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What the producers of goods will not do,to get as many customers as possible. In this case, every detail and every, even the smallest, buyer's requirement is taken into account. And only car manufacturers have a stable market segment, increasing it due to the improved characteristics of their four-wheeled "kids". Here Nissan in 2013 surprised the world car industry by presenting the mind-blowing Infiniti EX, which is the younger brother of the terrible crossover of the G37 series.

infiniti ex

The new model received a more powerfulsix-cylinder V6 engine. In addition, the novelty of installed equipment is an electronic personal assistant (Personal Assistance), as well as a concierge service, which has a huge telephone base.

At motorists, who liked the powerfulunit of the G37 series, there was a chance to become the owner of a chic device in the body of the station wagon. After all, it is the Infiniti EX is a modified model of the sedan car of the previous generation. In addition, excellent dynamic characteristics and fantastic sports qualities will convince the owner in the sporting character of this predatory crossover.

In 2013, the Infiniti EX gets a 3.7-liter"Heart", the rhythmic work of which is given by 325 ardent "horses." By last year's version of the herd of "horses" was added another 28 individuals, while the volume of the engine was increased by 200 cubic meters. mm. More sporty and frisky character of the new model is emphasized not only by the updated "stuffing", but also by improved steering, as well as modified and modified aerodynamic properties. Also, the brake box was replaced, in which wider discs were used.

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In addition, changes have affected the salon InfinitiEX. Soft leather upholstery and a front panel, trimmed with natural wood, create an amazing sense of luxury. Also, the car is equipped with additional options, which include a parking sensor, equipped with a camera giving an overview of 360̊, and cruise control, which has the function of warning of a collision.

But here, too, does not do without surprises.Somehow it is unusual to feel a certain crampedness in the rear seat of the crossover - namely, this characteristic is suitable for describing the space of passenger seats of this model. Even the previous generation - the Infiniti EX 25 - had a larger trunk than this car. Therefore, consider this unit as a hundred percent universal is not worth it. And if the main motive for buying such a car is to get a huge space, rather than fantastic dynamic qualities, it's better not to be disappointed and choose the crossovers of other companies: Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLK or Volvo XC60.

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If the main thing that an automobile owner likes isspeed and a sense of universal control over the road, it will not fail this terrible Infiniti car. Its high landing, cozy, comfortable salon, passionately and tastily smelling of the skin, breathtaking dynamic abilities, the furious roar of a six-cylinder engine and the soft noise of rubber mounted on 18-inch wheel disks - that's what gives a feeling of incredible bliss and allows you to merge with a car in one whole.