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How to feed a york

Nutrition - this is perhaps the most important item in thethe content of a dog of any breed. It is the right menu that guarantees health, a good exterior and a cheerful disposition of the pet. There are special features in feeding dogs of different breeds. So, yorkshire terrier, you need to know that a small fragile dog requires a completely different approach than an animal of medium or large size. What to feed a yorky? Veterinarians and nutritionists recommend careful consideration of the nutrition of dogs of this breed, which is due to the peculiarities of their digestion.

Feeding the puppies

When a small Yorkshire Terrier appears in the house,at once there is a natural question: "Than to feed the puppy of the york, to provide its correct development?" After all, as you know, an unbalanced diet can lead to the development of diseases, growth disorders, improper formation of physique.

The easiest way is to buy ready-made food,designed specifically for puppies, while the choice should be stopped on high-quality non-expensive products. It is recommended to purchase only canned food, not dry food, which is harmful for Yorkies. As the puppy grows, it is changed, according to the age category. Switch to a new food should be gradually, first mixing the old and new feed.

You can prepare food yourself from naturalproducts. Food should be balanced in composition, that is, include in the required quantities of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, trace elements. The puppy's menu can include minced meat from boiled meat, chopped beef and chicken, sea boiled fish, oats, rice, skimmed unsweetened cottage cheese, sour-milk products, boiled eggs (yolk), vegetables, fruit, unsalted cheese. A puppy of york is not recommended to give bones, pork, lamb, sweets, smoked, salted, pasta. At the place of feeding the puppy should always have a bowl with pure boiled water.

Food for Yorkies

What to feed a yorky?Proper nutrition is important not only for the puppy, but also for the adult dog. The quality and health of the pet depends on the quality of the feed. Organizing nutrition york, you need to consider that the liver in them is a weak point.

It is wrong to think that dogs need to be fed by onemeat. Proteins make up only 20% of the diet. Half of the dog food should consist of carbohydrates and 30% of fats. However, meat is an obligatory component, which the animal must receive daily. In addition, vegetables, fruits and cereals (rice, oatmeal, buckwheat) are necessary elements of york's nutrition.

Adult dogs can be given purchased feed orfood prepared at home. It is recommended to adhere to the initially chosen type of food - either ready-made food, or home-cooked food. But the food from the owners' table to dogs is contraindicated, since the digestive system of Yorkies is arranged differently than a person.

What to feed a yorky?It is better to feed an adult dog with raw food: meat, ocean fish, vegetables, fruits, dry oatmeal. Meat can be doused with boiling water, before cutting, and soak the herkules (do not cook). It is better not to feed a river fish (or give it only in a boiled form). From vegetables, you can make a salad with the addition of vegetable oil or fat-free sour cream. It is advisable to give preference to quail eggs, which must necessarily be boiled.

Choosing a ready meal, you need to know that experts advise to feed Yorkies with canned food, but not dry food. From the latter, dogs develop dental and digestive diseases.

A clean fresh water should always be available to the dog.

What products are contraindicated?

It is important to know what to feed york is not recommended? An adult dog is recommended to give bones. But such small dogs, like Yorkies, it is better not to give them, you can buy special bones in the pet store.

You can not feed these dogs with sweets: sugar, cakes, cakes, from which the work of the liver is broken and the eyes are festering.

The digestive system of Yorkies does not digest whole cow's milk. They should not be given pork and lamb, from which the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the liver, develop.

Categorically contraindicated salty foods, because salt is a poison for york. It is recommended not to add salt to the dog food at all.

Do not feed the york smoked, spicy, spicy and spicy dishes. Harmful for the dog products are sausages, sausages, bacon, fatty meat, white bread, legumes.

Food for a Yorkie should not be too hot or too cold.

If the house has a cat, you can not allow the dog to eat cat food. Typically, ready-made cat food includes many fats and proteins.