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"Webasto": analogues, characteristics

The German company "Webasto" is one of thethe most famous manufacturers of air conditioning and heating systems for today. Among other things, this company also delivers on the market and starting heaters. Such devices are intended for pre-start heating of the engine in cold weather. Comments of consumers of heaters of this brand deserved good. But many are still interested in whether the "Webasto" has an analog cheaper or better.


Analogues for the "Webasto" heaters on the market, of coursesame, there are. However, we immediately note that there are unfortunately no better quality pre-start heaters in specialized stores today. At the moment, these are the most advanced, reliable and durable devices of this type. To the advantages of "Webasto" consumers, among other things, include:

  • long service life;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • high degree of safety.

webasto analogue

In addition, when the device of this manufacturer is working, the battery is not even put into practice.

To buy "Webasto" today, if desired, canwithout any effort absolutely any motorist. Dealer network of the company is organized in fact the most extensive. The only drawback of heaters of this brand is a rather high cost. For the device of this brand, suppliers, depending on the technical characteristics, ask for 20 to 50 thousand rubles.

Autostart or "Webasto"?

In addition to autonomous heaters, the market todaythere are devices that are also designed to warm up the engine in winter, but have a different operating principle. They are called autorun and allow you to start the engine remotely. In fact, we can assume that this is quite good for "Webasto" analog. Distribution of similar equipment has received quite wide. However, in comparison with "Webasto", he, unfortunately, has a number of certain shortcomings. The most important of them at the same time is that the use of autorun significantly reduces the effectiveness of the anti-theft equipment of the machine. The fact is that such devices are usually included in one circuit with an alarm system (to exclude its activation at startup).

Also disadvantages of such equipment, in comparison with "Webasto", are:

  1. Cold start. When using autorun, the engine of the machine wears out much faster.
  2. High fuel consumption. Such a disadvantage of programmableautorun system. When using such equipment, the engine, for example, can be started several times in an unheated parking lot (when the temperature drops to certain values).
  3. Unlike "Webasto", its analogue - autoplay - does not guarantee a perfect start-up in severe frost.

In comparison with the systems of autostart, in "Webasto"there is one more unconditional advantage. Thanks to the device of this brand, connected to a regular car heating system, to wait for help, for example, if a car breaks down on a winter track, it will be possible to warm it, and not in the frozen cabin.

Heater Hydronic or "Webasto"?

Equipment "Hydronic" usesmotorists are almost as popular as Webasto. Hydronic is practically the only brand of heaters that can compete with "Webasto". Analog "Hydronic" is also produced using technologies developed by German engineers, employees of Eberspacher. The build quality of the Hydronic heaters is thus very good. However, in doing so, they discharge the battery somewhat more actively and have, in the opinion of many consumers, less reliable glow plugs. In addition, when working these devices are pretty much noisy. Are standing heaters "Hydronic" while still slightly more expensive "Webasto" - 30-70 thousand r.

Russian equivalent of webasto

The Russian analogue of "Webasto": "Binar"

Of course, in the market today there arenumber and heaters for domestic engines. The most popular Russian brand of car enthusiasts is Binar. Such heaters are made by two domestic companies - Teplostar and Advers. The devices "Binar" cost less "Webasto" - only about 15-20 thousand rubles. However, in comparison with the latter, according to many motorists, they:

  1. Slower work. Lighting, blowing, etc., these devices are not performed as clearly as the equipment "Webasto". Sometimes launching with the help of "Binar" does not even take place from the first, but from the second time.
  2. Not so reliable. Although the manufacturers of "Binara" constantly improve the design of their devices, they break, unfortunately, often enough.

At the same time, the analogue of "Webasto" - "Binar" - hasa number of unconditional advantages. Firstly, the heaters of this brand are completely repairable. In the event of a breakdown, "Webasto" will have to be handed over indefinitely to the official representative. The spare parts for "Binar" are quite affordable, and you can even repair this device if you wish.

analogue for diesel engine

Heaters "Planar"

This is another popular pre-launch branddomestic heaters. Customers' feedback these devices deserved very good. Of course, the quality of the assembly of the heaters "Planar" "Webasto" is much inferior. In particular, this applies to equipment manufactured by Teplostar. Samara's same inexpensive analogue of "Webasto" "Planar" (production of "Advers") in this regard is considered more or less reliable. Devices of this manufacturer motorists in their reviews are usually praised. To their main advantages the owners of cars include:

  • high degree of maintainability;
  • Immunity to various kinds of impurities in fuel.

