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Hyundai Solaris: reviews of owners (with high mileage), cons, photos

The best-selling economy car in the pastyear was "Hyundai Solaris". The feedback of owners (with a high mileage of cars) can be called positive. During the warranty period, the car delivers no more problems than the top versions. To the ergonomics of the model, the comments on the minimum. But still there are shortcomings with which Russian motorists can not accept.

Why are reviews important about the car?

Consider the pre-owned "Hyundai Solaris" reviewsowners. A big run on our roads has not made any better cars. And of course, for every car enthusiast it is important, after what car he is going to acquire a Korean foreign car. After all, having traveled on a luxury model of German industrialists, everything will seem to be "dvoechku" in the cabin of economy class.

Hyundai Solaris owners reviews with high mileage

We will assume that we have the first Hyundai Solaris.Reviews of owners with high mileage machines are important for choosing their iron horse. But do not completely trust the opinion of completely unfamiliar people. After all, when a person is fine, he does not sit down to write comments and negative reviews on the forums dedicated to Hyundai. Such a regularity exists, that the negative in the reviews prevails.

When a person has already purchased Hyundai Solaris,reviews of owners with a great mileage asin he reads only if there is a problem with his own. So is it worth judging the quality of the details on private opinions? After all, very expensive cars accumulate not less faults during operation, with the only difference being that owners of top models are ashamed to admit to purchasing a problematic product.

Model Information

For those who have already purchased Hyundai Solaris,owner feedback is not so important. He himself had time to experience the shortcomings and dignities of the Korean automotive industry. Let's start with a list of positive qualities. The ergonomics of the cabin is the best among cars in this price range.

hendai solaris owners reviews

There have been noticeable improvements in recent versions"Hyundai Solaris". The owners' feedback, however, did not improve, because the price also increased significantly. For a similar cost appeared a bright competitor - "Lada Vesta". It should bring down the sales of the Korean rival.

Every year the appearance of the model "Hyundai" changesSolarium "The owners' comments (with a photo they look more clearly) confirm the constant interest of representatives of the middle class of Russians to the novelty .Already known are the body, suspension, automatic and manual boxes and other trifles in operation in harsh conditions.

Positive moments

Manufacturers are guided by the opinion of buyersand correct these shortcomings "Hyundai Solaris." Reviews of the owners: the cons often refer to suspension, weak traction on the machine with the air conditioning, weak body and paint; The advantages are usually found in comparing the cost of Korean cars with similar Russian or German, French or Japanese.

hendai solaris reviews of the owners of cons

Quality is felt by every car owner. However, the general opinion is this: the appearance is winning "Hyundai Solaris". Responses of owners: the minuses of a soft body do not stop at purchase, pluses prevail at the car. The dynamics of car driving, the stability on the road at high speed amazes. To the positive moments include the presence of numerous options for a modest amount, the opportunity to ride a quality Japanese automaton, the engines are omnivorous and equally pull on 92 and 95 gasoline.

Warranty period

Rarely breaks in the first 5 years of operation"Hyundai Solaris". The owners' comments on the run say that for this car it is not so important: there are flaws in any car. But in comparison with other similar for the price of foreign cars the car is quite high-quality and reliable.

 hendai solaris owners reviews mileage

In the first year, and maybe even a month, with an activeThe owners are forced to change the seals of the shock absorbers. The annoying opinion of the owners of the new car is that the shock absorbers flowed so quickly, not uncommon. This disease is still relevant. In bad roads, a Korean car can not stand.

Most often this problem is notversion of the dealers, and the owners have to pay their blood for a replacement, or try to prove their case through the court, which is not a positive aspect of Hyundai's service during the warranty period. Delayed rust drops appear on the body, this is due to the fact that the paint and varnish layer is very thin.

Frequent problems

One can single out typical shortcomings in HyundaiSolyaris. "The owners' comments on the lack of paintwork say that the problem is systemic.The coating is so soft that it can be scratched even by a lightning from the jacket during planting and disembarking.The thickness of the metal of the body elements is minimal, after a minor accident it is easier to replace the element completely than to repair it .

hendai solaris reviews of the owners shortcomings

However, this does not stop happy customersauto. The elegance of the model attracts attention, and one does not want to look at empty "Germans" for a similar price. "The Japanese" have a similar problem, they are much more expensive. The box machine does not cause problems, but the chassis is clearly not designed for a rural road.

Overcome the usual fossa, even in the city will betorment, low suspension does not allow you to quietly park to an ordinary curb without scratches. Rarely its standard height is observed in different regions. The front bumper does not "live" for a long time for novice drivers.

Control and appearance

Dynamics of driving suits the meticulous drivers. Speed ​​on the "Solaris" can be dialed quickly both on the mechanics and on the machine. The reliability of the units is not inferior to the Japanese car, because a lot of details come from there. Chrome-plated body kits on the comfort class begin to fade quickly. After winter frost, the paint peels off. This is a guarantee case, but it has a massive character.

On the road the car leads from a small gauge. "Solaris" pitifully passes small pits. There is a ringing of shock absorbers and a strong blow to the body. This soft suspension makes itself felt. Shock-absorbers have to be changed quite often.


Inside the car, the front passengers feel themselvesworthy. In the rear, it is difficult to make a landing and disembarkation. Things wipe the outer bends of the body, which makes it impossible to call "Solaris" a comfortable family car. Rather, this machine is for single couples or families with young children.

hendai solaris owners reviews with photos

Strangeness also lies in the infringement of spacedriver who is significantly already a passenger. It would be hard for the fat and tall people in the cabin, even in front. The rate of Koreans was made for young people with the desire to have a beautiful and prestigious car, but limited in the amount to buy.

Exploitation in bad weather

The driver's place is thought out to the smallest detail. The review at maneuvers is excellent. Pleases the presence of options for heating and driving mirrors, heated rear window, seats, parktronics. In recent versions, a rear-view camera also appeared. Mirrors are automatic, the radio tape recorder, dynamics is established.

Helps the driver with an anti-slip-blocking locks. Security at a high level: you can put 6 pillows. Manageability on the road is reliable, the car confidently keeps the course, despite wet asphalt or uneven roads.

In comparison with other manufacturers forthe same price, "Solaris" has no competitors. After a five-year run, the machine wears out, but replacing consumables, you can continue to enjoy driving. So it turns out for most fans of Hyundai. Marriage is present, it is exchanged under warranty.

However, the general opinion boils down to the fact that a 10-year-old Korean will look more like a second-hand VAZ. But in the presence of recycling programs and trading for more than 7 years on this car, rarely does anyone go.