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Partner birth - give birth together!

In recent years, partner births are gaining allgreat popularity. Today this is not just a fashionable trend, as it was 10 years ago, but a constant practice in maternity hospitals. Which is not surprising, because people who have shared birth, advise all around them to follow their example.

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The reasons why families go to partnerchildbirth, can be different. Firstly, this is the traditional fear of women in childbirth before maternity homes. Pregnant women, getting acquainted with the experience of their predecessors, are afraid of rough treatment from the medical staff, are afraid of substitution of the baby, they simply do not want to remain alone. The presence of a loved one will help in this situation to cope with psychological discomfort. Who else, if not the husband, gently will take the woman in childbirth by the hand and will speak tenderly to her at a difficult moment. Only a loving person knows what words to choose to comfort and give confidence.

Secondly, the husband at birth is not just a moralsupport, but also an observer. Medical workers are reluctant to go on childbirth because in the presence of her husband they are forced to pay more attention to a woman giving birth than usual. Yes, and the future mothers themselves in this case feel and behave bolder and become more demanding in the work of medical staff.

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Thirdly, during the period of contractions and at the momentbirth of a child, women need more and physical assistance. Men can make a massage that facilitates contractions, control the breathing of a woman in childbirth, but simply help change clothes and climb onto the bed. In addition, it has long been noted that in the process of delivery, many women are better able to perceive what their husbands say, rather than doctors and midwives.

Fourthly, future fathers in practice with pridetake the role of the parent, the first child who took over. According to experts, for men who have been partnered, the father's instinct quickly wakes up and a close connection with the baby is established.

Despite the fact that childbirth is a natural process,for an unprepared person, they can be a real test. Therefore, it is important to prepare as best as possible for this wonderful moment - the emergence of a new life. For couples who have decided to give birth together, it is necessary to choose a center for preparation for childbirth. It can be and courses at female consultations, and also employment in maternity homes. Classes are conducted by specialists-obstetricians, as well as psychologists. The training includes practical exercises on anaesthetising breathing, massage, training in correct behavior at the time of the appearance of the child.

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In addition, often the program includes a video,visually showing how the childbirth is going on. After passing this course, men understand better what to do when giving birth and how to help a future mother and child.

Thus, men are given veryimportant role. They are able to provide moral and physical support to their spouses. And the presence of the father at the moment of the birth of the child makes this event truly family. Men who have already undergone joint birth have the most positive feedback and call themselves to give birth only together.