/ / Plant MEL (JSC "Moscow Electrical Equipment and Lifts"): history, products, contacts

Plant MEL (JSC "Moscow Electrical Equipment and Lifts"): history, products, contacts

JSC "Moscow Electrical Equipment and Lifts"(MEL), Moscow, belongs to the large electrotechnical enterprises of Russia. In its shops produce elevators from economy to VIP-class, accessories for them, switchboard equipment, switchgears, control stations and other products.

factory MEL

Historical reference

The MEL plant was founded in 1953 as amechanical division of the 11th trust "Moskultstroy." In January 1955, production facilities were transferred to "Glavmosstroy", and in October of the same year - to the trust "Moselektrosantehprom". The company specialized in the production of electrical products and blanks, a little later began to manufacture switchboard equipment.

In 1965 the plant MEL expanded the rangemanufactured products due to wiring, wiring devices, low-voltage, high-voltage and other equipment. At the end of 1971, the enterprise became the head company in the newly created production association of the Moscow State Pedagogical University "Mospromelektrokonstruktsiya".

Manufacture of elevator equipment, winches andThe management complexes were mastered in 1975. Release of the elevator itself was mastered in 2003. Since then, the lineup has been steadily expanding, the quality of products is increasing. Innovative technologies are actively introduced. Over time, the primitive relay technology gave way to microprocessor systems.

MEL in city Moscow

Application area

Switchgear and switchboard equipmentEquipment with voltage from 6 to 35 kV produced by JSC "MEL" is widely used for the electrification of multi-apartment buildings, private housing, industrial facilities, garages and other facilities. Elevators of the new generation are willingly installed in the metropolitan residential and commercial complexes, high-rise offices, industrial buildings. Products under the brand MEL operate in the Kremlin, the Olympic Village, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Government House, the Bolshoi Theater, Moscow Art Theater, Moscow State University, other government, public, cultural facilities.


The MEL plant is located in the North-East industrial zone of Moscow. The total area of ​​the production area is 34,000 m2. The address of the enterprise: 107497, Moscow, travel 2-nd Irtysh, 11.

In the Moscow region the enterprise is consideredleading in the development, manufacture of electrical products for energy and construction complexes. MEL carries out a complex supply of shield equipment and elevators for the residential development of the capital, regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Today, under the leadership of the Director GeneralMEL Mamasueva V.M. the team of top managers carries out strategic management and is responsible for the development of the company's business, initiates the development of new types of products, oversees the investment policy and interaction with strategic partners.

lift equipment

Manufacture of elevators

MEL produces both finished elevators of variouslifting capacity, and lift equipment, components, control devices. The cabin is assembled from metal shields, equipped with modern drives of its own frequency, braking, a strain gauge weighing device and an adjustable drive for doors.

A frameless elevator cabin consisting ofmodules, allows to carry out installation in any conditions, whether it is a production site or an elevator shaft. It is possible to install a swivel or swiveling command module, which allows for the maintenance and testing of electronic equipment directly in the elevator car. The mine doors have a fire resistance class of E30, EI30 or EI60. The products are equipped with the microprocessor distributed system "Biryusa" or the control system "SHULM". Italian winches are installed by Sicor company, an orderly post with buttons with braille for visually impaired people.

Models of LP series:

  • 0416ЭМ, 0411ЭМ (carrying capacity of 400 kg);
  • 0616ЭМ, 0611ЭМ, 0626ЭМ and 0621ЭМ (load-carrying capacity of 630 kg);
  • 100026ЭМ and 100021ЭМ (load-carrying capacity 1 т).


Electrical equipment

Plant MEL produces a wide range of electrical appliances:

  • High-voltage: distribution substations block BRTP, KSO cameras (6-10 kV), cabinets KRU (6-10 kV).
  • Low-voltage:emergency power cabinets, panels for automatic switching, water metering panels, water distribution boards, boxes for power management, low voltage cabinets, distributive devices, apartment shields, motor control cabinets, lighting panels and other products.
  • Substations transformer series KTPN and BKTP.
  • For low-rise buildings:illumination boards for advertising and showcases, heating control panels, garage shields, electricity distribution boards of apartment type, power distribution boards of cottage type, boxes for agricultural farms.
  • Lift equipment: Sicor winches, Macpuarsa winches, Montanari winches, control systems, doors, PUL posts, PKL posts, indexes.

JSC "MEL" carries out repair and warranty service of the delivered products.