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Fastening of a brush of a screen wiper. Types of fasteners

Wiper blades (car wipers)They serve to remove moisture and dirt from the windows (frontal and rear) of the machine. The effectiveness of their work largely depends on the safety of both the driver himself and the passengers of the vehicle. That is why the choice of this component should be handled responsibly.

fastening of a wiper blade

Basic types of fastening of wiper blades

At the moment, to install brushesThe wiper uses a wide variety of fasteners. Therefore, before buying, you need to pay attention to what kind of fasteners are available on your car. Let's consider more in detail, what types of fastening of wiper blades happen.

fastening of wiper blades hook

"Hook" (U-Hook or J-Hook)

This is the standard, the most common, the mostAn old and simple type of fastening, designed for the installation of prefabricated wipers. It is indicated by the letters U or J. Almost all domestic cars have the fastening of the wiper blades "Hook". As for the sizes, they do not have a single standard and can vary. The most common are 9 x 3 and 9 x 4. There are also others (for example, on the Audi model there are very small hooks, and on the driver's brush for the Subaru Tribeca B9 - hook 12 x 4).

types of fastening of wiper blades

Side pin

This is another popular type of fastening brushes,also known as the "Side pin". Wide popularity among car manufacturers has been acquired since 2004. Side pin is still very demanded and reliable fastening. Its design is extremely simple, but very durable. It is common for a windscreen wiper mount on BMW, Volvo, the latest Mercedes and Volkswagen models.

what fastening of wiper blades

Push Button

It is also a very popular mount knownunder the name "Button". It appeared in 2007, and to this day it can often be found on cars of the brand Audi, Volvo, Peugeot, Ford, Skoda, etc.

Fastening of a wiper of a screen wiper "Button" canbe of several types with different latch widths. Narrow version Narrow Push Button is widely used on Volkswagen and Audi cars. Its width is 16 or 19 mm (in Push Button - 22 mm).

Pinch tab

Other names are "Usikov", "Side clamp".This fastening of the wiper blade first appeared on French brands of cars, and eventually became used by other manufacturers. It is installed on Volvo, Fiat, Audi, Saab, Nissan Qashqai, XC90, Peugeot, Citroen. Very often it is possible to meet on cars of German origin BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


Fastening of a wiper of a windshield wiper "Bayonet" stillcalled "bayonet lock" or simply "bayonet". It is the smallest type of all and has the simplest construction. This fastening is installed almost on 90% of modern cars of marks Citroen and Renault, which year of release after 2004, and also Saab. There are modifications Bayonet with two holes for fixing screws. They are used for freight transport.

Pin lock

This fastening, often called the "Fixer" or "Pin", is the development of German engineers. It is used in cars Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Seat.


Other names: "Cleaver", "Castle" and "Lapa". A fairly rare mount, found on Seat Altea and Audi A6 cars.

Side mounting Side mounting

This mount is not very common and is most often used in Renault car models. Previously, it was used in American cars.

Top lock Top lock

Used on modern models of BMW (series 5 and 6) and the latest versions of Chevrolet Aveo.


In connection with a large increase in the number of modelscars, in which the design of brushes provides for the special fixing of Special-Clip, BOSCH company in 2009 started the delivery of Aerotwin brushes with universal fastening Multi-Clip. The wiper data set does not include parts that need to be assembled by yourself. This universal adapter comes in an already assembled form, so that the wipers on the car can be replaced almost instantly. Fastening Multi-Clip is designed to greatly simplify the selection of wiper blades. It fits the most common four types of fasteners: Side pin, Pinch tab, Push button and Top lock. For attachment, "Hook" does not fit.

Before buying the wipers, you need to determine which fastening of the wiper blades. For this, unfastening the latch, they need to be removed and see how it looks.

In principle, in functional terms, the typefastening of janitors does not play a special role (the main thing is that they are in working order). The only option for smaller attachments slightly improves the aerodynamic characteristics (but this is noticeable only at a car speed of more than 150 km / h) and the appearance of the wipers themselves. Today, there are many types of fastening (the main ones we examined in this article). And this variety is associated only with the desire of producers to have additional income from sales of a rare commodity.

Wiper blades are easily checked for work,for this purpose it is enough to pour out water (1 glass) on the windshield and turn them on. All the water they must be removed in just 1-2 movements. In the event that they have not coped with this task, then a replacement is necessary.