/ How to buy a used car in order not to fall for sellers tricks?

How to buy a used car in order not to fall for the tricks of the sellers?

Funds for a new car is not enough, andI do not really want to buy a second-hand car - a familiar situation, is not it? Reluctance is quite justified, because according to announcements and on the auto market, they often sell "flip-flops", "drowned people", etc. Naturally, you probably will not know the truth. Instead, you will be offered a beautiful legend that the car has just arrived from abroad. So how to buy a used car, so as not to bite on the bait of negligent sellers?

how to buy a used car
The answer to the question of how to buy a useda car, unequivocal - better still, if the car will be bought in the showroom. Of course, such a purchase does not give a 100% quality guarantee, but at least the car was technically and legally tested at first, the mileage is not twisted on the speedometer, and the consultants will inform if the car got into an accident or other troubles.

Buy a second-hand foreign car, it turns out, not soit's so simple, so do it better with the appropriate expert. Stock up with patience, a flashlight, a small mirror and a magnet - all these things will be needed to verify the seller's words and assess the current state of the car.

Inspection can begin with the body, namely,it was repainted or not. The fact of repainting the car shows that the car either went to the road accident, then it was restored, or rotted in places. The machine should be thoroughly washed, without stickers and stripes (hang them more often in order to hide defects). Compare the shades of paint under rubber seals with a common color - the differences will also indicate a repainting.

buy used car
Pay attention to the tires of the car. Worn out they should be uniformly, and on disks there should be no chips and cracks, i.e. traces of impact.

Next - the engine. It should be clean, free of oil and dust. Even the most minor smudges that the seller can write off as "badly washed" should be alarming. The oil on the dipstick should show the upper level, there should be no visible impurities or foreign impurities. To inspect hard-to-reach places, use a flashlight and a mirror.

Before you buy a used car,be sure to check it on the go. First of all, start the engine. It should happen immediately, regardless of whether it is heated earlier or not. Make sure the correct operation of the thermal control system, the working index arrow should be in the middle of the sector on the scale.

how to buy a car with your hands
On the go do not turn the music on and try not tolisten to the seller - by talking, he can try to divert attention from defects that he wants to hide. Do not forget about the gearbox. If it is automatic, then you need to drive at the wheel personally. The unclean seller, knowing the problem, can simply refuse to let you drive. It is extremely important to find out such questions before buying a used car.

And finally, the car, let him and the former inuse - purchase is not for one month, and, perhaps, not for one year. Do not be afraid to ask about all the interesting little things before you buy a car with your hands. Find out any information that one way or another can help identify defects.