/ / VAZ-21103 - modification of one of the most popular models of AvtoVAZ in its entire history

VAZ-21103 - modification of one of the most popular models of AvtoVAZ in its history

VAZ-21103 - one of the best modifications of the "tenth" generation sedans. Its characteristic feature is an improved sixteen-valve engine (1.5 liters volume).

Vaz 21103
This version was born in the newmillennium, although the first documentary evidence of the idea of ​​a fundamentally new model existed back in 1983. The car was conceived as a sedan, and its layouts were suspiciously like the Ford and Opel models of those years. At that time, the draft approval was not received. Later, after the release of the beloved 99 model, the designers returned to work on a forgotten car, which was destined to become a real flagship among all models of AvtoVAZ for many years. During the design process, several prototypes with working names "100", "200", "300" were used. With the first two jobs soon stopped because of their futility, then work together with experts Porsche was conducted exclusively on the project "300".

Vaz 21103 reviews
Serial production of the sedan began in 1996 withthe base version, a few years later was released several modifications, including the VAZ-21103. The technical characteristics of the new car were very different from the previous model range. Galvanizing individual body parts, an adjustable steering column, a gasoline vapor recovery system, an on-board monitoring system, ventilated brake discs - this is not the entire list of innovations that the VAZ-21103 boasts. Comments of buyers who have moved to a new sedan, boiled down to one - this is really the most comfortable and stylish car, which by that time produced AvtoVAZ.

As for the power unit, at first it iswere 69 liters. from. engines, well proven before. A little later it was decided to equip cars with 8-valve motors (79 hp, 1.5 l) with distributed fuel injection. Such a power unit simultaneously showed good power and demonstrated a relatively low fuel consumption. The motor allowed to accelerate to "hundreds" in 14 seconds, and the maximum speed was 170 km / h.

Vaz 21103 specifications

There was also a 16-valve versionengine capacity of 94 liters. from. for active drivers. This engine allows the car to demonstrate improved dynamic qualities, and cars with similar motors have received the VAZ-21103 index. Such a motor is already able to accelerate the car to 185 km / h. In addition to these modifications, you can meet on the road and a 2-liter 150-horsepower engine with a system of point injection. There are also all-wheel drive versions of the tenth-generation sedan, but they are usually sporty or cross-country oriented, therefore, as a rule, small-scale or experimental.

VAZ-21103 is designed from scratch.Whatever one may say, it was with this model that a new era in the domestic automobile industry began. Modern design, good aerodynamics, capacious trunk, economy - all this speaks in favor of the "ten". At the same time, the lack of the necessary options and the quality of the components do not seem to be the best, and therefore, in order to make comparison with foreign analogues not in their favor, there is still work to be done.