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Polishing with liquid glass by hand: process technology

Every motorist strives to ensure that hisThe vehicle always looked well-kept and clean. To achieve this result, modern polishing compounds are available. Not so long ago on the shelves of the store there were only classical means. But today, polishing with liquid glass has become very popular.

polishing with liquid glass

What is this tool

Polishing with liquid glass is carried out ata special alkaline solution. Such polish is made on the basis of silicate of sodium or potassium. The material is produced by fusing quartz sand with soda. As a result of this treatment, a high-quality and at the same time safe product is obtained, which is designed to direct the gloss onto the vehicle.

What will be required

Polishing with liquid glass requires preparationvehicle. However, before starting such work, it is recommended to check the configuration of the polish. Together with such a tool, the following tools should be sold:

  • base composition and hardener;
  • a pipette that can mix components without problems;
  • A special fiber intended for manual polishing;
  • protective gloves;
  • soft sponge;
  • towel.

If one of the tools is not included in the kit, it is recommended to purchase it separately. Otherwise, carefully polish the body will not work.

car polishing with liquid glass

Vehicle preparation

To polish the auto liquid glass was successful, it is well to prepare the body. To begin with, you should:

  1. Wash the car thoroughly by removing all dirt, dust and insects.
  2. The surface of the body must be well degreased.For these purposes, it is recommended to use white spirit, previously diluted in pure water. It is not necessary to use for the degreasing of agents, in the composition of which low-quality alcohols or silicones are present. After the treatment, the car must be dried.
  3. If the body was covered before applying the liquid glasspolishing, it must be completely removed. Otherwise, the new coating will be very hard on the surface of the body. And this will significantly shorten its service life.
    car polishing with liquid glass

Where to polish

Polishing the car with liquid glass shouldcarried out on a small site. The place must be dry, well ventilated. In operation, the air temperature should be 10-40 ° C above zero. Experts recommend polishing the body in the garage. If the procedure is carried out on the street, then the car should be placed under a canopy.

When applying a special formulation on the surface of the body, it is necessary to exclude dirt, dust and direct sun rays from reaching the vehicle.

Things to Consider

Car body polishing liquid glass is a rather laborious process.If you are new to the business, it is worth considering a few simple rules. First of all, do not apply a special compound directly to the entire body. First you have to cover a small piece. This will allow you to assess how the liquid glass is attached to the surface of the vehicle. If you got the expected result, you can safely proceed to polishing the entire car.

Also it is worth considering that the product should be appliedon a body gradually, processing a site behind a site. For example, you can start with a bumper and finish the roof. When one part of the car is completely processed, you can proceed to polishing the next one. This approach is required for two reasons. So the bodywork will be performed more qualitatively. In addition, the polish will not dry out so quickly.

 polishing liquid glass reviews

How to apply liquid glass

Polishing with liquid glass should begin withpreparation of special composition. Before mixing the components, it is worthwhile to carefully study the instructions and perform everything as indicated. Otherwise, the polish will turn out to be substandard. When the composition is ready, you can proceed to its application to the surface of the body. In this case, it is necessary to act very carefully.

On any part of the body is to put a smallthe amount of polish, and then grind everything with a soft cloth that should be included in the kit. When doing this kind of work, you should make sure that dust does not get on the surface. When the whole body is fully processed, leave the vehicle at rest for six hours. The coating should dry a little.

It should be noted that the complete solidification of liquidglass occurs 14 days after application. During this period, it is not recommended to wash the car body, especially at the car wash. After the specified time the surface of the machine will be completely protected from moisture, exposure to sunlight, salts and other troubles.

car body polishing with liquid glass

Is it possible to speed up the process

How long does it take to polish liquidglass? Reviews of car owners indicate that the entire process of processing the body with a quality performance of work takes about 6 hours. Many can not stand this much time. so the question arises: can the polishing process be accelerated? Many people use additional tools to simplify their work, for example, a grinder. Thus for polishing it is necessary to pick up a polishing soft overlay. The application of the liquid glass is carried out only at medium revs. It is not recommended to apply additional force to the grinding machine during polishing. Otherwise, the surface will start to overheat.

If there is no grinding machine available, an electric drill can be used for work, equipped with a special attachment for fixing circles for polishing.

How much is it

Polishing with liquid glass by your own hands is costlymuch cheaper than polishing in the showroom. It is worth noting that the price of a quality product is 3-6 thousand rudders. Of course, the cost of liquid glass is much higher than conventional polishes. However, this coating serves much longer. The application of the liquid glass does not require the use of special tools and special skills. And this, in turn, allows you to save.

 polishing with liquid glass

In conclusion

After polishing the body with a liquid glass,smooth and neat coating. The vehicle acquires a more well-groomed appearance. If necessary, this coverage can be updated. It is worth noting that the liquid glass is held on the surface of the body for one year. In this case, the coating can withstand up to 50 visits to specialized car washes. In addition, to care for the body requires only a clean rag and a bottle of water.

Polishing with liquid glass at home is quite realistic. The most important thing is to stock up all the necessary tools and patience. After that you can start working.