/ / "Aldous" - children's clothes of excellent quality

"Aldous" - children's clothes of excellent quality

In the late nineties of the last century, inSt. Petersburg was established textile company "Aldous", which produces fabrics, insulation and accessories. In 2003, a new line was launched at the enterprise for the production of children's clothing. It includes the trademarks "Aldous", "Yurmi", "Djiko". The company produces clothes for children from birth to fourteen years.

Used fabrics for children's clothes

Aldous baby clothes
"Aldous" - children's clothing, which is madeof fabrics with a special waterproof impregnation. The main production is in China. The highest quality fittings of popular world manufacturers are used. The holophane is most often used. With him, children's clothes are warm and light. It is durable, easily tolerates numerous washings.

Spectacular design

The company specialists regularly visit fashionshows in Italy, France, closely follow the fashion trends. And although children's clothing is not subject to such dramatic changes as an adult, in each new model there are elements of novelty and relevance. "Aldous" - clothes that are not just comfortable and quality - it has its own style and personality. Today the company is well known and popular in our country. "Aldous" - children's clothing, which is represented by a wide range. The company produces a wide variety of clothes. The collections feature stylish and comfortable products for children of all ages.

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Upper warmed children's clothing:

- overalls-transformers;

- warmed trousers, coats, jackets;

- raincoats and windbreakers.

Dressy and casual clothes

"Aldous" - children's clothes of original and stylish models for our children, which can be worn everyday or worn on holidays and in special cases:

- clothes for kids (unisex);

- overalls, suits;

- trousers and jeans;

- skirts, dresses and sarafans for girls;

- shirts, turtlenecks for boys;

- tracksuits.

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"Aldous" - baby clothes for newborns

Separately it is necessary to allocate a line on manufacturing of the goods for newborns. Her collection includes:

- envelopes for discharge;

- Envelopes-blankets for the stroller;

- knitted sets;

- suits and body;

- sandpipers;

- accessories: bonnets, hats, etc.

Excellent quality, reasonable price

All products for children are made fromquality and proven materials. All products of the company are certified. Children's clothes "Aldous", reviews about which are always positive, memorable and bright. A characteristic feature of this company is that it produces and sells not only clothes for children, but also fabrics and accessories. Therefore, if you did not find the model you need, you can order it immediately according to your wishes.

From other manufacturers firms the company is distinguishedA special approach to the choice of names for their clothes. The top children's clothing "Aldous" not only gets a name, it is given the name: "Dashenka", "Ilyusha", "Sunny", etc. Agree, it's nice to buy clothes with such a sweet name, especially if it matches the name of your child. "Aldous" - children's clothing, which is made with love for their small customers.