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Motorcycles "Alfa" (Alpfa): specifications, owners reviews, photo

Motorcycles "Alpha" - this is one of the mostpopular brands among fans of light two-wheeled vehicles. Popularity is due to affordable price, reliability, good cross-country ability and unique design. The single-cylinder engine works without interruptions under different weather conditions, and low fuel consumption makes the unit very economical. Moped is great for domestic roads, both in the city and in the countryside. Consider the characteristics of the vehicle, its features and feedback from the owners.

motorcycle alpha

general information

Motorcycle "Alpha", whose photo is presentedabove, has a power of five to eight horsepower, depending on the modification. The model is equipped with a power unit, a turnover of eight and a half thousand rotations per minute. The start-up is made by an electric or mechanical starter. The motor is aggregated by a four-speed high-speed box.

The drive from the engine to the wheel has a chaindevice. The dimensions of the equipment in length are 1 meter 80 centimeters, and in width and height - 1.0 and 0.5 meters, respectively. The weight of a moped in eighty kilograms makes it easy to transport it through marshy areas or obstacles in the form of steps or protrusions. Control of drum brakes is carried out with the help of levers located on the handlebars. The wheels of the unit are seventeen inches.

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Characteristics of the motorcycle "Alpha"

Let's consider the basic parameters of the given moped on an example of updating with the motor in volume seventy two cubic centimeters:

  • power unit - four-stroke engine with a capacity of five "horses" and a volume of 72 cubic meters. cm;
  • type of cooling - atmospheric;
  • number of seats - two;
  • start-kick-kick starter and electrical system;
  • net weight - eighty-one kilograms;
  • transmission unit - mechanics with four speeds and chain main transmission;
  • shock absorbers - rear spring, front - hydraulic type;
  • brakes - drums;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 4.8 liters with a consumption of about 1.8 liters per hundred kilometers.

Motorcycles "Alpha" have a carrying capacity of one hundred and twenty kilograms, equipped with a tachometer, metal trunk, protective arches, footboard and light alloy wheels.


The technique is equipped with frontalshock absorbers with hydraulics. A compact gas tank accommodates a volume of fuel that will last for more than 200 kilometers. The moped "eats" fuel of mark AI-92/95. A decent carrying capacity allows carrying an adult passenger.

The design of the unit is beautiful andoriginal. For example, the muffler is made in the form of a saxophone, transforms the pleasant sound of the motor. Chrome-plated footstools complement the overall exterior, and the instrument panel is equipped with various instruments and sensors, including indicators for turn signals, low and high beams. Rearview mirrors provide extra security.

motorcycle alpha 125


Motorcycles "Alpha" have several variations,which differ mainly in the power and volume of the motor. There are modifications with a sporty body kit that look more aggressive, but they have similar characteristics to regular variants.

Types of mopeds:

  1. SP-110 C and MT-110/2 (110 cubic centimeters).
  2. MT-49 QT with a motor for fifty "cubes".
  3. Variant with the volume of the power unit 72 cu. cm.
  4. The model is one hundred twenty five cubic centimeters.

Motorcycle "Alpha-125"

For comparison, consider the basic parameters of a moped with a 125-cube engine:

  • power plant - four-stroke petrol engine in volume of 125 cubic meters. cm;
  • power figure - eight horsepower;
  • cooling - atmospheric type;
  • fuel consumption per 100 kilometers - 1,8 liters;
  • gear change - a box of a mechanical type;
  • transmission - chain;
  • brakes - drum;
  • the limiting speed is one hundred kilometers per hour;
  • weight - eighty kilograms.

The moped is equipped with a place under the trunks locatedbehind the driver and serving a reliable back for the passenger. Safety is provided by regular side arcs, which are made of metal pipes, they do not deform during fall and protect riders from critical injuries.

motorcycle moped alpha

More about the engine

Motorcycle "Alpha", a photo of which is available above,equipped with a reliable and unpretentious engine. The engine design was developed by Japanese specialists. Even in a simplified version, using cheaper accessories, the power plant type 139 FMB operates reliably and in balance with the conjugate nodes.

This engine has a power corresponding tofive knights, and a turnover of about 7500 rotations per minute. However, a well-thought-out transmission system allows you to cope with the foreseen loads without any problems.

Motorcycles "Alpha" are equipped with a motor,whose construction is not complicated. The cylinder head includes an inlet and an exhaust valve, the operation of which is provided by an asterisk of the gas distribution mechanism. Rotation of this element occurs in synchronous interaction with the magneto by chain transfer.

In the left part of the ICE there is a lever of the footswitching of speeds, aggregating with the gear wheels, mounted in the crankcase of the engine on a pair of parallel shafts. On the right side of the engine there is a clutch unit controlled from the left steering handle, the oil pump is placed under the crankshaft and driven from the timing chain.

 motorcycle alpha performance

What do users say?

"Alpha" - a motorcycle, reviews about whichmostly of a positive nature. Owners note its economy, unpretentiousness in service, modern design, good maneuverability and maintainability. Most users are happy that the moped is equipped with safety arcs, chrome inserts and two ways to start.

As for negative impressions, they alsoare available. Some consumers note not quite reliable assembly, weak light elements, rapid erasing of paint, which exposes some elements of corrosion. It is worth noting that the model with a capacity of up to fifty cubic centimeters driver's license is not mandatory, and for the operation of more powerful modifications will require the availability of an appropriate certificate.

Summary of the review

Despite the fact that the motorcycle (moped) "Alpha"refers to the products of Chinese production, the use of advanced technologies and Japanese developments has made it possible to bring the vehicle in question into the ranks of leaders among similar variations. The combination of affordable price and good quality has become a defining moment in this matter.

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Following the manufacturers' recommendations and rulesyou will get a reliable two-wheeled "iron horse" that will serve for more than a year, overcoming the problem areas of rural roads and briskly maneuvering in the city.