/ How is the scratcher polished on the body?

How is polishing the scratches on the body?

Any self-respecting car owner trieskeep your car clean. However, over time, the paint coating loses its properties. Different road dust is eaten in a layer of varnish, microcracks are formed. All this considerably spoils the appearance of the car. Do not much adorn the car and the scratches formed in inaccurate parking. But how to restore the former appearance of the LKP? Will polish scratches on the body. What is it and how to make it with our own hands - we will consider in today's article.


There are several types of polishing:

  • Protective.It is intended for protection of a paint and varnish covering. Gives shine to the car. An additional film layer is formed on the surface. It protects the body from external factors - water, dust and ultraviolet. In the composition of such polishes there is a water-repellent component. This type of body treatment can remove small scratches (so-called "spiderweb") and protect the paint from burning out. After all, now there is an intermediate layer on the LKP - it is he who takes the entire blow. Among the shortcomings of this method of polishing is worth noting the fragility (washed away for three months). Saves such polishing of the body from minor scratches, but no more.
    polishing of scratches on the body by own hands
  • Abrasive polish.Called to eliminate deeper damage. It restores the coating by aligning the LCP. In other words, such a polish removes part of the protective varnish. Its thickness becomes smaller, but many chips and scratches are removed without painting. But it is worth remembering that each car has its own residual layer of LCP. This polishing can be done no more than three times. Next, the abrasive removes the soil already - the bald patches will form. Also after the restoration work, the body requires a protective polishing. Therefore, this method is an order of magnitude more expensive and more complex. But the effect exceeds all expectations.


Is it possible to polish the bodyworkcar from scratching yourself? Experts say that if there is an angle grinder and a set of felt attachments, it is possible to restore paint qualitatively. However, manually rubbing the abrasive is not recommended - the arm effort will be different, because of which the layer will be removed unevenly.


Initially, the car needs to be prepared forpolishing. For this it is required to wash the entire body. It is advisable to use a high pressure washer. And the entire body is cleaned, even if polishing scratches on it will be done locally. Next, degrease the surface area. For this, the "Antisilicon" solvent is suitable.

polishing of scratches on the body
Note!If the damaged area was previously not painted at the factory, use less aggressive solvents (otherwise the paint may leak). You can use gasoline or medical ethyl alcohol.

If it is the lower part of the body, it is necessary to excludebituminous stains. They are very difficult to clean, even with anti-silicone. Therefore, we use a specialized solvent. It is called - the cleanser of bitumen stains. It is necessary to spray the composition on the surface and after a while wipe it with a dry rag.

Application of polishing

So, the surface is thoroughly washed and degreased. Now proceed to polishing the scratches on the car body. To do this, we take an angle grinder and place a felt wheel on it.

Note!If the felt wheel is not new and has darkening, it should be replaced. Otherwise, the dirt accumulated on the felt wheel will work as an abrasive - do not evenly peel off the LCP layer, but scratch it. If the element has fallen at least once on the asphalt, it can not be reused. Even after thorough cleaning, small dust particles remain on it.

polishing car body from scratching with your own hands
Next, apply the abrasive paste on the circle.Then, not including the machine, touch the surface of the paint, leaving a piece of paste on it. And after that we turn on the sanding machine and evenly triturate the composition over the surface. You need to create the most smooth transition. To do this, the paste comes with different degrees of abrasiveness. When applying the formulation, sun rays should be avoided. Polishing scratches on the body with their own hands should be done in the shade or indoors, but with a qualitatively tuned artificial light.
polished car body from small scratches
Repeat the procedure time after time, periodicallychecking the condition of the circle. Felt will darken as you use. If there are serious dirt, it should be replaced. Wash is not worth it - it's a disposable, consumable material. And washing the desired effect will not.

Finish polishing

At the final stage, you need to re-entertreat the surface with a polish. However, it is not abrasive, but waxy. Its composition, it will close large "pores" (chips and cracks), which did not remove the abrasive polish.

polishing of scratches on the car body
It should be noted that the reducing pasteIt is able to remove only those scratches that did not penetrate to the base enamel. Apply wax polish should be on a new felt wheel or manually. It is important to prepare a clean and dry rag. The paste is not so granular, so it is allowed to run in the application effort.


So, we found out how the polishing is donescratches on the body. Restore the old shine of the machine and save it from chipping can be done by yourself. However, for a qualitative effect, you should use a grinder. Why does not a felting brush fit a Bulgarian or a drill? The fact is that these instruments have different turns. In the course of work, it is easy to overheat the LCP. This will not affect his condition in the best way. Therefore, we use only a specialized machine and only at minimum speed.