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We kill two birds with one stone: processing of a plastic bottle

Today practically in all spheres of public catering andtrade uses plastic packaging. That is why our cities are surrounded by tons of household waste of this type. The whole complexity of this situation is also in the fact,

recycling plastic bottles
that, unlike food waste, plastic decomposes for hundreds of years. One of the best ways out is the recycling of a plastic bottle. The need for this process is getting stronger every year.

Example of foreign countries

Abroad processing of a plastic bottle is alreadylong time put on the conveyor. Germany is especially different in this respect. There it is customary to distribute the garbage by types, for each of them there is a certain container. If people decide to throw household waste all together, without distributing them, they face a serious penalty. In Japan, the recycling of a plastic bottle has acquired its individual characteristics. There, whole islands are being built from this container, on which new districts of Tokyo are being built.

The situation with plastic debris in Russia

Everything is far from rosy in our country.

line for processing plastic bottles
Those factories that are engaged in processing,loaded, and not able to destroy all existing plastic. And this despite the fact that this container is easy to sort, so it is easy to process it. There is one more fact. Recycling a plastic bottle is a very profitable occupation. On this easily you can build your own small business. After all, this niche is currently empty, which means there will be no competition. In addition, it attracts one more thing: the payback period of the necessary equipment for this process is short. After all, such containers are more and more every year.

Technology of processing of plastic bottles

The whole process consists of 3 stages:

  1. Splitting up. At this stage, the product is crushed.
  2. Agglomeration.In other words, this operation is called sintering. That is, pressing small pieces of plastic takes place. By the way, at this stage the former bottles can already be sold as raw materials, ready for further processing.
  3. Granulation. The final stage, which allows to obtain a homogeneous mass.

Now let's make some simple calculations. A ton of plastic bottles can be purchased today for 1,000 rubles.

technology of processing plastic bottles
The output is 800 kg of secondary polymer. And it is valued today quite expensive: 1 ton - about 30,000 rubles. As they say, draw conclusions yourself.

Ideas for Your Own Business

Recycling a plastic bottle requires differenttypes of equipment. First of all, it is a conveyor, through which raw materials will be fed to the crusher. Then you need a screw loader, which will transport the already crushed material. After separating the foreign materials, for example paper, the plastic is sent to the sink. Here it is completely cleaned and allowed to dry.

The line for processing plastic bottles costs about 130 thousand dollars. It produces 1 ton of recyclable materials per hour. Workers (enough 8 people) are only following the sorting.

As you can see, the recycling of plastic bottles will help not only to clean our cities of excess garbage, but also to get a good capital.