

Technical data

So, all attention to technical parameters. The engine characteristics are taken into account in four positions: volume, power, fuel consumption, resource. For a budget car is considered optimal power in the range of 60-75 liters. s., which corresponds approximately to the working volume of the cylinders from 1.2 to 1.4 cu. see Fuel consumption, indicated in the passport, should not exceed 7 liters per 100 km. The resource of the engine is a relative concept, but its declared value can not be less than 100 thousand kilometers of run.

The transmission is allowed as automatic,both mechanical and mechanical, the choice is purely individual, but it should be remembered that a car equipped with automatic transmission will cost more approximately 30-35 thousand rubles.

The wheel formula of the car should be designated as 4х2, and choose the model better from the family of front-wheel drive cars.

Chassis is the most responsiblesite, front suspension "McPherson" as a well-established will serve as an argument in favor of buying this model. The rear suspension can be either a pendulum dependent, or an independent lever with a transverse stabilizer. Both these options are quite reliable and durable.

The brake system must be double circuit, withdiagonal distribution of braking forces. Ideally, the front wheels are equipped with disc brakes, rear drum. Hand brake with rear-wheel drive. If the machine is equipped with a vacuum brake booster, this is an added advantage.

Next, you need to pay attention to the helmsmanmechanism, which is of two types: rack and worm. The first mechanism works easily, the second requires effort. Preference is given to the rack. In passing, you can pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the steering column for height, sometimes it can be useful.

And, finally, inspection of the car interior. Inexpensive models, as a rule, do not differ luxurious interior trim, for seat upholstery a quality leatherette or velor is used. The dashboard should be comfortable, the sensors are easy to read. Seats - easy to move and adjust. The audio system is in the car in any configuration, it should be known.

After the car is selected, it is necessary to check the operation of the engine and all mechanisms, to ensure reliable gear shifting and reliable operation of the brake system.

new budget Japanese car

A car in a budget organization

All vehicles in stateinstitutions are on balance. Budget organizations receive cars centrally, according to the order. This is a rather complex system, which includes the terms of operation, passport service and many other various conditions. Commercial actions are not possible, selling or exchanging cars is prohibited.

There are certain rules governing the decommissioning of obsolete vehicles, transferring them from balance to balance between enterprises belonging to one ministry.