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Diagnosis of the engine and everything about it

Despite the fact that the design and operation principlethe internal combustion engine has remained unchanged for more than a century, modern power plants are much different from their ancestors. Today's motors are the most complicated technical designs, which include not only the mechanical, but also the electronic part. Therefore, such engines must be regularly diagnosed in order to prevent the development of any breakdown. At the given process it is necessary to consider set of nuances about which we today also we will talk.

engine diagnostics

At this time, engine diagnosticsonly in two cases. The first is when a driver buys a used car and wants to check how well its "heart" is. Well, the second case occurs when the motorist suspected of any problems related to the dynamics and behavior of the machine, that is, signs indicating a malfunction of the motor.

As for the work itself, the diagnosis of the engine is divided into the following categories.

  1. Identification of possible breakdowns and malfunctionsvisually (that is, by ear and by touch). This type of work is very popular with motorists, because it can be produced independently, without the use of any expensive tools. However, it should be borne in mind that such engine diagnostics can only partially determine possible sources of breakdowns.
  2. Toyota engine diagnostics
    Troubleshooting by means of a specialequipment. This type of work can be described as computer diagnostics of the engine. "Renault", "Fiat", "Mercedes" and even VAZ can be checked in this way. All work is carried out using special electronic scanners.

And now more about this.Wizards for this type of work connect the scanner, that is, the computer, which checks the system for errors. He reads the encrypted codes, watches the value of the various sensors. Due to this, the computer equipment is able to determine the exact type of failure and indicate its source. Thus, this type of work allows the most accurate determination of the type and type of malfunctions.

Renault engine diagnostics

However, unfortunately, such devices are usedonly on SRT. The thing is that this equipment (it consists of a motor tester, a multimeter, an oscilloscope, a scanner, a manometer and a compressometer) costs a lot of money. Moreover, only a professional master can use it correctly, since all these tools have a lot of nuances that should be taken into account when using. Therefore, to acquire diagnostic equipment for household purposes simply does not make sense.

And finally I want to mention a few moremoments that can be determined with the help of special equipment in any modern car, whether it's a domestic VAZ or a Japanese Toyota. Diagnosis of the engine is able to show the characteristics and properties of the ignition system, as well as to check its current status. In addition, thanks to electronic equipment, you can adjust the engine control unit, thereby extending the life of the engine.