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MAZ-4370: specifications, owner reviews

MAZ-4307 Zubrenok is the first Belarusianmedium-tonnage truck, with a hatchless layout, a large cargo platform and a significant number of various modifications developed and produced on its basis.

Truck production

MAZ-4370 or Zubrenok is produced by the Belarusiancompany "MAZ". The enterprise traces its history from 1944, when a repair and repair workshop was set up in liberated Minsk. Gradually, the enterprise switched to assembling trucks from machine kits. In 1945, the construction of production workshops of the plant for the production of heavy trucks began. The first MAZ-205 trucks the company assembled in 1947, and two years later the conveyor production of cars was established. An important point in the establishment of the plant was the development and production of trucks in a hood-free layout. In the future, the company, thanks to its own development, not only expanded the range of vehicles, but also significantly increased the volume of production.

Currently, the association MAZ produces more than 80 modifications of trucks for various purposes, and also produces buses, trolleybuses, trailers and semi-trailers.

History of the truck

The appearance of MAZ-4370 is associated with an increase in the late XXcentury demand for medium-tonnage cars, as well as the desire of the company "MAZ" due to a new model to expand the production line of trucks. Such a compact car can be effectively used in urban conditions and on short suburban transport for the transportation of small lots of various cargoes.

maz 4370 specifications

In order to accelerate the development andproduction at the enterprise as a prototype chose a truck of a similar class MAN-L-2000, but the carrying capacity of this model was only 2.5 tons. MAZ did not consider the smaller carrying capacity a problem. Due to the developed basic elements of the new truck, frame, suspension, bridges, it not only designed the truck in a rather fast time, but also carried out all the required testing and certification work. This allowed to start production of the MAZ-4370 Zubrenok model in 1999.

Model Construction

Unlike the Russianmedium-tonnage vehicles, the Belarusian novelty has received a traditional for MAZ bonnet layout. This significantly increased the size of the vehicle's on-board platform and, according to this indicator, the MAZ-4370 (among CIS trucks) could only compete with KAMAZ-4308, which was released in 2007.

The next distinctive feature of Zubrenka was a high comfortable cabin designed for 3 people. In order to improve aerodynamics, it was equipped with three spoilers and a fairing.

The basis of the car's construction is stronga ladder-type frame with two spars for the shape of the channel, as well as cross-bars that received a circular tubular and U-shaped cross-section. Due to the dependent type of front and rear suspension on semi-elliptic springs in combination with 17.5-inch wheels, the truck received a low platform layout, which, according to the owners of the MAZ-4370, was very comfortable when carrying out loading and unloading operations.

maz 4370 modification

At the initial stage of production, the car was equipped with an engine MMZ D-245.9-540 with a capacity of 135 forces and a five-speed manual transmission. Further, the number of power units on MAZ-4370 increased.

Technical specifications

The main technical characteristics of MAZ-4370 are as follows:

  • engine model - MMZ D-245.9.540;
  • type - diesel turbine;
  • volume - 4.75 liters;
  • number of cylinders / arrangement - 4 / L-row;
  • power - 136.0 liters. from.;
  • execution - Euro 2;
  • drive - rear;
  • wheel formula - 4 × 2;
  • type КП - five-step mechanical;
  • the maximum speed is 90.0 km / h;
  • fuel consumption (mixed cycle) - 18.1 l / 100 km;
  • wheelbase - 3,0 m;
  • length - 6,20 m;
  • height - 0,54 m;
  • width - 2.49 m;
  • platform execution - onboard, with the possibility of mounting an awning;
  • load-carrying capacity - 4,95 t;
  • gross weight - 10,10 tons;
  • load on the front axle - 3.65 t;
  • loading on the rear axle - 6,40 t;
  • the tire size is 8.25R20, 235 / 75R17.5
  • the volume of the fuel tank is 130 liters;
  • the voltage of the on-board network is 24 V.
маз 4370 reviews

Engines of the Zubrenka

In addition to the diesel engine MMZ D-245.9.540, the truck MAZ-4370 is equipped with the following power units:

1. Model - D-245.30E2

  • type - diesel with supercharged;
  • cooling - liquid;
  • number of cylinders - 4;
  • arrangement of cylinders - in-line (L);
  • volume - 4.75 liters;
  • power - 156.4 liters. from.;
  • the compression ratio is 17.0;
  • weight - 0,50 t;
  • ecological performance - Euro-2.

2. Model - D-245.30E3

  • type - diesel with supercharged;
  • cooling - liquid;
  • number of cylinders - 4;
  • arrangement of cylinders - in-line (L);
  • volume - 4.75 liters;
  • power - 156.4 liters. from.;
  • the compression ratio is 17.0;
  • weight - 0,45 t;
  • ecological performance - Euro-3.

3. Model - DEUTZ BF4M 1013FC

  • type - diesel;
  • cooling - liquid;
  • number of cylinders - 4;
  • arrangement of cylinders - in-line (L);
  • working volume - 4,80 l;
  • power - 170.0 liters. from.;
  • the compression ratio is 16.1;
  • weight - 0,56 tons;
  • ecological performance - Euro-3.
маз 4370 technical characteristics

Coupled with the DEUTZ engine is a five-speed box ZF S5-42.

Modifications of the car

In addition to various powertrains, the car has several wheelbase lengths:

  • 3.30 m;
  • 3.35 m;
  • 3.70 m;
  • 4.20 m.

This number of options uniquely serves as additional popularity for the truck. In addition to the standard cabin, a double cabin with a berth is available.

The company "MAZ" in combination with various engines and various wheelbases makes the following modifications:

  • onboard;
  • onboard tilted;
  • dumper;
  • van;
  • isothermal van;
  • chassis;
  • the evacuator;
  • onboard with CMU.

A significant number of modifications, variants of wheelbases and performance of the cabin significantly expanded the scope of application of MAZ-4307.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

To maintain a healthy state andquality performance parameters of any car, including MAZ-4370 characteristics, it is required to perform maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations. For the Zubrenok truck the following types of necessary maintenance are installed:

  • daily - before and after the work;
  • run-in - was performed after 1.0 thousand kilometers;
  • TO-1 - 5.0 thousand km;
  • TO-2 - 20.0 thousand km;
  • seasonal - when changing the operating season.

Depending on the operating conditions of the truck, the mileage between the first and second service could be reduced.

маз 4370 a dentition

Among possible malfunctions, especially in the initial period of operation of the car, it is necessary to note:

  • heavy inclusion of gears due to poor quality of the clutch adjustment;
  • increased heating of the rear axle due to inaccurate adjustment of gearing gears, as well as excessive amount of oil in the crankcase;
  • uneven operation of the GUR due to the presence of air;
  • the withdrawal of the machine when driving in a straight line, due to the weakening of the tightening of the spring ladders;
  • low pressure in the braking system due to leakage;
  • slip of a tension belt of the generator.

Advantages and disadvantages

The owners in their reviews of the MAZ-4370 distinguish the following main advantages of the truck:

  • affordable cost;
  • comfortable cabin;
  • traction parameters of engines;
  • economical operation;
  • low loading height;
  • large platform area;
  • compact size.

Among the shortcomings most often noted:

  • low power of the heater;
  • frequent breakdown of the rear axle gearbox;
  • transmission defect;
  • quick wear of the clutch disc;
  • breakage of springs.
маз 4370 owner reviews

Despite the presence of shortcomings, especiallythe initial stage of production, due to its carrying capacity, cost and availability of a large number of various modifications, the MAZ-4370 medium-duty truck is in high demand. The upgrades and upgrades allow Zubrenka to remain the most popular truck in its segment.