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Riddles about a raccoon and other animals

Any game is for the child not onlyEntertainment, but also developing. Through exciting games, children learn themselves, learn their emotions and the world around them. This rule is based on the important role of puzzles for kids.

Raccoon Riddles 2


Children's riddles are expressions in verse orprosaic form, which describe the objects and their properties. The words that are used in them do not call the objects themselves, but only describe them, and the task of a small non-attendance is to guess what is at stake.

The focus of the expressions focuses on the unique properties of the enigmatic object or its similar qualities with other objects.

The purpose of puzzles

Riddle refers to developing games.Through the designation of properties, the child develops logic, thinking and fantasy. In addition, the little chaps develop perseverance and concentration of attention. In the process of guessing the answer, they learn independence, develop self-confidence. These qualities are very useful for small clever men and clever people in school and life.

Also, the joy of discovery is important for the child. Finding the right solutions, the child accustoms himself to responsibility and is not afraid of difficulties.

Types of puzzles

All children's puzzles can be divided into several basic categories. Such sorting will help parents and teachers in comprehensive education of children.

The main topics of riddles:

1. Nature.

2. Animals, birds and insects.

3. Plants.

4. Seasons.

5 people.

6. Non-living objects.

The most popular are the riddles of the living world and nature. Little paws love to learn new characteristics of animals, their features and abilities.

Types of notation for puzzles

Consider riddles about the raccoon to understand what children can learn during the guessing. It's interesting and exciting.

Mysteries about a raccoon can describe the places where he lives. The fact that this beast lives in a hollow can simultaneously confuse a child and make him think.

Also for designation, you can describe the appearance.Fluffy wool and features of coloring can quickly push children to the right decision. For example, riddles about a raccoon can mention its special tail in the form of rings.

For example:

A beautiful little animal with a furry dark tail,

On it there are white rings, and the fur coat is brown and black.

Raccoon riddles

The most interesting and developing are consideredpuzzles in which the features characteristic only for a specific subject are noted. Mysteries about a raccoon very often describe a special meal of an animal - rinse. From here and another name of the predatory beast - poloskun. You can also describe the features of fingerprints that look like human paws. Such notation will help the child to learn many interesting facts about the life of animals.

Riddles about a raccoon with answers will help parentstake the baby and develop his creative beginning. Then he himself will come up with designations for objects, play games with guessing with parents and peers.

For example:

Which of the animals is more accurate? And in the water rinsing food?

The collar is so neat, he loves to hide in a grove.

On the bough hangs, in the hollow tree lives.

All the children are touched by a gray-brown ...? (Raccoon).

riddles about a raccoon with answers

On the example of riddles about small animals, such as a raccoon, children not only learn to recognize animals by external signs and behavior, they also instill love for all animals.