/ / Fuse block "Priora". Where are the fuses on the "Prior"? Fuses, "Priora"

Fuse block "Priora". Where are the fuses on the "Prior"? Fuses, "Priora"

Fuses that are installed on thecars, are fusible elements. Their main function is to open the electrical circuits present in low-power devices. Further in the article we will consider what the fuse block "Priora" is, where this element is located in the car.

precursor fuse block

general information

Fuses "Priora" includea conductive plate, which, in turn, can be made of several materials. So, this element is made of one or more kinds of metal or covered with metal layers. The fuse has a housing that includes a fastening system. A fusible element is fixed between them. It connects to the electrical circuit. The case is made of a special type of glass. If we take into account the average cost of the elements under consideration, then we can say with certainty that the fuses of Prior are inexpensive. They cost about thirty rubles.

Fuse block "Priora"

Model Lada Priora has a number of features.In particular, the present machine has several fuse mounting blocks. The simplest spare part, which can be replaced in an electrical circuit, is a fusible protective element. The most frequent breakdown in the electrical circuit of a car is, as a rule, failure of the fuse. Therefore, if there are failures in the operation of certain devices, it is first of all looked at. The "Priora" fuse box in the car can be located anywhere. There are two reasons why protective elements are not located individually, but in groups. First, there is a significant savings in wiring. Secondly, safety is ensured.

fuses of Prior
If there is a fire in the carsuffer as little as possible of wiring or machine systems. There are fuses "Priora" where the battery is located, that is under the hood. This location is chosen to provide the greatest security. All elements of the block are marked with the Latin letter "F". This means that they all refer to devices with low power. The current of the fuses can be easily recognized by the following formula:

Current (A) = power of the consumer (W) / 220 Volts.

So, for example, we perform calculations for a heater whose power is 2000 W. The result will be 9 A.

Characteristics of protective elements

Experts advise buying fuses"Priora" only factory quality, issued in Russia. As practice shows, Chinese elements quickly fail. This is usually due to the fact that they do not meet domestic safety standards.

where are the fuses on the Prior

Arrangement of protective elements

The fuse "F6" is serviced by the generator, itof blue color. Its current is 60 A. The fuse "Priora" "F5" is red, it is responsible for the GUR. Its current is 50 A. "F2" serves the discharge relay when the ignition is switched off, the rear window heating system, the electric fan for the engine and the power pack control unit. The security element is blue (60A). "F1" (30 A) serves the electrical system, which is responsible for the engine of the car "Lada Priora." Its color is green. "F3" (60 A) is responsible for the power supply of the system fan, brake light, interior lighting, ignition and cooling, cigarette lighter and alarm. Its color is blue.

Additional group of security elements

We already know where the fuses are on"Priora." Now they can be easily found. In addition to the main there is an additional block. It is located under the glove compartment in the cabin, more precisely, behind the lining from the tunnel near the floor. What elements are there? The fuse, which is responsible for blocking the starter of the main relay, is blue. Its marker is "F1", and the current is 15 A. "F2" - a brown fuse with a current of 7.5 A - serves the power from the controller. A blue "F3" with a current of 15 A goes to an electric petrol pump.

Priority relay and fuse block
Under the dashboard driver is a protective element from the cigarette lighter with the label "F13" and current of 15 A. Also, the additional mounting block contains the following fuses:

1. Responsible for the control system of the electrical package - "F27" and "F31". The current is 30 A.

2. Heating the seats of the car "Lada Priora" serves "F19" with a current of 15 A.

3. Fuses for PTF - "F17" and "F18". Both have a current of 10 amps.

4. The terminal for ABS is "F16" with a current of 10 A.

5. For the work of the right dimension is "F15" with a current of 5 A.

6. Illumination of the number, left-hand dimension and trunk serves "F14". Its current is 5 A.

7. The instrument terminal serves "F12" by 10 amps.

8. The windshield wipers are operated by "F11" (current 20 A).

9. For illumination in the passenger compartment, the brake light and the combination of instruments is answered by "F10". Its current is 7.5 A.

10. Servicing of heating devices is performed by "F9" with a current of 25 A.

11. The alarm signal corresponds to "F8". Its current is 10 A.

12. The right and low beam belong to the fuses "F7" and "F6". Both have a current of 7.5 A.

13. The sound signal is served by "F5" with a current of 10 A.

14. For the right and far left light, answer "F4" and "F3". Their current is 10 A.

15. The rear window heating system is serviced by "F2". Its current is 25 A.

16. Behind the fan of the cooling system follows "F1" with a current of 25 A.

the fuse block of the Prior

Failure of security elements

When the fuses "Priora" fail,they should be replaced. But before doing this, it is necessary to find the cause that caused the problem. Most often it can be a malfunction directly of circuits that are protected by a certain fuse. To avoid burning contacts at the switches, some devices that consume a lot of energy during operation must be connected via a relay.

Substitution of elements

The work is carried out using a specialtweezers. Replacement of the relay is as follows. First remove the relay cover and the fuse box. To do this, you need to rotate it 90 degrees until the resistance of the latches is overcome. Use tweezers to hook on the fuse and pull it out. After this, it is necessary to put back an otherwise fault-free protective element. This concludes the work.

Replacement of relays

The tweezers for removing the protective elements are suitableand for relays of small size. It is quite convenient for them to work in places like the "Priora" relay and fuse block. But details of a larger size can be removed and hands, because their design provides the presence of ribs on the sides. The new relay needs to be inserted into the same hole as the one removed. To facilitate the replacement of fuses, they are painted in different colors depending on the nominal value.

Cigarette Lighter Replacement

The car "Lada Priora" is oftenchange the fuses. This is due to the fact that the cigarette lighter is often used incorrectly, and many devices with high currents are connected through it. The cigarette lighter consists of a plastic casing, inside of which is a metal spiral. To heat, the device is inserted into a special connector. And it is thus connected to the on-board network. The cigarette lighter, as well as the fuses of the "Prior", is removed very easily. He just snaps.