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Review of the legendary Japanese SUV "Nissan Safari"

Recently, the production of crossovers, or,as they say in the people, "parketnikov", significantly increased. It even went so far that some models began to drive out the real all-wheel drive off-road vehicles from the market. But who exactly does not fall into this list, so it's the legendary Japanese jeep "Nissan Safari". Today we will talk about it.

History of production

This car originates in the distant1987. It was then that the first generation of all-wheel drive jeeps "Nissan Safari" in the body of the Y60 appeared. Then the novelty was considered a model of a modern SUV, as it embodied comfort and excellent cross-country ability. And if now this ratio has become familiar, then in the 80's few of the manufacturers could boast of a combination of such qualities.

nissan safari
By the way, Nissan Safari was one of the first SUVs that boasted the presence of an automatic box and a velor cabin with electric windows.


The first generation of these cars was veryformidable appearance. "Nissan Safari" (photo I generation jeep 1987-1997 is presented a little higher) differed external confidence and aggressiveness. The headlamps of the round form were successfully combined with the chromeplated bumper, to which motorists often installed a winch and a massive winder. The impressive ground clearance and wide wheel arches once again testify to the belonging of the Nissan Safari car to the class of full-value off-road vehicles with a 4x4 wheel arrangement.

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The second generation of cars, bornIn the fall of 1997, it differed significantly from its ancestors. Japanese designers have modernized the exterior of the SUV to such an extent that even now it can not be called obsolete or ancient. Highly raised bumper for the first time began to be equipped with round fog lights, and a new grille, made in the style of "under chrome", is still used on some models of Nissan. On the sides - muscular wheel arches, and on the doors - a stylish lateral line. The hood and the roof are level, without superfluous bends and superiorities. The ground clearance is still high, and the Nissan Safari did not refuse the all-wheel drive.


Depending on the years of production, Nissan Safari was equipped with such power plants as:

  1. Three-liter turbodiesel engine in 170 horsepower, accelerating the car to 155 kilometers per hour at maximum power.
  2. 4.2-liter diesel unit with a capacity of 160 horsepower. "Maxima" here is equal to 155 km / hour.
  3. A powerful 200-hp 4.5-liter gasoline engine, accelerating the jeep to 160 kilometers per hour.
  4. The most powerful and, perhaps, the most gluttonousa gasoline unit with a capacity of 245 horsepower and a working capacity of 4.8 liters. On average, such an engine consumed about 15-16 liters of fuel per "hundred". A jerk of up to 100 kilometers per hour takes 13 seconds.

"Nissan Safari" - price
nissan safari price

The cost of the first generation of Japanese NissanSafari in the old Y60 body - about 400-450 thousand rubles. SUV "Nissan Safari" with the body Y61 (second generation) can be purchased at a price of 900 thousand rubles to 1 million 100 thousand rubles.