In general, the analogue of "Webasto" is quite good enough. But it is cheaper in this case for a fairly significant amount. Standing heaters "Planar" about 15-19 thousand rubles.

analogue of the webasto binary

Chinese analogues

Of course, we did not stand aside in terms ofproduction of such purchased devices, as engine heaters, and entrepreneurs of the Celestial Empire. The most popular Chinese analogue of "Webasto" in the Russian market is Beliff.

As you know, engineers of the Middle Kingdom very oftensimply copying the construction of equipment of famous brands. As a result, they get quite high-quality, but still inferior in reliability to the original device. In any case, the control of assembling in Chinese enterprises is, of course, much lower than in European ones. In addition, the materials used in the manufacture of various kinds of equipment in the Middle Kingdom are often not used particularly high-quality. The "Belif" heaters built in China were approximately the same way. In fact, it's the same "Webasto", but somewhat less qualitative. Stand heating "Belif" in the area of ​​30 thousand rubles.

Many Russian motorists are interested inincluding those that exist on the market analogue of "Webasto" for diesel. Very often in this case it is the devices of the brand "Belif" that are used. Not bad for diesel engines, for example, is suitable heater Belief Water D5 12V. It is worth this model on the market of about 31 thousand rubles.

Chinese analogue of webasto

Network heaters

Devices of this type according to the principle of operationsomewhat different from the auto-launch, and from "Webasto". The source of power for them is the household network. And consequently, they do not spend fuel and do not put the battery. On the effectiveness of the liquid autonomous heaters, they are almost inferior. Of course, they can also be attributed to the worthy attention to the analogues of "Webasto".

Such devices are much cheaper than stand-alone devices.This is primarily due, first of all, to their simpler construction. But in use, network heaters, of course, are much less convenient. Nevertheless, fans of such equipment, as well as the "Webasto", there are many. Buy these devices today, many car owners.

Heaters "Defa"

The most popular brand of the network householdEquipment of this type today is Defa. Good consumer feedback is an inexpensive analogue of "Webasto" for gasoline "Defa" earned, for example, for not smoking at start-up. When working with the machine, only a quiet hiss can be heard. Also, the advantage of this model is that many people consider that it eliminates the cold start of the engine, thus increasing the service life of the engine. The disadvantages of Defa, as, of course, and any other network heater, you can relate to the fact that it can be used, unlike the independent "Webasto", only in the garage. In an unheated parking lot, due to the lack of outlets, as well as under the window, it is unfortunately not possible to start the engine with it.

inexpensive analogue of webasto

Stand heaters, running from electricity, as already mentioned, much cheaper than the autonomous. Buy a model of "Defa" on the market can be only 1500-2000 rubles.

Domestic heaters "Severs"

The advantages of this network devicemost consumers attribute, first of all, that it warms up the engine quite quickly. It goes for this at the heater "Severs", operating at 220 V, about half an hour. Approximately the same amount of time for warming up in severe frosts goes to the "Webasto". The main disadvantage of "Severs" heaters is that customers consider a not very well-designed scheme of the frame.

Heaters for VAZ "Start M-1"

This small-kilowatt device is designed forwarming up ICE of cars mainly VAZ brands. Devices "Start M-1" refer to the network class and operate at a voltage of 220 V. Customers' reviews of these devices have earned relatively good. Warm engines in the winter they are fast, without problems and guaranteed. The heaters "Start M-1" are delivered to the market in the molded case, and the dimensions are not too big. All this, of course, increases their service life and makes them as easy to use as possible.

analogue to the webasto for gasoline

Most consumers consider heaters"Start M-1" equipment practical and quality. The engine of the machine with their use at an ambient temperature of -25 C can warm up literally in an hour. Such heaters cost only about 3-5 thousand rubles.