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CIATIM grease: characteristics, application, properties

To date, fuels and lubricants are used quite widely, and the variety of this product on the market is quite large. One of the good domestic products has become a lubricant CIATIM.

General information

It is worth saying that the varieties of fuels and lubricantsquite a lot, and in order to simplify the selection, a classification of these substances was created. To date, there are three types of them, differing from each other in composition, consistency, and scope of use. It is also worth saying that, according to the consistency, lubricants can also be divided into three types: plastic, solid, semi-liquid. It is also an important factor that they are all divided by application. Exist:

  • anti-friction lubricants;
  • conservation lubricants;
  • sealing;
  • rope.

grease tsiatim

Another important factor is the working temperature.medium composition. Since in some nodes this indicator reaches 200-350 degrees Celsius and above, it is necessary to use heat-resistant types. One of such types is grease of TsIATIM.

Heat resistant grease

Lubricant named CIATIM refers to the groupheat-resistant plastic substances. In appearance, such a tool is a synthetic oil that is artificially thickened using a complex calcium soap with an additive from an antioxidant additive. The purpose of lubricant TsIATIM is lubrication of rolling bearings in electric machines, control systems, as well as instruments whose rotational speed reaches 10,000 rpm. In addition, the composition is used for modular bearings mounted on aircraft. Another area of ​​application is friction units, as well as conjugate surfaces made from metal-to-metal materials, as well as metal-rubber, the temperature of which ranges from -60 to +150 degrees Celsius.

grease use

Grease description

It should be noted that the CIATIM lubricant is developedCentral Institute of Aviation Fuels and Oils. Many people highly praise such a tool, and also argue that the use of this substance has many possibilities. However, in practice it turned out that the scope of use of this particular brand, as well as its specificity, have rather narrow characteristics. In order to determine whether this is true or not, it is worth going into the study of the physicochemical and also operational properties of the CIATIM lubricant.

grease tsiatim 201

It is important to understand that all the features of this lubricantdue precisely to the physico-chemical composition of this substance. The composition of the raw material includes silicone fluid. In addition, the lubricant contains a thickener in the form of a complex calcium soap. The ability to work in a wide range of temperatures is due to the fact that the composition includes silicone fluid. Maximum working temperatures range from -60 (possibly lower) to +300 degrees Celsius. This factor influences the fact that the possibility of using lubricants expands from various cryogenic devices to high-temperature equipment. It is also important that the silicone fluid evaporates slightly, and this makes it possible to use it in a vacuum. Many thanks to these qualities, the use of CIATIM lubricant has spread to aerospace technology.

Composition and characteristics

If the silicone fluid adds a lotwinged properties, such an additive as a thickener in the form of soap, strongly precipitates these qualities, since it has many organic parameters. The dropping point, which is in the region of 200 degrees Celsius, reduces the maximum possible working temperature range to 150 degrees. And due to weak properties at low temperatures, the effectiveness of lubricant TsIATIM-221 is greatly reduced. Especially when used at temperatures lower than 20-30 degrees. It would seem that the thickener has excellent resistance to moisture, but at the same time, this advantage is strongly leveled by the fact that there is a high hygroscopicity. In other words, the lubricant will absorb moisture from the ambient air, which will affect the initial consistency.

lubrication characteristics

Production and operation

Now it’s hard to say whycharacteristics of grease TsIATIM such unbalanced. However, the most likely assumption is that at the turn of the 80s it was difficult to create something better. And today it turns out that this type of lubricant is produced according to GOST 9433-80, which was approved back in 1980. However, despite these physicochemical qualities, the operational characteristics of a substance will still be the most important indicator.

grease cyatim characteristics application

One of the most important parameters of such a lubricant is a low indicator of the effective viscosity of a substance, which manifests itself at a level of 800 Pa / s at temperatures of -50about. This indicator determines the possibilityuse of grease in friction units, where the number of revolutions reaches 10,000 rpm. It is also important that the minimum possible operating temperature is still set at -60 degrees Celsius.


Another important feature of lubricationCIATIM is its chemical inertness in relation to such substances as hydrocarbon, elastomer, polymer. The principle of dissolving this in such compounds does not work, since the silicone fluid is not a hydrocarbon compound. It is worth noting that it is this principal property that allows the use of lubricant in such friction pairs as metal-rubber, metal-plastic, plastic-plastic, etc.

grease tsiatim 221

But it is important to note that with such qualitiesIt is not possible to use this grease in a metal-to-metal friction pair. Tribological parameters of such raw materials are too weak. They are not intended to be used in ordinary steel bearings. This is due to the fact that, due to its physicochemical properties, the lubricant cannot be used in a metal-metal friction pair, as it is not capable of providing the necessary protection against wear. It is worth noting that to create a suitable tribosystem of this lubricant with the addition of any tribocaturation also will not work. This is because the silicone fluid is not able to form a film that will separate the parts and protect against friction.


If with 221 grease everything is clear, then there is anotherproduct - grease 201. TsIATIM-201 is a device antifriction substance with such qualities as resistance to frost, refractoriness, water resistance. This tool is used to lubricate low-loaded rolling friction units, as well as slip.

The production of this material is based onlow-viscosity petroleum oil, which is thickened with lithium stearate, and an anti-oxidant additive is added. The maximum possible working temperatures of this substance are in the range from -60 to +90 degrees Celsius.

lubricants analogues tsiatim

The advantages of this lubricant include the following characteristics:

  • anti-friction properties of this lubricant can increase the efficiency of the equipment, as well as significantly increase its service life;
  • working temperature range is quite wide,which allows the use of such a substance all year round, and the strong resistance to frost makes it possible to use lubricant even in the weather conditions of the Far North;
  • the water resistance of the raw material makes it possible to use it in open as well as untight devices.


Today, there are variousimported analogues of grease TsIATIM. These substances include Mobiltemp SHC 32, as well as O-Grease. Such lubricants are available from Mobil and Teobil, respectively. These are analogues that can replace the CIATIM-201 lubricant.

In order to replace the grease 221, you canuse an import analogue like HUSKEY HVS-100 Silicone Grease. However, when replacing a domestic fuel and lubricant material, it is necessary to accurately understand the operational and physico-chemical characteristics of both grades. Since an incorrectly chosen analogue may simply not be suitable for operation in specific conditions. And the lack of lubrication in various devices greatly reduces their protection against wear, friction, and also greatly impairs their performance. As a result, the total lifetime of such machines is also reduced.