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Opel Senator: specifications and description

One of the best models of the German concern"Opel" late last century is the Opel Senator. This is a West German car of the highest class. He was published for 15 years - from 1978 to 1993. The car was the European flagship of the corporation called GM. And the model was a step higher than the Opel Record. Subsequently, it was placed above "Omega". Also it should be noted that the "Monza" coupe was built on the basis of this car.

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Generation "A"

These are the first models, the generation, which was designated by the letter "A". And these models were produced for 9 years - from 1978 to 1987. Over the entire production time, about 130,000 copies were created and sold.

In fact, the first generation of the Opel Senator- this is "Opel Record E". Its difference is an elongated wheelbase. Also on this model were installed new for that time six-cylinder engines. But the most striking feature is the six side windows. There used to be only four. It's also interesting to note that on the same platform, a model called Opel Monza was released.

In the UK, Opel Senator was known asVauxhall Royale. Even in South Africa, this machine was delivered. There the model was called "Chevrolet Senator". Only after 1982 it was renamed into "Opel". In South Korea, it was the "Dao Imperial". Power units were the improved versions of the motors of the model called Commodore. They were 6-cylinder in-line top-hat engines, which had two valves per cylinder. The most powerful version was a 3-liter unit. It could accelerate to 215 km / h, and up to a hundred - in just 8.5 seconds.

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In 1982 Opel Senator was transformed.Often this model is designated "A2". From external changes, it was possible to note the new optics (another form, plus larger ones), as well as a matte finish in black (there used to be chrome plating). Still transformed and salon.

Of the more significant changes,that under the hoods of cars began to appear 4-cylinder engines in volume of two and 2.2 liters. Previously they were not in the model "Senator". A 6-cylinder slightly improved - equipped with its fuel injection system from Bosch. Still stopped producing a 2.8-liter engine.

It is interesting that on the basis of this generation they releaseda sports version called Monza GSE. She had a spoiler on the trunk, recaro seats, digital appliances and an elegant interior, made in black.

Generation "B"

In the late eighties there was a new Opel Senator.1988 was the year when the car became popular, although the release started in 1987. Externally, this model was like "Omega", only with a transformed rear end of the body. Interestingly, on the basis of this car in Australia, they produce a car called Holden Commodore VN.

The engines were originally the same as thepredecessor. However, a 24-valve 3-liter 204-horsepower engine then appeared. The car "Opel", after the appearance of such an aggregate, immediately grew in the eyes of potential buyers. Interestingly, this model was often bought for the British police.

And since 1987, the light went out kitCD. This model had a 3-liter engine, air conditioning, cruise control, trip computer and rear suspension, equipped with automatic lumen support. As a supplement, a leather salon was offered.



About what kind of car Opel Senatortechnical characteristics, should be told in more detail. The first generation is characterized by the fact that in all models put "automatic". A "mechanics" - under the order. The weakest was the 2.5-liter engine. The other two differed in volume by three liters. In front, an independent suspension "McPherson" was installed. Behind was also an independent, on oblique levers. Still these models had disc brakes equipped with an amplifier. In front put ventilated disks. By the way, cast and light-alloy. Behind, however, were unventilated. But the braking system, by the way, is very effective, largely due to ABS.

The second generation also boastedgood characteristics. These models had a more spacious interior and wide comfortable seats. By the way, the chairs decided to supply with various regulators, due to which it was possible to change the landing, the location of the cushion, the seat height and the backrest inclination. Even the angle of lateral and lumbar support was regulated.

The choice was offered as a 5-step"mechanics", and a 4-band "automatic". The second generation had an electropackage, a power steering, tinted windows, fog lamps and a velor interior. And his models were also better soundproofed.

opel senator specifications


Now this machine is very cheap.You can buy it for a couple of tens of thousands, if, of course, you can find it. Because the model is rare. Not so common, let's say, as Vektra. The model in more or less tolerable condition, as they say, "on the run", will cost thousands of thousands. But well-groomed - about 100-150 000 rubles. With the same 204-strong engine, "automatic", xenon headlights, a hatch and a run of less than 75 thousand kilometers.

In principle, the car is not bad.Owners say that this is a machine for connoisseurs, for understanding people. It is reliable, well-assembled, unpretentious, and this is just what a person needs in a car for every day.