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Brake system: device and operating principle

The braking system is the most important unitin the work of every modern car. The safety of the driver and his passengers directly depends on the efficiency of its operation and the serviceable condition. Its main function is to control the speed of the vehicle, braking and the necessary stop.

brake system

Modern cars are equipped with three types of these devices:

  • Working brake system.
  • Parking.
  • Backup.

And now about all this in more detail.So, the first system is working. This device is designed to effectively reduce the speed of the car, as well as to stop it completely. It can be used when driving a vehicle (reducing speed before a dangerous object or when passing maneuvers).

The second brake system is the parking brake. It is designed to keep the car in place (for example, so that the car does not roll down in a parking lot or slippery road).

The next element is a backup element.These braking systems are only used when the first fails and ceases to function. Most often it is an autonomous part of the working device.

brake system

Brake device in operation

This element plays a significant role ingiven system of the car. It serves to control the speed of the vehicle if it is necessary to slow down or stop. The braking mechanism is operated by means of a special friction material. The latter creates a frictional force, whereby the disc or drum slows down its movement. Accordingly, in this case, the car begins to reduce its speed. On how high this value is, depends the force that affects the brake pads and disc.

The brake system (working) is installed inthe wheels of the car. As we said above, they can be either disc or drum. The latter consists of two main elements. This is a brake drum (rotating part) and pads (fixed part). A more modern disc brake system is considered. It consists of similar parts, but instead of a drum there is a disk.

As a rule, all modern cars, especiallyforeign cars, they are equipped with such devices. The diagram of the disc brake system indicates that the pads in this mechanism are located inside the slide on both sides of the rotating disc. The working cylinders are installed in the slots of the slide (the part itself is fixed to the bracket).

braking systems
When braking, they clamp the shoes to the brakedisk, due to which there is a sharp decrease in speed. However, at the same time, the entire system undergoes cardinal temperature loads, which occur as a result of the frictional force. And so that the pads do not burn and stick to the disc, there are special vent holes in the wheels through which the air flow enters the system.

That's how the braking system of a modern car is arranged.