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Chevrolet Viva: expensive and angry

Some cars become legends, othersdisappear into the past without a trace. Sometimes the lack of interest in the car is unreasonable. Today we'll talk about Chevrolet Viva, which has not become a legend and is simply forgotten, although this car is very, very good.

History of the model

The fault of the model is the producer.In fact, Chevrolet Viva is an outdated version of the Opel Astra G, which was, in principle, a good workhorse at the time. But the manufacturer made a mistake in pricing. Chevrolet Viva was almost like an Opel Astra of a new generation, that is, Opel Astra H. The model was oriented to the Russian market. But our man can not be fooled. The model lasted only four years and was removed from the assembly line due to extremely low sales. The model was released between 2004 and 2008. There was also a limited series of models, about this later, it was released in 2005. Chevrolet Viva was to become a competitor to domestic cars in Russia. But it was perceived by society as an outbreak to the market of the old model of foreign cars at a very high price.

Chevrolet Viva

Engine and suspension

The Chevrolet Viva car was offered froma single gasoline engine that had four cylinders and 16 valves, a working volume of the engine - 1.8 liters. The engine was not a special design for the model, it was the good old FAM1 Ecotec Z18XE manufactured by Opel. The suspension was also not developed or developed, it was entirely taken from the Opel Astra G. Disc brakes.


The choice of the buyer was two complete sets:L and GLS. The second equipment is richer. On it we will focus attention. Chevrolet Viva GLS is a car with electric power steering, ABS, with electric front windows. It is possible to adjust the rudder on the fly. The driver's seat can be adjusted in two planes. Heated front seats. Mirrors had heating and electrical adjustments, the mirrors themselves were painted in the color of the body. There was also an air conditioner and a standard fog lamp in the front. There was a washer on the headlights. The car was equipped with a regular radio.

Not too rich, but for a competitor to the Russian car industry of those years is quite understandable, if not for the price. Also at the choice of the buyer several special packages for Russian roads were offered.

Salon Chevrolet Viva

Chevrolet Viva Adrenaline

It was an attempt to revive sales of a failedmodels from the manufacturer. In 2005, Chevrolet Viva Adrenaline was offered, which was a kind of top version of the car, with a daring sports kit. Changes have touched and interior. There was a new leather steering wheel and seats with lateral support. Naturally, the price of this "sport car" was even higher than the classic version of "Chevrolet Viva". This version of the car was made in the number of 50 cars (30 yellow and 20 red). Little is known about the fate of these cars. But I think that they did not settle in personal collections of car lovers.

Chevrolet Viva Adrenaline

Chevrolet Viva: reviews

There are few reviews on the Web due to low demand forcar. We can assume that if the car is a copy of the Opel Astra G, then the responses of the cars are approximately similar. Does the car deserve attention? If you find the option in the secondary market in good condition and with an adequate price, then this is quite a decent device.

But there is a reasonable question as to why someone took this machine new. Why buy an obsolete car at the price of the next generation? No answer.