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Where and how to protrude brake discs? Removing brake discs without removing

The brake system of the car requires a regularTHAT. In particular, this refers to the replacement of brake pads, inspection for disc defects, fluid replacement, etc. But this is not always done on time and done at all. Many turn to the SRT only in case of obvious malfunctions. But all this can be avoided if you change the pads in a timely manner and do not forget to brake the brake discs.

to puncture the brake discs

About the car brake discs

Usually manufacturers indicate the lifespan of theor other served node. That is why it is pointless to talk about specific figures. On some machines, pads run 10-15 thousand kilometers, others run 50 or more. This also applies to disks. If they are of high quality, then they easily live on 100-150 thousand kilometers, provided the system is in good order. If the support guide jams and the pad does not move away from the disk, it is quite logical that the entire assembly will warm up, and the disks and pads will not only be subjected to increased wear, but they may also fail due to overheating.

Brake discs are ventilated anddepending on many factors. In most cases, the vented structure is on the front axle. Behind can be the usual discs, and even the drums. In the process of work, the disc gradually wears out, and when it reaches the minimum thickness it needs to be replaced. It is due to the fact that the thinner the metal in the place of contact with the pads, the more it heats.

grooving of brake disks without removal

To sharpen or change?

Someone is a supporter ofbrake discs, while others tend only to replace. Here it is necessary to look at the situation. If the disc is erased, then at least its points, though not, it will no longer properly perform its function. When the wear is insignificant, but during braking, there is such an effect as a beating in the steering wheel or the brake pedal, then a pothole is quite permissible. And again, in the absence of mechanical defects in the form of cracks, etc.,

That is why unequivocally answer tothe question posed is not possible. Quite often there are testimonials that the groove gives only a short-term effect and only a full-fledged replacement can be saved, together with the pads. This is in part true, but not always. Let's take a closer look at how to correctly apply the brake discs. Today there is a mass of equipment and various technologies that allow this to be done not only quickly, but also qualitatively.

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Express grooving of brake disks without removal

As the name implies, in this case there is noneed to dismantle the repaired unit from the car. That is why such a groove is performed extremely quickly, and in terms of efficiency it is not inferior to full-scale repair on a lathe. Many modern SRTs are equipped with such stands. To perform the work, you only need to remove the wheel. Further on the studs a special unit is installed, its block is brought directly to the plane of the disk.

The very process of the groove takes about 10-15minutes. Therefore, for the performance of work in a circle, it takes no more than one hour. Cutters for grooving brake discs on the machine block are installed on both sides. This allows you to significantly reduce the heartbeat during the operation. True, there are some disadvantages to this method. The main disadvantage is the impossibility of turning the discs with a brake element such as a handbrake.

On the cost of work

Here much depends on the place of repair and its method.In many car-care centers you will see different price tags, but at the same time everyone will praise the quality of the work performed. It is worth noting that the groove of brake discs without removal will cost a little less, since the masters do not have to unscrew the extra nuts. Also the cost of services varies depending on the class of the car:

  • domestic car - 700 rubles per drive;
  • foreign car - 1 000;
  • foreign business class car - 1 100;
  • off-road cars - 1 200;

elite cars (sports) - 1,500.

brake disk turning machine
If the disks, among other things, alsoperforated, then the amount is worth adding another 200 rubles. As you can see, if you do work in a circle on a foreign car, everything will cost 4,000 rubles, a maximum of 5,000. But if you think about it, it's not so cheap. After all for 6 000-7 000 rubles you can buy new CDs. Therefore, here the situation is somewhat twofold. Of course, it makes sense to punch the brake discs, the price of which is quite high. Usually this is the original or tuning. If they are Chinese, then sharpening does not make sense, it is much easier and cheaper to make a replacement.

The machine for grooving brake discs

An important role is played by theconstruction work equipment. Today, many service stations use portable stands that allow you to perform a groove without removing the disc. Nevertheless, stationary lathes have not been canceled yet. They are more functional, and if a professional works, then the result obtained is an order of magnitude better. The machine for grooving brake discs allows you to work in three planes. That is, the sides are pierced, where the pads and the clamping place to the hub adjoin. At the output, you will have a perfectly flat disk, and you can forget about the beating during braking as a terrible dream.

The most popular machine for today -PRO-CUT costing approximately 200 000 rubles. It is considered professional and allows you to sharpen the disc without removing it from the hub. But if there is an opportunity, it is better to change, as an extreme measure - a groove of brake disks. The price for the service today is constantly increasing. In large cities can reach 3,000 rubles with a check for heartbeat, etc. Still, this is quite an expensive procedure.

where to blow brake disks

Can I do it myself?

In the operating and repair manualcars of the VAZ family there is a corresponding section. It clearly and clearly states that the groove can be performed even in garage conditions without special equipment. For example, you can use a file to remove the bead that was formed as a result of wear of the disc or the use of hard pads. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • lift the car to the jack and remove the wheel;
  • start a car and turn on 4th or 5th gear;
  • using a file or a coarse-grained disc of emery, the collar is removed first from one side, and then on the other.

Of course, this is only relevant for the axis,which is leading. In addition, it is not recommended to do so on foreign cars, it is better to simply replace and replace the disks with new ones. Where to pierce the brake discs? It is best in a proven SRT, where you have already repeatedly applied. It is also advisable to get acquainted with the cost of work. In some services, too much is taken for a bore. Perhaps, they do it qualitatively, although this is not a fact. Too cheap - also not to eat well. It is likely that they neglect quality and deceive customers.

How correctly to arrive?

First of all, you need toInspect the condition of the brake discs. Most of the defects can be determined visually. This concerns the thickness of the disc. If it worked, then it makes no sense to go to the SRT and try to restore it. The presence of cracks also indicates the uselessness of the groove.

Removing the brake disc

If, nevertheless, it was decided tobrake discs, then to reduce the cost of work it is recommended to take care of their removal on their own. There is nothing complicated here. The wheel is thrown off, the support is removed. To do this, unscrew a pair of long stud bolts. Then use a flat screwdriver to support the retaining clip and push the piston a little. Now, without any problems, you can remove the brake disc. If necessary, you can use VD-40 and grease all threaded joints with graphite or copper grease before installation. The latter for the braking system is more preferable.

Cutters for grooving brake discs


Sometimes there is no point in dealing with grooves.As already noted above, today there is a huge number of Chinese brake discs. It is worth noting that not all of them are of poor quality. You can pay attention to European counterparts. An acceptable price tag and a fairly good metal. Try not to brake off at high speed in puddles, because overheating and sharp cooling often lead to a distortion of the brake disc.