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Why do I need an epoxy primer for a car owner?

Every meter of the road is full of dangers, and no oneis insured against an accident. No matter how annoying, but even a long driving experience does not save from this. And if in the parking lot you accidentally scratched the car or a "kettle" entered you, you will have a need for paintwork. But do not necessarily go to the SRT and spend large sums of money on painting. It's enough just to buy the necessary set of aerosols and do it yourself. To begin with, the damaged body of the machine shpaklyuetsya, primed, and then it is applied to it a layer of paint. But today we would like to stop at the second stage and learn more about primers, namely - epoxy.

epoxy primer


Anticorrosive epoxy primer refers topaint and varnish materials, which provide the body with 100% corrosion protection. The composition of this material includes special resins and high-quality additives that prevent the development of rust on the surface of the metal. With such a primer, you will be sure that the next coat of paint will not crumble on the first trip. As a rule, this material, on the one hand, does not allow rust to develop on the surface, and on the other hand it serves as a reliable basis for further application of the next layer of paint.


Epoxy primer is used in two cases - withPuttying and painting or simply painting the body. In both cases, it is applied to the metal first and serves as a foundation for the application of the following materials.

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If a vehicle hasa minor scratch, it is not necessary to buy filler, with all this can handle epoxy primer. But at the same time do not forget that this material eliminates only minor defects. If the body formed a dent, without puttying here can not do.

Advantages of this material

Epoxy primer in comparison with its ownanalogs, is more resistant to the effects of temperature changes, besides, it dries quickly. The body with such treatment will be resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

How to apply?

Before surface treatment with this material, it should be carefully prepared. It is important to ensure that there is no

anticorrosive epoxy primer
Moisture, dirt, dust and oily stains.Special attention should be paid to rust. If it is, you should completely eliminate it. Remember that epoxy primer is not a means by which corrosion can be removed. It is applied to a clean surface in order to avoid rust in the body in the future. If necessary, you can apply a coarse-grained sandpaper. If you need to apply the primer to the putty, it should also be treated with sandpaper. At first, coarse-grained is used to eliminate all rough irregularities, and then - fine-grained. The epoxy primer itself is applied in one coat. This is enough to allow the material to penetrate all parts of the body and protect them from corrosion.

Epoxy primer for cars - price

The cost of this material is small - it varies within 200 rubles.