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Posterum panties: reviews and description

That's flashed all nine monthspregnancy. A particularly important time begins. Just about the baby should be born. At this time, it is very important for mother to take care of the underwear that she will wear after the birth of the child. For modern women today there is a disposable underwear. With him, staying in the maternity hospital will be much more comfortable. Bras are specially created in such a way that it is convenient to feed the newborn. A special postpartum panties-bandage will help quickly regain its former beauty.

Features of postpartum linen

postpartum panties

Quite often the doctor recommends wearing a bandageimmediately after delivery. So you can create the right compression and get rid of the terrible unpleasant sensation of a sagging stomach. Postnatal pulling panties are able to quickly restore the tone to the skin and muscles. The silhouette of a woman is improving, and the flaws in the figure are almost imperceptible. Many young mothers write positive responses about such an accessory. It can be worn even for those women who have suffered a cesarean section. Such a bandage will not be a hindrance even for those moms who have kidney problems or back pain.

Universal Belt

Quite often even during pregnancyfuture mothers wear a special supporting belt. An excellent option is a universal bandage. If you just turn it to the other side, like the wide part that used to hold your back, it will be on your stomach.

postpartum panties bandage
Now she has another function - to hold the musclesstomach. Elast belts are produced in Latvia. They have an acceptable cost and excellent quality. Bliss products manufactured in Russia are not inferior to them. However, their price is slightly more expensive. And the best are the German bandages, which are produced by Rehard Technologies. The reviews of many women indicate that such belts are among the most comfortable.

Bandage skirt

Such an accessory got its namedue to its width. He is able to cover not only the stomach, but also the hips. It can be fastened either on the side or on the front with Velcro. This fastener helps to adjust the size and makes it easier to remove / put on the product. This bandage can be worn directly on the puerperal panties. Young mothers in their reviews talk about the excellent elasticity of the product. Thanks to this, the muscles are quickly restored, and the appearance of postoperative hernias is reduced to a minimum. Despite many advantages, this product has disadvantages. Therefore, when buying a belt, you must be very careful.

postnatal mesh panties
Such a belt is often twisted and bulged intime socks. This is especially true for those women who lead an active lifestyle. This accessory is sewn from a continuous fabric, so it very strongly pulls the buttocks and stomach. The waist becomes almost imperceptible, the effect of flat priests is created. Therefore, thin women should not wear a bandage. Panties in post-partum will perfectly suit him.

Features of postpartum linen

Such products are very popular among young peopleMom. Postpartum panties, as a rule, have a high waist. And in the abdomen there is a special insert, which has a pulling property. There are models with special bones in some places. The material of the product is highly elastic and extensible. This bandage is very comfortable in sock. It can be safely put on both trousers and under the skirt. It does not spin, it does not slip and it pulls up not only the muscles of the abdomen, but also the buttocks. Some models have a lower buckle, which allows you not to take off your clothes while you are at the toilet. There are postpartum panties in which you can adjust the strength of the tightener with a Velcro or hook.

postnatal pulling panties
Such products are provided by the German brand Anita. For this bandage, a special material is used, which perfectly fits the body and allows it to breathe.


Some postpartum panties have an elongatedline of the thigh. They help to hide shortcomings not only on the abdomen, but also on the hips. Women share their impressions of how, with the help of such underwear, you can successfully hide superfluous kilograms, smooth out the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Typically, these products have a zipper, which helps them quickly put on / off. For additional fixing, many models are equipped with hooks.

We leave for the hospital

Preparing for the birth of a baby, every future mothershould prepare two bags: one for the baby, the other for himself. In the latter it is necessary to fold a pair of bras for feeding, breast pads, personal hygiene products and postnatal mesh panties. Some maternity hospitals provide their patient with such kits absolutely free of charge. One-time linen is very comfortable to wear after delivery. It allows you to securely fix the sanitary napkins. The material of the products is an elastic mesh. The air in them freely circulates, so that the skin can breathe freely, which does not interfere with the seams and wounds heal much faster. Such products are very comfortable, have soft gum and do not cause allergies.

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Hygiene issues

In the hospital panties will need a lot, that is,To change them it is necessary not less than two times a day. Young mother enough trouble after the birth of the baby. One-time underwear can make life easier for a woman, because it does not need to be washed, or you can just throw it away. However, there are also such models, which can be washed no more than five times. Such information is always indicated on the package. Hygienic pads should also be special. Attention should be paid to how well they let in air, whether they cause allergic reactions and whether they absorb moisture well. Their surface must always remain dry, so as not to injure the seams and the very sensitive skin of a woman.

Thus, we see that the choice of postpartum linen is very important for every woman. Such products have many nuances that must be considered at the time of purchase.