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Toyota Previa: car specifications

Japanese auto concern Toyota since 1990is engaged in the serial production of a compact minivan Toyota Previa, which is considered one of the legends of the Japanese car market. For all time of release three generations of model were replaced, and at the native land it gathers and to this day.

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History of the car

The first generation of the minivan called Estimawas released in 1990. In European countries, under the customary majority of car enthusiasts, the name - Toyota Previa - the car began to be sold somewhat later. The model is a minivan with a hood, the first generation of which was produced until 2000.

The second generation was going for sixyears, having undergone significant changes in the exterior and interior. The manufacturer has supplemented and a ruler of engines Toyota Previa - it has replenished with the diesel two-liter motor. The car was equipped with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

The third and at the moment the last generationminivan was demonstrated in 2006. The car got not only a new body design, but also improved engines of 2.4 and 3.5 liters. Transmission remained unchanged: five-speed mechanics and a four-speed automatic.

toyota previa specifications


Despite the fact that the Toyota Previa is not manufacturedthe first year, the design of the new generation has pleasantly surprised motorists: the minivan turned out to be stylish and bright, with a fast silhouette. Very impressive are the black pillars of the side windows combined with the tinting. The car door is sliding, giving access to the rear row of seats.


The Japanese minivan is rightfully considered a family car: free space in the cabin is enough even for a large family with several children, grandmothers and grandfathers.

The latest generation of Toyota Previa in the territoryEuropean countries are not officially implemented, in connection with which it is rather difficult to purchase a car. Quite competitive minivan can make Korean and European counterparts, but they lose to it as assembly and power of power units: for example, Korean manufacturers often save on engine power for the sake of affordable car prices.

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Toyota Previa Specifications

Japanese automaker equips the minivan with enginespetrol and diesel type, installed on the Camry and RAV4. The most common are power units with a volume of 2.4 liters, you can see turbosdiesel a bit less often, it is extremely rare to find three-liter petrol engines.

Gasoline engines are equipped with systems of changevalve timing VVT-I, whose operation is aimed at optimizing the operation of the power unit at various speeds, and ignition systems, the design of which provides for an individual coil for each candle. There are no problems in the work of the listed systems. The engines installed on the minivan are reliable and have good technical characteristics. Toyota Previa at the same time requires the use of high-quality fuel: otherwise, lambda probes may break down, and in the case of diesel engines - injectors.

Experts recommend cleaning every yearradiator cooling system, as its honeycombs quickly become clogged, which can provoke overheating of the engines. Power units Toyota Previa disposable, because the blocks of cylinders are aluminum and perform their overhaul is impossible.

Servicing the minivan engines costs ina round sum. Valve gaps are required to be adjusted every 100 thousand kilometers of run, with each shim is paid separately. All power units are equipped with expensive spark plugs with electrodes with platinum tips, whose service life is 80 thousand kilometers.

Turbocharged engines require belt replacementTiming, guide and tension rollers every 100 thousand kilometers. A water pump must be diagnosed, which is actuated by the timing belt. In petrol engines, the timing chain uses a metal chain, and the pump is driven by a multi-hinged attachment belt.

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Comfort minivan

Toyota Previa is equipped with a quality suspension,providing a high smoothness of stroke. The disadvantage of this solution is the grossness: when the braking is abrupt the body jerks forward, with sharp turns - heels. Similarly, the steering settings have been made - the power steering simplifies maneuvering in tight spaces, but at high speed it loses its informativeness. In the urban cycle on the minivan it is convenient to drive in a measured mode, on the road - at high speed without unnecessary rebuilding. Traffic safety is provided by powerful and effective disc brakes.

Front suspension independent, classic typeMcPherson, equipped with a stabilizer bar, the rear - a semi-independent beam. Chassis is longevous. The shortest working resource of the bushings of the stabilizer of lateral stability, other consumables can withstand up to 100 thousand kilometers. Similar service life at the stabilizer legs, bearing bearings, silent blocks of the front levers. Rear shock absorbers will withstand more than 100 thousand kilometers, silent blocks of the rear beam and ball supports of the front levers - up to 200 thousand kilometers.

The steering is equipped with a steering gear and hasconsiderable working resources. Adjustment is required only to 200 thousand kilometers of run, while the need for it is signaled by increased steering play and an unpleasant knock in the rake area.

The brake system is characterized by deformationfront discs, the cause of which is getting water on the hot disk after active braking: because the car is too heavy, the discs overheat.

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Owner feedback

Owners of the Japanese minivan in Russia and countriesCIS is quite a lot. In the reviews of Toyota Previa motorists note the reliability and power of the car, due to which the slowness and heaviness of the machine is concealed. Minivan is very high quality and fully meets all the requirements set to it by car enthusiasts.