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Trading Dots And Storefronts. Decor.

Today, the competition between sales trends is becoming more complicated and the usual design of the place of sale is not promising, so shop owners carefully choose POS materials.

"POS-materials" are materials used inas decorations for the design of the place of sale, the purpose of which is to attract visitors to the store or some commercial premises. POS-materials give the buyer information about the advantage of this product or brand, so with a well-planned POSe, even with a small budget, you can sell goods excellently.

POS Variations:

  • Registration of the external zone (stands on the facade of the building, billboards, posters, etc., everything that can be placed on the street)
  • Registration of a commercial premises (also all various stands, posters, floor advertising)
  • Registration of the entrance space (plates with different publications, posters with pictures of the goods and indication of its price)
  • Registration at the place of sale, laying out the goods (plates with discounts, various offers)
  • Registration of cash zone (distribution of discount coupons for subsequent purchases)

Lately, as an advertisement on the groundsales are used digital advertising. All possible liquid crystal screens, media carriers, wireless interfaces with their help, advertising brings not only an informative hue, but also entertaining. This kind of advertising, encourages the buyer to feel more comfortable in the outlet, which directly affects the choice of the buyer of the goods. It is expected that with the advent of holographic interfaces, design of a sales point will come to a new level.

Advertising means for registration of a sales point must be original, correspond to the brand of the company, fit into the premises of the outlet, and with all this, do not be dim on the background of the goods.

Also now, combined advertising is beneficial, that is, it is not only the design of the meta sale, but also the supply of advertising text or video material to the advertising agency.

Facts established from direct sources:

  • The use of light boxes as advertising in the retail space helps to increase the number of sales by 1.5 times.
  • The presence of an unusual slogan on advertising means raises the bar of sales by 1.12 times.
  • The means of advertising in the trading places take the third place after printed production and television.
  • Currency turnover in supermarkets and all the various retail premises that use advertising at the points of sale exceed the norm of the non-advertised retail space by 12%.

From all that has been said, we can assume that withqualitative design of the place of sale, it is possible to perfectly realize all the products sold, even without carrying out any actions. Advertising and its combined use will lead to the commercial success of their owners.