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Brands of English cars: list, photo

More than 40 automotive companies haveBritish origin. Some of them are abolished, while others, on the contrary, have become world famous. Well, it is worth mentioning the brands of English cars. The list is long, so attention should be paid to the most popular ones.

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Little-known companies producing sports cars

A company called AC Cars Ltd was founded in1908 year. And it continues to function until now. It is interesting that this company heads the list under the name "The very first brands of English cars". The list starts with AC Cars Ltd. The key feature of this company is that this concern produces exclusively sports cars. The most powerful model is a rear-wheel-drive AC Ace with a 3.5-liter 354-horsepower engine and a "mechanics".

Ariel Ltd is another company.It was founded in 2001. It produces sports cars that come in limited series. Recently, the company introduced the public Ariel Nomad - a powerful and quiet sports SUV. This car, thanks to a 238-horsepower engine, accelerates to "hundreds" in just 3.4 seconds. And the company in 2015 released a motorcycle Ariel Ace. It is aggregated by a 170-horsepower engine and can accelerate to 260 km / h. Really impressive.

Ascari is a company that also producessports English cars (both racing and road). The company was established in 1995. The brightest model of the company is Ascari KZ1. By the way, one of the most exclusive cars in the world. Each copy is collected manually, which takes 340 hours of operation. Under the hood of this model is a 500-horsepower engine, thanks to which the car accelerates to "hundreds" in just 3.7 seconds. And its maximum speed is 320 km / h.

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Legendary firm

Talking about the brands of English cars,the list of which is really impressive, you can not forget about such a concern as Aston Martin. This company was founded in 1913. From the very beginning, the concern produces prestigious sports cars. Lagonda Taraf, DB9, Vanquish, Rapide S, Vantage GT3, Vulcan, DBX Concept, DB9 GT, DB11 is just a small list of those models that the company released.

The last car of the above isnovelty 2016/17. Under its hood, specialists installed a 608-hp 5.2-liter turbocharged V12 engine, due to which the car reaches 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds. And its speed limit is 322 km / h. Even the expense for such a car is rather modest - 13.5 liters in a mixed cycle. In addition to technical features, the novelty will be pleased with the luxurious interior and stunning design. However, in the photo provided above, everything is visible.

Bentley Motors

This company is engaged in productioncars belonging to the "luxury" class. The firm was founded in 1919. Even the very first model had impressive characteristics (for the 1920s). Under the hood of the new items was a 65-horsepower engine. Motorists of those times immediately realized that this company has a great future. And it turned out.

Now connoisseurs of luxury cars are activediscuss the first crossover from the "Bentley", which the producers called Bentayga. And this is a real work of art. Under the hood of the car is a 6-liter 608-hp engine running in tandem with an 8-speed ZF. The crossover accelerates to "hundreds" in just 4.1 seconds. And its limit is 301 km / h. But more than its characteristics are impressive only salon. If we are discussing those British cars that can be hit on the spot by their interior, then this Bentley model will come first. Photo of the salon, by the way, is given below.

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Bristol Cars

This company originated in 1945.And she, like Bentley Motors, produces luxury cars. But this company has one feature that other brands of English cars can not boast, the list of which is very large. Each car from Bristol Cars is assembled by hand. And they are produced in small series. So, for example, in 1982 the company sold only 104 copies. In 2011, however, this firm was acquired by the holding company Kamkorp Group.

Not so long ago it was announced that the company was soontime will start selling a car called Bristol Bullet. A 375-hp 4.8-liter engine with a 6-speed "mechanics" was installed under the hood (although the option with the 6-automatic transmission will also be offered). It must be said that the novelty impresses with its dynamics. Its maximum is 250 km / h, and up to "hundreds" it accelerates in just 3.8 seconds.

World-famous brands

Naturally, we can not forget about Jaguar Cars.This company was established in 1922 and originally produced motorcycles. However, now this company is the world famous manufacturer of luxury cars. Not so long ago she introduced the novelty to the audience - the Jaguar XF 2016. Interestingly, this car is offered not only with gasoline engines producing 240, 340 and 380 hp. Still there will be versions with "diesels" for 163, 180 and 300 "horses" respectively.

The cars of England are not only class sedans"Luxury" and powerful sports cars. In the UK there is still a concern that produces high-quality SUVs. And this is Land Rover, which appeared in 1948. The Range Rovers, which the company produces, are known all over the world. And soon in the markets will be a novelty in 2016 - an updated model of "Discovery". The main features of the SUV are the aluminum body and a new engine from Ingenium. Also, diesel TDV6 and SDV will still be available for 211 and 256 hp. And turbocharged petrol engine in 340 liters. from.

British cars

Sports legend

McLaren Automotive is a world-famouscompany that produces expensive and elite sports cars. The history of the company began in 1963. But at first the company produced models exclusively for racing. Only in 1992 came the first production car. And it was McLaren F1.

Not so long ago the world saw a novelty - McLaren 675LT.Under the hood, this car has a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter motor-V8. Its capacity is 666 "horses". This is for 25 liters. from. more than the predecessor, which was a car 650S. Another novelty is easier than the previous model for 100 kilograms. And this can not but rejoice, since the decrease in mass positively affects the dynamics and management. Acceleration to "hundreds" of the novelty takes 2.8 seconds, and the maximum that it can reach is 330 km / h. And yet, everyone knows that the British cars of this company are not cheap. So, the cost of this novelty starts from 350 thousand dollars.

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This company has a very interesting story.It began in the early 1900's. First there was a firm called Rolls-Royce Limited. She produced cars and aircraft engines. But in 1971 the company was abolished. There was a nationalization and the company Rolls-Royce Motors. However, in 1998 this firm was sold to the concern "BMW". So now she belongs to him. But cars are still manufactured under the name "Rolls-Royce".

Perhaps, one of the most attractive andThe original car is a novelty - Rolls-Royce Nautical Wraith. The developers of the company created this model together with the famous British yacht club. The model is very attractive - it has an unusual design and an incredibly comfortable interior. And under the hood is a powerful 6.6-liter 524-horsepower engine, accelerating the car to "hundreds" in just 4.4 seconds. But only this machine exists in a single copy - its concern has created on an individual order.

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Other companies

In addition to the listed companies, there areother brands of English cars. List, photo - everything is provided above. In the list you can see a name such as Caterham Cars - a company that produces sports cars and car kits. Daimler Motor Company - also a British company, among other things, one of the most "adults" in the world. Its history began in the distant 1896.

Invicta is also a British company that has been manufacturing sports cars since 1925. True, it was closed for more than 50 years, but, in the end, the production continued.

And of course, the list can be seen brand MINI, which produces famous "mini-Coopers" since 1958.