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Superman Costume is a popular carnival outfit

Most children's holidays involvethe use of carnival costumes. Fun time for kids and adults comes in the morning. Children rejoice at every new image that forever remains in their memory a happy moment. The Superman costume is a great option for a boy. In this outfit, he can feel like a real superhero.

superman costume

The superman costume can easily be bought

Such models are very popular onpresent day. You can buy a Superman costume in many children's goods stores. The options may vary slightly from one another. But in general, the set most often consists of a suit-overalls with a woven belt and muscles, cowards, a cloak and in some cases a mask. Dimensions are very different. Therefore, you can pick up a suit for a child of any age.

Bright image

It will not be a secret for anybody that thisThe superhero is one of the most beloved characters of many generations. Therefore, the suit of Superman necessarily your child likes. Overalls with a raincoat, red panties with a golden belt, known to everyone with the S logo - all this will allow the kid not only to stand out on the holiday. Do not be surprised if he earns a prize for the best costume.

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Cooking with our own hands

By the way, if your time allows, you can get byand without buying a ready-made outfit. To make a Superman costume is not difficult at all. So, where to start? In the first place, you need to take a blue jersey tights. It is best that the sleeves and pants are long. You can replace such a suit with a shirt and spandex leggings. Such models are more than enough in the shops for dancers.

However, you can do with a simple blue suit. Just choose a model for a smaller size, so that it tightly sits on the body of the child.

Making the logo

Next step.Such a carnival costume, of course, requires the making of a famous logo. Everybody knows perfectly what the superhero logo looks like. Draw it on a cardboard or thick paper of such size that it covers the baby's chest.

children's superman costume

After that, make three different templates forS-emblems. These are diamond borders, a yellow diamond (a little smaller) and the letter itself. Each pattern is outlined on a piece of felt. For this, chalk is used for the fabric or a flipping pencil. All three figures are cut out. A yellow diamond is superimposed on top of a red diamond and fastened with a strong clerical or superglue. The letter S is glued to the top. All three layers dry thoroughly. The letter and diamond are surrounded by a thick black marker. The position of the emblem is adjusted on the tights, after which it is sewn by hand or on a sewing machine.

Adding a raincoat

Next carnival costume is complemented by anotherelement. In order to make a raincoat you need about three meters of shiny red synthetic fabric. Felt can also be suitable for this purpose. The main thing is to choose a wear-resistant fabric without seams (one piece). One meter at a time it is necessary to postpone the manufacture of panties.

On the remaining part, you need to measure the triangle,getting the baby to the calf. The figure of the required length is cut out. The upper part of the triangle is gathered on the neck in several places and is laid on the sides and behind on the collar. The cloak is sewn by hand. All is ready! To complete the image, the sides and bottoms are hemmed about half a centimeter.

superman costume for a child

Panties of Superman

What next?Superman's children's suit includes, of course, cowards. Let's get started. For starters, white men's shorts with a high waist are taken. The remaining meter of red cloth is laid out on the table. The cowards are surrounded by white chalk and turn over so that the crotch meets the fabric, as if you are doing a mirror image. The contour is drawn from this side as well.

It remains to cut the panties, fold them in half inthe perineum and connect both sides together, leaving the leg openings and the upper part open. In the front, cuts are cut out on the back and sides. These will be loops for the belt. It is made from a piece of yellow felt, slightly larger than a waist circumference about four centimeters thick. The belt is passed through the hinges and fastened with a golden buckle when the suit is worn.

The final stage is the boots

And finally, the last step.The Superman costume for the child is complemented by boots. First, select the base. It can become cowboy boots, rubber or designed for riding. The goal is to find shoes that reach the middle of the roe.

After this, you need a spray with a bright redpaint and primer. The outer side of the boots will be blotted out last. As soon as it dries (about a day), a layer of red paint is applied to the shoes. Then you need to wait another day. You may need two coats of paint to make the boots look brighter.

That's all! The suit is ready! In a word, you decide whether you will do it yourself or buy it ready in the store. In any case, your baby will be irresistible!