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Riddles about trees for children and their parents

Trees are majestic and mysterious.These are similar to each other and at the same time different. They are easy to recognize by common to all traits: trunk, branches, roots and leaves. Perhaps that's why children love riddles about trees.

A little bit more complicated is the situation with those issues,the answer to which are specific trees. Now we need to know their distinctive features. Therefore, the guys first need to introduce them to the forest or park.

Poems about trees and woods

With such a quatrain you can start, because children see different kinds of such plants from the smallest age. Next are two puzzles about trees and one about the forest.

1. This slender fellow

Every year it gets higher.

His age consists of rings,

Which you can not see until you can not cut it.

2. In spring it pleases young people with their leaves,

In summer it gives a cool under the canopy of foliage.

In autumn, its leaves fly around, dressing colored clothes,

In winter, it is burned to make it warm.

riddles about trees

3. This wonderful house and a huge

Absolutely no walls and doors.

All summer, he covers the roof with a reliable

Wild shy birds and beasts.

Quatrains about deciduous trees

There are a lot of them. About each specific one can find a lot of rhymes. Below there are riddles about trees with answers: bird cherry, maple, birch, mountain ash.

1. In the spring she dressed in white,

It's time for her to blossom.

At the end of summer,

On each branch of the berries brush.

puzzles about trees for children

2. This tree has large leaves

The shape is similar to an open palm.

In autumn he is more beautiful than trees

It shines like a rainbow torch or a fire.

3. Her outfit is always the same:

White with black speckles.

She is the heroine of many paintings,

She even smells like home.

4. In spring, like all trees,

A green dress is on.

And the summer came to the middle

She put on red beads.

The following riddles about trees: aspen, oak, chestnut.

1. Although the tree is not afraid,

But his leaves are trembling.

And if someone is afraid of something,

Trembling, like her sheet, they say.

2. This formidable giant is strong, tall, powerful.

He touches his head with a powerful head.

It is not necessary to think that my fruit is unsightly and very small,

But he will feed everyone around who only got into the forest.

3. In the spring, when evening comes,

White candles are opened.

They are held in the palm of one giant,

You guessed it ...

Solving such puzzles, there will be a desire to once again walk through the park or forest to collect the herbarium and examine it when you want to remember the past summer.

Poems about coniferous trees

Of course, this is pine and spruce. The latter is especially close to children, because it is necessarily adorned for the New Year. Therefore, the following riddles - about the trees from the coniferous forest.

riddles about trees with answers

1. Her needles are longer than the tree.

But the cone is much less.

She always grows taller than Christmas trees,

But then the branch is smaller.

2. What a wonderful girl

He lives in the forest. Not a craftsman.

Although she does not sew to anyone,

Needles go all year round.

3. These trees are all our people

Always decorates the New Year.

No one is afraid of her needles,

Everyone knows that it's the best ...

It is worth noting that the riddles of trees for childrendo not necessarily have to be in a poetic form. It is possible simply in one or two sentences to collect all the most significant signs of a particular tree. The kid will still be interested to solve them.