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Pekingese eyes fall: causes, prevention, help to pet

Each breed of dog is subject to its ownspecific diseases. For example, Pekingese are known for the fact that their eyeballs can easily fall out. Therefore, these four-legged friends need careful care and care. Their owners need to monitor the health of pets, especially the organs of vision.

Causes of the disease

eyes fall out of Pekingese

Is it true that the eyes fall out of Pekingese?Indeed, proptosis in animals happens often. Its consequences are always negative and extremely dangerous. The main cause of the disease is the features of the cranium of this breed. Dogs differ shortened muzzle, raised nose and shallow eye sockets. As a result, the orbits are underdeveloped, and the organs of vision are extremely vulnerable.

Even a small external impact on the skullpet and inaccurate treatment with it lead to a proptosis. Therefore, four-legged friends are important to protect from neck injuries, head blows, fights, and sharp jumps. If they get injured, the eyes of Pekingese fall out partially or completely. It is not recommended to start it in families where there are small children. In addition, sometimes the problem arises from the presence of serious diseases that weaken the eye muscles.

Symptomatology of the disease

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The owner can easily determine that his animal has a proptosis. Such a disease is noticeable in a number of symptoms:

  • the oppressed state of the dog,
  • increased anxiety;
  • frequent blinking;
  • drying of the cornea;
  • fear of light;
  • edema of the conjunctiva;
  • bleeding from the organs of vision;
  • protrusion of the eye's body from the orbit by more than 75 percent.

If such signs are revealed, the owner should contact the veterinarian.

Help the pet

at Pekingese eyes drop out what to do

If eyes fall out of Pekingese, the owner can notTo panic. Of course, the sight will be unpleasant, but you need to keep calm to help a four-legged friend. To him, and so unpleasant, painful, scary, and the owner's fright only aggravated the situation.

Experts advise not to try to "insert"bodies of sight in their place, because the unprofessional approach will negatively affect the condition of the animal. Independent intervention in most cases leads to blindness, and sometimes to the death of the dog.

Pekingese eyes drop out, what should I do? The owner's assistance should be as follows:

  1. Call a veterinarian to your home.
  2. On the neck of a four-legged friend put on a plastic collar, if one is available. Or make sure that the dog does not touch the damaged organ.
  3. Dampen a clean cotton napkin in water to clean the open wound from dirt, blood, pus. Do not use for this liquid that contains alcohol, as well as fleecy tissues and cotton wool.
  4. Carefully lubricate the affected area with ointment for the eyes.
  5. To the injured eye it is necessary to put ice or something cold for 10 minutes.
  6. If the doctor can not come himself, then the pet should be delivered to the veterinary clinic independently.

If the owner does not take urgent measures torescue of the animal, soon retinal detachment, eye atrophy, muscle rupture, corneal necrosis, optic nerve damage, cataracts will soon occur. The dog will lose sight partially or completely. In severe cases, the dog can die.

Preventive measures

Is it true that Pekingese eyes fall out?

In order not to meet the problem, when eyes fall out of Pekingese, or in order to avoid relapse, it is recommended to adhere to certain rules:

  • if possible, remove all objects that are traumatic for a four-legged friend from the apartment;
  • to ensure that the pupils are not harmed by sight organs of young children;
  • during the walk, secure the animal from other dogs;
  • Do not lift it by the collar, do not hit on the head,
  • daily carry out preventive examination.

If funds are available,plastic surgery, because the breed of dog Pekingese has from the nature wide eye slits. Surgical intervention will significantly reduce the likelihood of proptosis.

Treatment measures and recommendations to owners

When the owner delivers a four-legged friend inclinic, he will be given anesthesia, clean the orbit, introduce the necessary antibiotics, put the eye organs in place, and put in the seams. If this is not done, the pet will remain blind or cross-eyed. Then a protective dressing is applied to the injured place. Unfortunately, sometimes the eye can not be saved.

When the animal is on the mend, in one or twoweeks seams can be removed. At this point the doctor injects him with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs. In the future, the dog must undergo a course of treatment, when she will be given antibacterial injections.

If the eyes fall out of Pekingese, and the veterinarian inno settlement, the owner will have to try to "insert" the eyeball into the orbit itself. For this, one person keeps the pet, and the other gently presses the organ of vision with clean hands, so that it returns to the orbit. However, a specialist's consultation is subsequently necessary.

Thus, fans of short-haired dogsfirst should learn more about their features, and only then start a pet. The dog breed of Pekingese tends to fall out of the eyeballs, but with proper care, due attention and care, the animal can live without proptosis.