/ / Design and specifications "Fiat Doblo" has quite decent

Design and technical characteristics of Fiat Doblo are quite worthy

The car "Fiat Doblo" ...Technical characteristics of the load capacity and attractive design of this Italian van are known to many motorists, not only in Europe, but also in Russia. Of course, this car does not shine with speed indicators. But still its cheapness, unpretentiousness in maintenance, ease in management and big capacity (about 3000 liters) force to pay attention to it. "Fiat Doblo" combines all the positive qualities of the city "razvozchik", for which many car owners love it. So, let's take a closer look at what this small commercial car is.

technical characteristics of Fiat Doblo


Outside, the Italian small car stands outbright appearance. Large headlights, a large radiator grille, a massive bumper with an integrated air intake - all this gives the Italian a slightly aggressive appearance. As for the rear, it does not have such attractive details as the front. The car is decorated with only modern lighting equipment, and an additional stop light mounted in the rear doors.


Inside the car does not have any features in terms of decoration - the entire panel is decorated with inexpensive gray plastic, a bit rough to the touch and very resistant to scratches.

Fiat Doblo technical characteristics
For the driver, the manufacturer has provided built-in cupholders, as well as small niches for small things. Very convenient shelves for papers and other documentation, as well as a capacious glove box.

Want to know about bodywork technicalcharacteristics? "Fiat Doblo" has a very large luggage compartment. In a five-seater passenger kit, the car can hold up to 750 liters of luggage. By the way, the body allows the driver to increase the cargo space to 3000 liters, if he folds the rear row of seats. The same roominess (3 cubic meters) is also observed in a cargo van.

What else can you say about technicalcharacteristics? "Fiat Doblo" 3rd generation, unfortunately, will not have a large range of transmissions and engines. Initially, the car is equipped with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine with a capacity of 77 horsepower and a working capacity of 1.4 liters. Its torque at 3000 rpm is only 115 N / m. But despite such technical characteristics, Fiat Doblo can accelerate up to 148 kilometers per hour. The truck is completed with only one transmission - a five-speed manual gearbox. Also worth noting that the car is good engine. "Fiat Doblo" is quite economical in terms of fuel consumption - for 100 kilometers it consumes only 7.4 liters in a mixed cycle. The capacity of the tank, regardless of the configuration, is 60 liters, which makes it impossible to refuel the car with gasoline for 400-450 kilometers.

engine «Fiat Doblo»


The average price for a new Fiat Doblo varies fromranging from 365 to 455 thousand rubles. Such a price policy positively influences the popularity of the model in Russia, where it is actively acquired by many businessmen and companies.

In conclusion, I would like to note that despite the modest technical characteristics, Fiat Doblo is an excellent alternative to domestic transport.