/ How many letters are registered in Russia and how do they differ from usual ones?

How many letters are registered in Russia and how do they differ from usual ones?

Every year fewer people take upfountain pen to write a letter to your loved ones. Today it is much easier to contact them by phone or leave a message on social networks. However, as before, "Mail of Russia" annually processes millions of letters. Basically, of course, it's correspondence sent by organizations: contracts, accounting reports and other documents. In such cases, registered letters are sent by the "Post of Russia". But how do they differ from the usual ones and how many go?

A registered letter - what is it?

How many letters are registered in Russia
In addition to the name, such correspondence from ordinaryletters differs in that it is issued to the addressee personally in the hands at the post office after receiving notification. And he must sign in a special form, which indicates not only the date, but also the exact time of delivery of the letter. In the case of sending important documents, this can help in resolving disputes, including in the courts. Therefore, you must always keep a receipt for sending it.

In addition, every registered letter when registeringin the post office receives an individual number. Unlike regular shipments, it will be possible to track where it is at the moment on the official website of the "Russian Post" in the "Tracking of mail items" section. All this makes it easier if you lose his search. Although usually without delay, the delivery of registered letters. "Mail of Russia" follows them carefully, understanding their importance for both the sender and the addressee.

additional services

Registered letters by Russian Post

In addition, when registering a registered letterthe sender may additionally ask to notify him in writing of the delivery. Such a dispatch is called a "registered letter with notification". A note on the envelope is made about this, and the addressee will have to sign it again when receiving correspondence. Usually, he personally specifies the time and date of delivery of the letter, as well as his name and initials. Most often this service is used by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs when sending especially important documents.

If the contents of such a letter have a pricefor the sender, he can send a letter with declared value. The cost he determines himself: from this will depend not only the payment for the transfer, but the amount of compensation in case of loss. In this case, the attachment is attached to the letter, and the correspondence sent to the employee of the "Post of Russia" is presented in clear form. However, all these additional services have no effect on how many letters are registered in Russia.

Delivery terms

The term of delivery of registered letters by Post of Russia
Note that due to the fact that such shipments undergo additional registration at each point, sometimes their delivery takes place somewhat longer than usual correspondence.

The number of registered letters in Russia,determine, based on the timing of their delivery from one post office to another. It was on this basis that standards were developed for the "Russian Post". So, within the limits of one city the letter will go 2 days, not including the date of sending. However, exactly in the same way it will be delivered to any district center within one subject of the federation, and for dispatch to small regional settlements it will take another 1 day. Between the subjects of the federation the delivery time of registered letters "Russian Post" depends on the distance of the shipment and can be from 3 to 17 days.

Cost of services

On rendering of the services "Mail of Russia"establishes uniform tariffs throughout the country. They can only slightly fluctuate if it was decided to give customers a discount. The cost is affected by the number of mail sent, the time spent by the employee for processing mail, how many are registered letters in Russia, and some other factors. The last time, "Russian Post" changed its tariffs on April 5, 2014.

So, according to them sending a registered letter weighingup to 20 grams will cost from 32.60 to 38.47 rubles. Every additional 20 grams (total weight of the letter can not be more than 100 grams) will be paid from 1.50 to 1.77 rubles. Also it will be necessary to pay extra for receiving a notice of delivery of such a letter from 38.50 to 45.43 rubles. Letters with declared value will cost the most. Up to 20 grams - from 74.80 to 88.26 rubles, for each subsequent 20 grams the surcharge will be from 1.70 to 2.01 rubles. And also for each ruble of declared value, a fee of 3 to 4 kopecks is additionally charged.

Delivery of registered letters Mail of Russia


Despite the fact that in recent years, "MailRussia "in the eyes of many citizens looks like an obsolete and stagnant organization, it is developing very dynamically.It should not be assumed that how many letters are registered in Russia depends only on the person sitting in the distribution center. All the processing of correspondence has been done a long time with the help of Only the correct indication of the address, including the index, can guarantee accurate and correct delivery.