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Galvanized beds with polymer coating: photos, reviews

When growing vegetables, roots and greensit is important, among other things, to properly plan the site by arranging neat beds. There are many options for staking out the latter. Most often, truck farmers make them simply out of the ground or using old wooden boards. However, in recent years, metal durable galvanized beds have become increasingly popular.

general description

The design of these models is very convenient forproduction of various kinds of garden works. Watering and weeding planted in them plants can be with great comfort. It is allowed to use zinc-coated beds for greenhouses or for open ground. They represent a solid frame of steel with a thickness of usually 0.5-0.55 mm, coated with zinc and a layer of special polymer composition.

These beds are very muchjust. The borts at them are bent inside, which completely excludes the risk of injury. Metal frames of such beds are made on special modern machine tools. Therefore, there are also no traumatic burrs on their edges.

galvanized beds

What can be the varieties

Distinguish galvanized beds with polymercoating can be on different grounds, including the design. For example, many models are additionally equipped with legs. This is very convenient, because it prevents shifts of the bed during the backfilling of the ground or carrying out garden works. The legs are simply buried in the ground, thereby securely fixing the structure.

A polymer coating of beds of this type can havea variety of colors. That is, with their use, the garden will look spectacular and surely fit harmoniously into the landscape design of even the most beautiful and tidy site.

What can be the dimensions

Both low and highgalvanized beds. The most popular in summer residents are the variants of 15-18 and 36 cm. The width of beds can also be different. The optimal option, most gardeners consider the construction of 50 cm. However, for example, for non-standard greenhouses, you can choose more narrow or wide models.

zinc-plated beds reviews

The length of beds can also vary.In many models provides the possibility of extension. In order to extend this bed, you just need to purchase the required number of additional elements.


The construction is in fact very comfortable - galvanized beds. They deserved the responses from the villa owners just superb. The merits of this type of construction include:

  • Possibility of obtaining earlier crops.In particular, this applies to high beds. In such constructions, the earth warms up much more quickly in the spring (after all, the metal conducts heat very well). And, consequently, seedlings can be planted on a permanent place early.

  • Durability.Unlike wood, metal does not rot. Guarantee for galvanized beds (you can see their photos on this page), manufacturers usually give in 2 years. They serve much longer - up to 15 years.

  • The ability not to clean the structure for the winter.Both layers, both polymer and zinc, perfectly protect the metal from moisture even in conditions of high humidity and direct contact with water. Thus, when using galvanized beds, the site owners will be relieved of the need for annual garden markings.

  • The ability to select the most convenient in this particular case of the structure. As in the case of galvanized beds, the dimensions may be different.

galvanized beds with polymer coating

How to collect

Installation of beds of this variety will not causedifficulties even the most inexperienced summer residents. The designs of connecting units of different models may vary. Some are assembled using the spike / groove method with additional self-tapping. Pretty convenient are also beds, the assembly of which is made on reliable bolts. In this case, the vertical edges of the metal stripes are simply bent by 1.5-2 cm wide, in which holes are drilled.

The most expensive and easy-to-assemble version of galvanized beds with a polymer coating are the so-called French ones. Elements of such models simply click in each other.

What can be the price

To the merits of the beds of this variety, you caninclude, among other things, a relatively low cost. So, for a small bed height of 17.5 cm and a length of 1.5 m will need to pay about 800-1100 rubles. High beds cost a little more. A variant of 35 cm of the same size usually costs about 2500 rubles.

galvanized beds photo

Galvanized beds: reviews of gardeners

The opinion of Russian summer residents about this kind of beds,as already mentioned, there was a very good one. First of all, the convenience of using such structures is noted. All gardeners are aware of the fact that when watering earthen beds the borders are often washed away with water and they have to be corrected. When using the same galvanized metal structures, this problem never arises.

galvanized beds with own hands

Praise these beds and for the possibility of increasingproductivity. Buying such structures will in particular be a good solution for sites with poor, sour or too heavy land. In zinced beds, you can pour soil mixture of absolutely any, most suitable for a particular culture of the composition. If, at the same time, drainage is arranged below, the plants in such a garden will feel even better.

How to make yourself

Of course, there are galvanized beds withpolymer coating is not too expensive. However, those who value the price seems too high, you can try to make them yourself. To choose a similar material in quality, however, in this case it will be problematic. But also from the usual galvanized steel it is possible to collect rather durable and comfortable beds. Most often, corrugated metal is used for this purpose.

Make galvanized beds with their own hands so:

  • On the marking, four boards are dug vertically into the ground. They should be located exactly at the corners of the bed, and above the ground they should step out to the heights of future skirts.

  • On the top and bottom of the resulting racks, frame frames are stuffed from the boards.

  • To the assembled wooden structure are attached bands of galvanized steel. The latter is easiest to cut using electric shears. Mount the metal bolts at a small distance from the edges of the frames.

galvanized beds for greenhouses

Instead of the polymer layer, a conventional powder dye for steel is used in this case.

As you can see, galvanized beds - constructionsvery convenient, easy to assemble and durable. Having bought them, you can greatly facilitate the garden works, make the site beautiful and tidy, and get just excellent yields.