/ How to repair the body? Repair by own hands

How to restore the body? Repair by own hands

Certainly many car owners hadscratching their cars. And although the consequences of such an accident are sometimes insignificant for the internal design of the car, the resulting dent or scratch on the paintwork is very visible. Some drivers do not attach much importance to this and continue to drive in a shabby car. However, what will happen if you look at the vehicle from an aesthetic point of view?

body repair by own hands
When looking at the external appearance of a beaten anda scratched car immediately creates a negative impression of its owner. A well-groomed car is a visiting card of its owner. Therefore, you need to take care of its appearance. In this article, we'll look at how to repair the body with your own hands.

Paint choice

If on the surface of the machine there was onlyscratch, to eliminate it we need to have the appropriate paint and primer. However, if the metal itself was damaged in the design, we purchase an additional filler (but we will talk about it later) and apply it to the body. Self-repair of paintwork with the use of so-called "pencils to remove deformations" is useless. The fact is that with this tool you can only partially hide visible defects, since the thickness of the paint does not always correspond to the depth of the gap of the scratch. Choose the paint you need very carefully. Never pick up bottles at random. Even if the color is the same, the shade can be very different. The paint number must fully correspond to that which the manufacturer has applied to the bodywork.

car body repair

Repair yourself: shpaklyuem, primed and painted

As for the primer, it can be of two kinds- for paintwork and for metal. The use of a particular species directly depends on the degree of damage. If after an accident on the body a dent has also formed, in which case you can not do without puttying. First we need to degrease the surface and sand it with sandpaper. After preparing the putty and apply it to the damaged body. Repairs with their own hands on this, of course, does not end, and while the deposited material withers, we quickly level its surface. After drying putty dent will not be so noticeable, but to achieve the desired result you need to once again walk on it with sandpaper. Then you can primed the body. Repairs by one's own hands should be carried out using a second type of aerosol: even if your car is of domestic production, the primer should be imported. We put it in one layer and proceed to painting the body. Apply the material in three layers, in order to completely disguise the microcracks. For additional shine, you can coat the surface with varnish. Below is a photo of a car that was injured in a minor accident.


To the left - a photo before puttying and painting,on the right after. The result is impressive, is not it? And this despite the fact that the body was repaired with their own hands, without the help of specialists. So it will work for you, if you follow all the above instructions.