/ / "Daewoo Nexia": replacing the rear brake pads with your own hands

"Daewoo Nexia": replacing the rear brake pads with your own hands

Are you the owner of the car "Daewoo Nexia"?The replacement of the rear brake pads on this machine is for sure you rarely perform. More often at this car front pads die out, since they account for most of the load when braking the car. As with most budget cars, drum brakes are installed on the back of the Nexia. They have a fairly low cost. But they do not shine with efficiency either. But maintenance of such a system is almost unnecessary - sometimes it is only necessary to pull the cable of the hand lever so that the machine is held in the parking on the hill.

Tools for work

replacement of rear brake pads deu nexia

Before replacing the brake pads on the rear wheels, you need to prepare the tools. You will need:

  1. Flat screwdriver.
  2. Jack (use only reliable structures).
  3. Set of spanner keys and heads.
  4. Wheel chocks (installed under the front wheels).
  5. Pliers.
  6. High-temperature silicone grease.

It is also necessary to replace not only pads, butand all the elements that have a strong wear and tear. This is the only way you can protect yourself during the operation of the car. Be sure to evaluate the degree of wear of the elements of the system. Only after this, you can replace the rear brake pads Daewoo.

How do I service the brakes?

Service elements of the system "Daewoo Nexia"is necessary when replacing brake pads. This will ensure maximum resource of mechanisms. Be sure to check the condition of all components made of rubber. With each replacement of the blocks, it is desirable to apply a new lubricant to the moving parts.

how to replace the brake pads on the rear wheels

Use only silicone greases,made on a synthetic basis. They are able to withstand very high temperatures. A lubricant type "Lithol-24" or "SHRUS" is not recommended, as they are unstable to temperature changes. But you can not apply lubricants to the work surfaces - this will result in the system completely stop working.

Features of back blocks

We continue to consider the car "Daewoo Nexia".Replacing the rear brake pads here is required infrequently, since they have a resource slightly larger than the front ones. And the whole point is that the front pads account for about 70% of the load during braking. The remaining 30% is assumed by the rear axle. Pads can serve for a long time: the car can drive without changing these parts for about 70,000 km. But we must also consider the following points:

  1. Conditions in which the car operates.
  2. The original quality of brake pads and friction linings, which are on the outside.
  3. Driving style of driving.
  4. The condition of the drums (especially their inner steel surface).

In the event that on the inside of the drumsthere are scratches, chips, the surface is wavy, this leads to the fact that the pads will also have uneven wear. As a result, they will simply very quickly fail.

Preparation for repair

replacing the rear brake pads on the non-axle daewoo

Before replacing the rear brake pads ("Daewoo Nexia"), be sure to perform such manipulations:

  1. Place the chocks under the front wheels.
  2. Loosen the bolts on the rear wheels.
  3. Raise first one side of the car on the jack, then the other. Your goal is to hang the whole back of the car.
  4. Remove the wheels.
  5. Remove the nuts that secure the rear brake drums.
  6. Carefully, trying not to damage, knock down the drums.

After carrying out these manipulations, you canreplace the rear brake pads. "Daewoo Nexia" will be at you as the newcomer! Pay attention to the inner surface of the drums - if it is uneven, then you need to blow the parts. Do this only on the lathe. It is necessary to perform balancing after such intervention, so that there are no axial beats after installation.

Dismantling of old shoes

replacing the rear brake pads daewoo

And now more about how to replace the rear brake pads with your own hands. You need to start by disassembling the whole mechanism:

  1. The tongs must be disconnected from the spring, which is installed on the automatic adjusting device. Then completely remove the spring.
  2. Gently hold the rack and press on the cup to turn it 90 degrees. After that, remove the spring from the support post and the cup.
  3. Remove the support post.
  4. Repeat the operations with the second shoe.
  5. Hold the pads and detach the springs that pull them together at the top. First, detach the spring from the pad that is closer to the front of the machine.
  6. Dismantle the pads and disengage them from the lever with their lever.

Be sure to check the condition of all springs.There should be no defects on them. If there is any workaround or other damage, replace these parts. It is recommended to install new springs and spacers during assembly.

Installing new shoes

how to replace the rear brake with your own hands

In fact, the entire installation procedure is performed in the reverse order. The order is as follows:

  1. Apply to the places in which the pads and the mechanism cover come into contact, silicone grease.
  2. Connect the lever lever to the lever.
  3. Install the support post. To do this, using forceps, push the bowl and rotate it 90 degrees.
  4. Establish a bar of the adjusting mechanism. Align it with the groove that is on the back of the shoe.
  5. It is necessary to apply silicone grease to the threads of the adjusting mechanism.
  6. Wrap the rod, the bar must be as short as possible.
  7. Establish колодку, an arm and the top coupling spring. After installing the support pillar, push the bowl and turn it 90 degrees.

After this, all the springs must be installed on their ownplace and check the build quality. This ends the replacement of the rear brake pads on Daewoo. "Nexia" is considered a magnificent car. By the way, the second side is being repaired in the same way.