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Manufacturing and installation of metal structures. Production features

In the modern world, the construction of prefabricatedbuildings are gaining momentum. They are popular in almost all spheres of society, so for industry, agriculture and even oil production are indispensable. Also, transport and energy industries are considered important consumers of metal structures. Designing, manufacturing and installation of metal structures should be trusted only by qualified specialists who guarantee a quality work performed in accordance with all customer requirements and generally accepted standards.

erection of metal structures

Why is it practical to use metal structures

Using metal structures is an advantageous andA practical way of erecting various types of objects. They can significantly reduce labor costs and shorten construction time. This option is preferred by many private and public organizations that need fast, but at the same time quality construction of buildings.

Designing as an important stage

Manufacturing and installation of metal structuresrequire preliminary design without fail. Development of the project is carried out in stages, according to the established structure, therefore, specialists begin to work strictly after the customer provides all the necessary data. Design involves the use of drawings that are compiled by specialists in this field or offered by the client. Many modern companies use only innovative technologies and PC programs that greatly simplify the development of the project. This approach ensures:

  • reduction of design time;
  • the possibility of analyzing the preliminary results of work;
  • the development of the project from simple sketches to drawings in the smallest detail;
  • operative change of the project nuances, without the need to redo the whole work.

manufacturing and installation of metal structures

Responsible work - only competent specialists

In order to install metal structureswas produced as quickly and as qualitatively as possible, it is important not only to select experienced construction specialists, but also to take care of designing properly. In this case, the building can serve for a long time and effectively, regardless of its destination.

Manufacture and installation of metal structures iscomplex processes that require accurate compliance with the technology of manufacturing, erection and all related processes. That is why the companies-producers attract only qualified specialists who can guarantee high-quality results.

Manufacture of metal structures

Creation of metal constructionsprovides for the use of low-alloyed rolled and carbon steel. Sometimes alloys are also used from titanium, but its cost is known to be higher, which significantly affects the final price of all works. The final choice of materials depends on such factors as the operating conditions of the facility and its purpose, in order to eventually ensure the effective erection of metal structures. Manufacture, manufacture and installation should be carried out only by qualified specialists, who know all the subtleties and nuances of these works.

production and installation of metal structures

The most popular and popular type of steelis St3. It is characterized by high mechanical properties, moderate plasticity and is not hardenable. To reduce the mass of metal structures, a mixture of doped and thermal hardening can be used. Some manufacturing companies also use aluminum. Thanks to it the installation of metal structures is carried out faster, by reducing the total weight of products. But at the same time, the metal elements of the object reduce their strength properties.

For the manufacture of metal structures, anycomplexity first used rolled metal profile, sheet or pipe type. Performance, as a rule, increases due to the use of unified and normalized elements. Technical characteristics directly depend on these components and significantly increase with their active application.

Mounting Features

Just like the manufacturing, installationmetal structures involves meeting certain requirements and following KMD schemes. The installation itself begins only after the preparation of the foundation and all the necessary support points for the metal structure. Installation does not differ in principle from reinforced concrete objects, except:

  • slightly more weight;
  • increased deformation;
  • essential dimensions.

metalwork manufacture manufacturing and installation

The technology of assembly also has its own characteristics. Thus, lightweight metal constructions are assembled with bolts, whereas in the case of heavy species it is advisable to use welding installations. They will provide a more solid and reliable installation of metal structures. The price of services varies between 50,000-7,000 rubles per ton, depending on the type of facility itself.

installation of metal structures price

Experienced professionals - quality results

Prefabricated buildings are the best option formany enterprises, so today most consumers prefer metal structures. Production, manufacturing and installation will be carried out by special construction organizations, which guarantee the quality erection of any type of facility. Therefore, it is recommended to be very responsible about the choice of the performer, because this will completely depend on the final result.