/ Broadband Internet access. High speed internet

Broadband Internet access. High speed internet

With the development of IT-technologies access to the Internetbecame more and more in demand, thus, there was a need for new methods of connection, which became broadband Internet access. With the advent of high-speed Internet users have more opportunities with minimal costs.

What is broadband Internet access?

Many users of the network, of course, neededThe need to get high-speed and high-quality communication, but best of all and unlimited. Each inveterate visitor of the Internet dreams of unlimited traffic and the ability to receive the necessary information for a small fee.

broadband internet access

Broadband access will help satisfy allthe needs of Internet users, it is designed to organize access to the network and is actively used by service providers, operators of IP-telephony, mobile communications and other organizations.

Broadband Internet access impliesthe possibility of not only accessing the network at high speed, but also transferring data from the computer. In this there is a cardinal difference from the Internet using a modem. The latter operates on the principle of a subscriber line and is limited to the transmission of 56 kbit / s. Broadband Internet is 40 times more efficient - up to 2 Mbit / s.

Advantages of broadband access

More recently, dial-up access fromUsing a modem and a telephone line was the main way to connect to the Internet. But modem access is already obsolete, because it blocks the telephone line, which is not always convenient. High-speed Internet is deprived of this shortcoming, as it does not affect the line.

The main advantage of broadband access, in addition tohigh-speed data transfer, is a stable connection to the network and the ability to "two-way communication", allowing you to receive and send data at high speed in both directions.

high speed internet

Providers as broadband accesscan be offered and DSL using digital telephony, this method albeit allows you to improve the speed of the Internet, but it is based on the use of the same telephone lines with copper wires. Its advantage lies only in the parallel operation of telephone communications and the Internet.

Broadband Internet Access Technologiesbased on the use of fiber optic cable, which performs a huge variety of other functions, and satellite communications. To date, this is the most promising and reliable way to transfer data.

Convenience of high-speed Internet

Availability of the Internet userTo receive and transmit data of various contents at high speed makes life much more convenient. All the possibilities of broadband access can not be listed, the main ones are online shopping, applications, ticket booking, online maps and much more.

Broadband services include both digital television services, voice data transmission, and remote data storage.

BBA, no doubt, can transform the entire Internet. We still have to study the applications of this access, which will help to reveal the full potential.

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Types of broadband access connection

  • Wired access is based on wired access technologies, such as Ethernet.
  • Wireless broadband access is based on wireless technology, like Radio-Ethernet.

Varieties of broadband Internet access

1. Broadband connection to the Internet by VSAT.

This is the access method in which the userthe equipment is connected to a small earth station of satellite communication, which is connected to high-speed channels, thereby exchanging data with the satellite in the geostationary orbit.

In remote places, this type of Internet is almost the only way to ensure communication with the world.

2. Broadband Internet access using 3G / 4G technology.

4G-Internet is cheaper than the previous connection,so it's more logical to choose it, if there is, of course, such a choice. If there is either the first option or the second option, then you need to be satisfied with the access that is available.

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Networks with 3G / 4G access are irrationally installed at a distance of more than 20-30 km from residential areas, so the territories that are inhabited poorly are forced to bypass VSAT.

3. High-speed Internet with access through the fiber optic link.

Access through the fiber-optic communication line uses as the carrier of the signal e / m radiation of the optical range, as the guiding systems - optically transparent fiber.

The main advantage of FOCL is that the lines are not subject to e / m interference and are not available for unauthorized use.

Prospects of broadband access

Broadband Internet access, of course,has great prospects, because Internet users are increasingly demanding high-speed access. For this purpose, cable and telephone networks are used. In the Russian market, the most common and promising way of broadband access is ADSL technology, for which telephone networks are used. Turning to this technology, the user can use the Internet, while having an idle telephone line.

technologies of broadband Internet access

However, a large share of the supply marketHigh-speed access is occupied by ETTH home networks. The user is brought to the fiber-optic backbone, and Ethernet switches are installed. Compared to ADSL, this method requires a lot of time and money to do wiring in the room, but it provides users with the highest speed.

Broadband as a corporate connection

Why is broadband necessary to solve business problems? Because it provides a guaranteed high speed, which saves time. And this is a very important moment in the modern world.

Not only speed is an indicator, because of whichyou should choose broadband. It is very important to pay attention to quality. Broadband access is not subject to any communication interruptions, and other problems that users of other types of network connection have had to face are also eliminated. This, in addition, keeps the nerve cells.

wireless broadband access

High-speed Internet is indispensable in the work of companies, it will help to organize the smooth operation of not only each individual employee, but the company as a whole, and this is really an important plus.

Thus, it can be concluded that in the questionorganization of high-speed access to the Internet, broadband Internet access plays an irreplaceable role. Whether it's the use of individual subscribers or corporations - beyond broadband access the future, and this is difficult to argue.